Nagasaki Moe events

The following are some of the Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ) events that I have been to.

date event
1997.02.22 Gekkou no Fuan
1997.02.23 Gekkou no Fuan
1997.03.30 Dream Power Matsuri at Yomiuri Land
1997.05.10 Nagasaki Moe debut event at Amazing Square
1997.06.21 Yuuseioujo Live
1997.08.21 Idol Ou public recording
1997.09.21 Nagasaki Moe event at Shinseido Quartier 5

Moe also appeared in many Sakurai Tomo events.

Moe often sang the following foreign songs in Japanese with her own lyrics.

[Nagasaki Moe event reports]

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