Networkers Japan 97 Offline Matsuri

Event Networkers Japan '97 Offline Matsuri
Location Pacifico (Yokohama)
Date 1997.08.03
Time 11:36 - 12:30
Cost free
Guests Yanagihara Miwa
Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
Yoshida Konami (ĸ)
Hidaka Noriko (Τ)
  • Report version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.09.04.

There was a minor computer show called Networkers Japan '97 Offline Matsuri on August 2 and 3, 1997 at the Pacifico Convention Hall in Yokohama. They held some special events on the small main stage, and there were two seiyuu events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. These events were broadcast on the Internet via the Marumie Net web site.

This was one of the few events where one can sign up and get a ticket via the Internet, and I had number 106 for Sunday's event. There seemed to be quite a few no shows, and I got to sit in the fourth row, dead center.

The emcees for the show were Don Maccau and Yanagihara Miwa. Don came out with a wig and (fake) thick lips, wearing sunglasses. Miwa was wearing a red tank top, yellow T shirt, and long pants.

There was a video letter from Ikezawa Haruna. (Haruna is the personality with Don on the Marumie Net radio show.)

There was a large screen on the back of the stage, and that was displaying the on-line chat that was going on. There were several ethernet ports available, so people with computers in the audience can participate in the chat while watching the event.

Yoshida Konami was wearing a very frilly, red and white dress. She had a big ribbon in her hair, and she was wearing high heel sandals.

Toyoshima Machiko was wearing a sleeveless one piece, around knee length, dark blue, with green, white, and blue circular flowers on it. She was wearing white high heel sandals. Her hair was in a pony tail, tied with a black ribbon. Machiko had a blue-green ring on the middle finger of her left hand. She also had a necklace.

After the introductions, the brought chairs onto the stage, and Don and Machiko remained for the talk show. The talk show was around 30 minutes, and a couple other guest came, Hayama Kouji and Suga Hiroe.

Then Machiko sang "Let's Go", a song from True Love Story. While she was singing they showed the video of it on the screen, so maybe this was broadcast on the Internet.

After Machiko left, Konami came on the stage for a short talk session.

Then after Konami left, Hidaka Noriko came to talk about the Sega Saturn game Gradia (a RPG). The showed a demo of the game on the screen.

Noriko was wearing a long, white one piece, with a light blue cardigan over it. Her hair was tied up, with blue clips in her hair.

Noriko was going to do the character Filla. Noriko was doing a lot of boy roles recently, but this was a girl role. She said that shen had lots of software at home, but no hardware.

Noriko said that the Gunbuster LDs are coming out recently (individual LDs), so she did the voice of Takaya Noriko for the CM (commcercial).

Then Konami came back to sing "Place in the Sun".

After the song, everyone came back on stage to do the "Tonari no Totoro in Yokohama" drama. The roles were: Machiko (Ikumi), Konami (Mei), Noriko (Satsuki), Miwa (little Totoro), Don (big Totoro).

After the drama, Machiko said, "It was fun getting into the Totoro world with Ikumi."

At the end, Don and Miwa, both wearing big wigs, sang a song, with a wild and crazy dance.

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