Ani Chari 4.9

Event Ani Chari 4.9
Location Suginami Koukaidou (Tokyo)
Date 1995.04.09
Time 12:00 - 17:15
Voice Actor Guests Furuya Tohru (ëŰ)
Tanaka Mayumi (濿)
Nogami Yukana (椫)
Yokoyama Chisa (Һ)
Hiyama Nobuyuki (ػǷ)
Shiratori Yuri (ĻͳΤ)
Shiozawa Kaneto ()
Tomizawa Michie (ҷ)
Shinohara Emi (ĸ)
Mori Katsuji ()
Tobita Nobuo (Ÿ)
Okiayu Ryoutarou (ְζϺ)
Singer Guests Mizuki Ichirou (ڰϺ)
Uchida Junko
Okui Masami ()
Takimoto Hitomi
Ishida Yoko (Ĥ褦)
Hashimoto Yoshio
Yamano Satoko
Cost free (need postcard)
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.04.13

On April 9, 1995, the Ani Chari 4.9 event, a charity event to raise money for the Kansai earthquake victims, was held in the Suginami Koukaidou. There were over 1000 people who participated.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Lobby bazaar
  • OAV showing
  • Auction and songs

Lobby bazaar

There were over 1000 people, so they staggered the entry into the event, and they let in 250 people at a time. In the lobby, they had tables where they sold cels, signature boards, illustration boards, and various other items. Each group of 250 people had 30 minutes to do their shopping. When they were done with the shopping, they were free to go to the auditorium, where they were showing various OAVs.

I was number 470, so I was in the second group. (from 12:30 to 13:00) [I got this ticket from Mr. Event107, as my number was in the 800's and he wasn't going to be able to come to this event.]

The cels ranged in price from 500 yen to 5000 yen. All of the cels were in envelopes, and we were allowed to choose the show, but not the cel. We were allowed to buy as many bags as we wanted. I got Electra (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia), Chacha, Riiya, and Yuri and Hinagiku (Wedding Peach). Other shows that they had were: Mahoujin Guru Guru (signed cels for 5000 yen), Macross 7, Moldiver, Crayon Shin-chan, Iczelion, and Onikirimaru.

The signature boards were 500 yen, the monochrome illustration boards were 1000 yen, and the color illustration boards were 2000 yen. When I went, they didn't have many left, and there weren't any signature boards of people I liked.

I think there were a total of 5 groups, so this lasted from 12:00 to 14:30.

OAV showing

While they were letting the people in and doing the lobby bazaar, they showed the following OAVs.

  • Shin Megami Tensei episode 1
  • SM Girls Saber Marionette R episode 1
  • Tekkaman Blade II episode 6

Auction and songs

The main event started at around 14:45. I was fortunate enough to find a seat in the second row! \(^_^)/

The emcee was a radio announcer from Radio Kobe.

part 0

At the beginning, they called out around 15 anime publishers, writers, and other people who were the AniChari committee members. (There were people from OUT, Animedia, AnimeV, etc..)

At first, they thought about using the name "Taku Chari" (taken from Otaku Charity). But they changed the name.

Then they called singer Mizuki Ichirou to sing Gatchaman 94.

After the song, Furuya Tohru and Tanaka Mayumi came out, and they were going to help out with the emceeing. Tohru said that they sales in the lobby went really well, and everything sold out. They made around 1.5 million yen.

part 1: illustrations

In this section Ashida Toyoo (Granzort, Wataru, Vifam) came and they auctioned his original illustrations. There were many Granzort, Vifam, and Wataru illustrations and cels (poster sized). Ashida Toyoo signed each one.

Then they called singer Uchida Junko, who brought a bag and book for the auction. After it got auctioned off, she sang Korosuke Rock.

part 2: seiyuu

This was the section where they auctioned off a lot of seiyuu related goods.

The seiyuu that came in person, and the stuff that they brought are described below.

Nogami Yukana
She auctioned off a personalized alarm clock with her voice and a T-shirt. This went for 50,000 yen [to Mr. M@Tokai-University].
Yokoyama Chisa
She auctioned off an essay book and some pictures, signed. This went for 22,000 yen.
Hiyama Nobuyuki
He auctioned off a portable vacuum cleaner, signed. This went for 20,000 yen.
Shiratori Yuri
Yuri brought two clothes and a bag. The first outfit was one that she wore to the Megami Paradise after recording. This went for 13,000 yen. The next outfit was one that she wore on the Otaku Beam TV show. This went for 15,000 yen. The bag went for 20,000 yen.
Shiozawa Kaneto
He auctioned off an 8mm video camera, and some old suits. The video camera went for 48,000 yen, and the suits went for 50,000 yen.
Tomizawa Michie, wearing white sweater, white long pants
Michie brought a lot of her clothes. The bidding went wild. It immediately went over 100,000 yen. But the announcers and the people running the event stopped the madness. They just chose the people when the bidding went to certain levels.
Michie's black silk pajamas went for 30,000 yen, her pink silk pajamas went for 50,000 yen, a Mickey Mouse jacket went for 70,000 yen, and a Mickey Mouse shirt and pants set went for 60,000 yen.
Shinohara Emi, wearing a brown one piece dress and carrying an umbrella
Emi brought Sailor Jupiter sweatshirts, which went for 22,000 yen and 25,000 yen. She also brought the outfit that she wore at the Peach Hips live, that she made herself. This went for 88,888 yen. Then she auctioned off her umbrella, which went for 20,000 yen.
Mori Katsuji
He brought a three piece suit, which went for 23,000 yen.
Tobita Nobuo
He brought a Soryuuden video and script, which went for 15,000 yen.
Okiayu Ryoutarou
He brought a video, a UFO catcher doll, and barbells (all signed). The video and doll went for 20,000 yen, and the barbells went for 10,000 yen.

