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  • Summer Children's Fair

    Summer Children's Fair
    Mitsukoshi department store (Nihonbashi)
    1996.07.23 - 1996.08.18
    free for the stage shows (but games cost money)
    • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.08.11

    The Summer Children's Fair on the roof of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi took place from July 23 to August 18. There were many games and rides and playgrounds for little kids. (Most of them were not free. There required one to three tickets which cost 100 yen each.)

    There was also a large stage on the roof of the department store where a lot of anime and live action character shows took place. There were even some seiyuu events. The schedule for the shows was as follows.

    07/23 (Tue) Bee Fighter Kabuto
    07/27 (Sat) Car Ranger
    07/28 (Sun) Sailor Stars
    07/30 (Tue) Ruruouni Kenshin
    08/03 (Sat) Dragonball GT
    08/04 (Sun) Kamiya Akira's anime seiyuu on stage
    08/06 (Tue) Car Ranger
    08/10 (Sat) Iwao Junko's Shou Comi Night public recording
    08/10 (Sat) Sailor Stars
    08/11 (Sun) Bee Fighter Kabuto
    08/13 (Tue) Gegege no Kitarou
    08/14 (Wed) Sailor Stars
    08/16 (Fri) Jigoku Sensei Nuubee
    08/17 (Sat) Car Ranger
    08/18 (Sun) Bee Fighter Kabuto

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