Nagasaki Moe at Amazing Square

Event Nagasaki Moe debut event at Amazing Square
Location Amazing Square (Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
Date 1997.05.10
Time 14:00 - 15:30
Cost free to watch
1020 yen (CD single) for handshake session
Guests Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.05.22

Nagasaki Moe had a series of events commemorating her debut single, Honoo to Arashi. Most of them were held in the open, such as amusement parks, department stores. It was open to the public, but to shake hands and get a signature from Moe, one had to buy the CD single.

The event at Amazing Square (a very small, deserted amusement park in northern Tokyo) was scheduled to start at 14:00. I arrived at 10:00, and got ticket number 97. (As expected the ones at the front of the line were there overnight.)

The event was held at the event stage in the middle of Amazing Square, where they had around 400 seats. All of the seats were taken, and there were probably more than 100 people standing. I got to sit in the 4th row, in the center. There were "closer" seats on the sides.. but Moe doesn't move much when she sings, so it's better to be in the middle. (^_^)

The emcee of the event was Satou Yoshiaki, a member of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan (same stage group as Moe). He (and the crowd) called out for Moe-chan, and Moe came running onto the stage. Moe was wearing a very cute, frilly outfit.

[description of outfits might be added later]


Moe had gone to Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Fukushima for her events so far. This was the first time that she had come to Amazing Square. When asked about the rides she liked at amusement parks, Moe said that she loved the jet coasters, and rode them all day.

Moe's debut single went on sale 4/21. Until then Moe was an actress in the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan (since May 1995). In February of this year, Moe got her first lead role in a play, Gekkou no Fuan.

Moe also has a radio show, Moe Moe Rajimage.

About her CD, Moe said, "It was a dream ever since I was little. I'm happy that I can release a CD. Now I only have two songs, but I want many songs so I can hold a concert in a large hall."


Then Moe sang Yume Miru Chanson Ningyou ( Nagasaki Moe version ), Knife, and Honoo to Arashi. For Yume Miru Chanson Ningyou, Moe did her mime movements (same as in the Christmas Fantasy Live 1996).

For the other two songs, Moe hardly moved at all, with her face being almost expressionless too (same as in the Haru Mankai Concert). But it was windy.. and a couple times, Moe had to brush aside her hair that blew in front her face. Her skirt was blowing around too (just around, not "up").


After the songs, the emcee came and asked Moe about the songs. Moe said that she was very happy because there were a lot of calls. It was the first time that there were this many calls.

Then the emcee asked about Moe's voice. Moe said that people always tell her that her voice is lower than expected (from her looks).

Moe talked about Yume Miru Chanson Ningyou. It was a foreign song by Frances Garcon [?not sure if this is the correct spelling], and Moe had the lyrics written just for her.

Moe talked about Knife and Honoo to Arashi. She said that people always ask her if she really understands what she is singing. (The lyrics to the song are a little adult/mature.) Moe said that she understands it in her own way.

Moe went to Okinawa to film a video clip for Honoo to Arashi. It was supposed to be raining, but it turned out to be sunny every day. Also for the previous events, it had been sunny every day. So Moe was probably someone who brings good weather with her.

This was the end of the talk and song session, so Moe left the stage to get ready for the handshake session.


They set up a table on the stage, and they brought piles of the pre-signed pictures (LD jacket sized).

When Moe came back, she was wearing a different, but also very cute, frilly dress.

The people lined up, one row at a time, and went up to the stage to shake hands with Moe. Everyone got a pre-signed picture of Moe, and a pamphlet for her new fan club (must send 5000 yen by 5/31 to join her fan club). But there was also a special prize to 16 lucky people. Moe had taken a print club picture (just before the event), and stuck the stickers onto the backs of the LD sized pictures. (I didn't win..)

It was possible to buy the CD single there, and join the handshake session.

As they were getting close to the end of the handshake session, they announced that they had run out of pre-signed pictures.. (They had brought 600.) So they brought out another batch, with a different picture! So around 100 or so people rushed to buy another CD.. (^_^;)

After the handshake session (probably over one hour), Moe thanked everyone and left.

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