There were lots of other seiyuu related things that were auctioned off, but the seiyuu themselves could not come. Some of those were as follows.

Nagashima Yuko, Matsumoto Yasunori, Sakurai Tomo
A voice message card containing the voices of Yuko, Yasunori, and Tomo was auctioned off for 20,000 yen.
Amano Yuri
An alarm clock with Yuri's voice was auctioned off for 40,000 yen.
Kusachi Fumie
An alarm clock with Fumie's voice was auctioned off for 11,000 yen.
Orikasa Ai
The right to talk to Ai on the telephone for three minutes was auctioned off for 20,000 yen.
Matsui Naoko
The right to talk to Naoko on the telephone for three minutes was auctioned off for 15,000 yen.
Yajima Akiko
The right to talk to Akiko on the telephone for three minutes was auctioned off for 7,000 yen.
Mizutani Yuko
The right to have one's name used in her novel was auctioned off for 30,000 yen.
Banana Fritters (Hidaka Noriko, Seki Toshihiko, Yamadera Kouichi)
The Banana Fritters outfit (three suits) was auctioned off for 37,000 yen.

At the end of this section, Okui Masami (and the two back dancers) came out and sang Energy, It's Destiny, and Reincarnation. After the songs, they auctioned off a signed T-shirt, and it went for 10,000 yen.

part 3: illustrations

Before the main auction began, they had put up a lot of illustrations for display, and these were auctioned in a closed bid style. People who wanted the illustrations would put their name and price on a piece of paper and hand that in. Then in this section, they announced the winners.

The illustration of Skuld (by Gouda Hiroyuki) went for 51,000 yen. There was an illustration of Belldandy that went for 61,000. (The same person bought both!)

At the end of this section, Takimoto Hitomi, a new singer who debuted on 1/21, came out and sang her song. Her debut song was Egao wo Ageru, the ED song to the TV anime Zenki.

Hitomi had just become a college student this April.

part 4: announcers

In this section, they auctioned the many items brought by the announcers (Furuya Tohru, Tanaka Mayumi, and the radio announcer).

They also played a tape message by Hidaka Noriko. The only part I remember was, "I can't come because I'm doing a Ranma 1/2 after recording today." Then they auctioned off the right to become her assistant on her radio show (taken in a Tokyo studio, but broadcast in kansai). This went for 55,000 yen.

At the end of this section, Ishida Yoko and Hashimoto Yoshio came out to sing. Yoko had cut her hair very, very short. Yoko sang Otome no Policy, and Yoshio sang Moonlight Densetsu.

Then Yamano Satoko came and sang her version of Ringo no Uta, with Ishida Yoko, Hashimoto Yoshio, Takimoto Hitomi, and Uchida Junko as the dancers in the back.

part 5: creator goods

Many artists came and auctioned off various goods.

Some of them that I remember were:

Ito Takehiko
He brought lots of goods related to Uchuu E-yu- and Ryuu Knight, including pages of manga and his own doujinshi. The Uchuu E-yu- stuff went for 30,000 yen and the Ryuu Knight stuff went for 30,000.
Goto Takayuki
He drew an illustration of JJ, and it got auctioned.
Utatane Hiroyuki
He brought a rare poster with one of his drawings (a poster for Mitaka City), and it went for 15,000 yen.
Akahori Satoru
He auctioned off the right to be a character in Bakuretsu Hunter SP. The winner's name will be used as a character name. Also he will earn the right to be whipped by Hayashibara Megumi. This privilege went for 60,000 yen.
Clamp [they didn't come in person]
An illustration of Hikaru and Mokona went for 65,000 yen.
The right to go to the Slayers after recording went for 100,000 yen.
Sonoda Hideki
He auctioned off a Raijin-Oh last concert video for 10,000 yen and the right to have one's name used as a guest character on Wedding Peach for 8,000 yen.

final message

At the end, all of the participants (who stayed until the end) came out onto the stage. The only seiyuu was Shinohara Emi.

They announced that a total of 4 million yen had been made that day.

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