Sailor Stars show at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

Event Sailor Stars show
Location Mitsukoshi department store (Nihonbashi)
Date 1996.08.10
Time 15:00-15:30
Cost free
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.08.11

On August 10, 1996, there was a Sailor Stars kigurumi show at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi. This was part of the Summer Children's Fair.

Pictures are available in the Sailor Stars show (1996.08.10) photo gallery.

The characters that were in this show were: Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Mercury, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Healer, and two alien bad guys. The voices in the show were the same as the TV anime. Lots of lines for Ami-chan! The voice of the head bad guy was Kamiya Akira [I think].

There was a lot of singing (and dancing) in this show, and I think it is the best Sailor Moon kigurumi show so far.

The story

Two aliens (from Aidoru Planet, who loved to sing and dance) came to earth to take it over (make all of the humans slaves). The prince of the aliens thought he was a very good singer (although he wasn't). Mars, Venus, and Jupiter were in the hospital because the aliens had beaten them.

When Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury tried to stop them, the prince said that he would let the earth be free if there was anyone who could sing better than him. Mercury was too shy to sing, so Moon said that she would sing.. and Moon sung "Moonlight Densetsu".. very terribly. [You won't find this song by Mitsuishi Kotono on any CD! (^_^)]

The aliens couldn't stand it, as Sailor Moon's song was terrible. Even Mercury said that Moon's singing was bad. Then Mercury said that she would sing, and sang "Koibitoni ha Narenai kedo"! It was very good, and the aliens even thought so. Then one of the aliens went up to Mercury and tickled her, so she started laughing in the middle of the song. The alien prince said that it was very disgraceful of Mercury to start laughing in the middle of the song, so he said that he would still take over the earth. [When Mercury was getting tickled, she laughed and stopped singing, so maybe Hisakawa Aya sang this, instead of them taking the track from the CD..]

Then the Sailor Star Lights came and sang (and danced) well! [I don't know the name of this song..] The aliens tried to interfere again, but Moon and Mercury fought them off.

The prince of Aidoru Planet then sang his "battle song", which gave off some attack waves. The Sailor Senshi got hit, and the aliens went off to take over the TV station.

Then Sailor Moon came up with a plan, and the Sailor Senshi went to the TV station to face the aliens. Moon brought a bottle of some drink, and she said it was some special drink that would make one sing better. The prince of Aidoru Planet drank it, but it was actually a very bitter drink. The prince couldn't sing any more, but he said that he would be able to take over the earth, even without his singing.

Then the Sailor Star Lights came and they started fighting.

"Star serious laser!"
"Star gentle uterus!"
"Star sensitive inferno!"
"Mercury aqua rhapsody!"
"Starlight honeymoon therapy kiss!"

Of course the Sailor Senshi won. (^_^)

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