Idol Chu-Mail 7

Event Idol Chu-Mail 7
Location Take Off 7 (Shibuya)
Date 2000.08.02
Time 19:00 - 21:15
Cost 3000 yen (in advance)
3500 yen (at the door)
Guests Hirano Midori
Fujisawa Mikiko
Ezawa Noriyo
Mori Natsuko
Akino Hitomi
Heart Chu
  • Event report version 0.4 by Hitoshi Doi, 2000.08.03
  • Event report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.02.22

Since it was August 2, Mieko declared it as "Heart Chu no hi". (August = hachi = ha-, and 2 = two = chu) Heart Chu was the last group, and they were on the stage for about 40 minutes. Usually they only have 20 minutes or so.

The first stage was by Hirano Midori and Fujisawa Mikiko (the two girls who won the KOX idol audition). They sang one song.

The next singer was Ezawa Noriyo, who sang two songs.

The next singer was Mori Natsuko. She sang three songs (I think).

The next singer was Akino Hitomi. She sang two of her own songs, and one medley of idol songs. The medley consisted of: Mou Nakanaide (Senou Azusa), Doukyuusei (Seifuku Koujou Iinkai), Honki wo Dasite (Sakai Noriko), Love Machine (Morning Musume), Little Date (Ribbon). Hitomi also announced that she will have her first solo photo collection and CD coming out this fall.

The last singer was Heart Chu, Tsuchiya Mieko (ڲû), Shintani Sayaka (ë), Takahira Jun (ɽ). They were wearing their Heart Chu T-shirts and their mini-skirts. The Heart Chu songs were as follows.

  • Idol ha Kitto Sekai wo Sukuu
  • Tururu Daishouri
  • Summer Sunset
  • Otome Pasta ni Kandou
  • Pride
  • Daisuki
  • Kira Kira

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