Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei event

Event Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei event
Location Asahi Seimei Hall (Shinjuku)
Date 1995.04.16
Time 14:00 - 16:30
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Takahashi Miki (高橋美紀)
Oikawa Hitomi (及川ひとみ)
Kanai Mika (かないみか)
Takada Yumi (高田由美)
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On April 16, 1995, the Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei (two anime from Pink Pineapple) event took place at the Asahi Seimei Hall in Shinjuku. The Asahi Seimei Hall was a small auditorium that seated around 600.

As expected the audience for this event was 99% boys. (^_^)

The event flowed as follows.

  • Doukyuusei 4, Kakyuusei 1 showing
  • talk
  • promo film of Pink Pineapple anime
  • presents
  • good bye message
  • Iczelion 2, Oira Uchuu Tankoufu 2 showing

Doukyuusei 4, Kakyuusei 1

They showed Doukyuusei 4 and Kakyuusei 1.

While this was being shown, there was an interview and photo session with the voice actresses for the press.


After the OAVs, Shocker Ohno (the emcee) came out and introduced the voice actress guests. They were (on the stage from left to right), Takahashi Miki, Oikawa Hitomi, Takada Yumi, and Kanai Mika. Some of the talk session was like..

Ohno: Anyone remember Cream Lemon?
[There was a big cheer from the crowd.]
Ohno: Oikawa Hitomi was Ami-chan. I heard there was a Cream Lemon event in this hall before?
Oikawa: Yes, back then I was hiding my name and face, so I just sat way in the back and watched.
Ohno: I think it is because of Cream Lemon that there are many of this kind of anime now.

Ohno: Today you saw Doukyuusei 4. Who's turn was it today?
[Takahashi Miki raised her hand.]
Ohno [asking Oikawa Hitomi]: When was your turn?
Oikawa: Volume 3.
Ohno: So if you watch volume 3, you can hear Ami-chan.
Ohno [asking Takada Yumi]: When was your turn?
Takada: I think it was volume 1 and volume 2.
Ohno: Also Koorogi Satomi did it in volume 1.
Takahashi: Everyone did it in different places too. Satomi (Takada Yumi) did it outdoors in a park, Kurumi (Oikawa Hitomi) did it in a love hotel, I did it in Wataru's room, and Misa (Koorogi Satomi) did it in the nurses' office.

Ohno: Kanai Mika joined with Kakyuusei. There are lots of great people in it too. Iwao Junko was in it. She played a character called Mika, so when they called "Mika-chan", it was confusing. Also in Doukyuusei, where is a character called Satomi, and Koorogi Satomi as a voice actress. I think the script writer is weird.
Kanai: Also Nishihara Kumiko is in Kakyuusei. She had a lot of turns. She was the girl in the adult video too.

Kanai: When I was doing the voice, the picture was mostly there, so I talked when the character opened her mouth.
Takada: It would be very hard if there wasn't any pictures.

With Shocker Ohno's prodding, Kanai Miki did melon-pan-man's voice, "Mero mero punch!"

Ohno [to Oikawa Hitomi]: How was Ami? It was the first time this kind of thing was done.
Oikawa: Since it was the first time, I didn't know how to do the voices. So we went to the director's place and watched porno videos to study it. When I actually do the voice, since I just pant a lot, I got short of breath.
Ohno: So it was very difficult.
Oikawa: Well, I'm used to it now.

Takahashi: This is the first time I did any ecchi anime. I got a lot of letters from old fans who said they were looking forward to my role.
With Shocker Ohno's prodding Takahashi Miki did Yui-chan's voice, "Rei-san daisuki!"

Kanai: When we were doing the recording of Kingyo Chuuihou! I would go to the studio and say, "Hayon!" Takada Yumi would give a high laugh (like Chitose). It was fun.

Then they went to some questions from the audience.

Q: You do those voices in these ecchi anime. What does your family think about it?
Takahashi: My mother wanted to come to the event. She knows about all of my work. But I asked her not to come today. It is embarrassing if the family members see it.
Oikawa: I don't show any of it to my family.
Takada: They don't know anything. When they see the title Doukyuusei, they don't know what kind of story it is.
Kanai: I don't bring it home. I leave it all in the office.

Q: How was your first ????
Takahashi: My first voice work was Dunbine. There were 53 lines, and I was very nervous. I went too close to the mike, so they put some tape and told me not to go in front of the line. It was very tiring. I slept for around 20 hours after that.
Oikawa: It was the Time Bokan series Itadakiman. I was with many veterans, and it was very difficult.
Takada: I was in Dunbine too. My first ???.. I can't say when it was, but I did the full course that day. It wasn't like holding hands or kissing.. I did it all. What I felt was, "Oh, it's over?"
Ohno: I don't know how I should comment..
Kanai: I don't remember what my first job was. It didn't have much pictures, so I didn't know when I was supposed to talk. I had some other video work before that though.
Ohno: My first voice work was MAPS. Oh, nobody's listening.

Q: Did you play the PC Doukyuusei game?
Takahashi: I have never played the PC game. But I have played the arcade mahjong Doukyuusei game.
Oikawa: This is the first time I saw Doukyuusei. I would like to play games, but since there are so many kinds of PCs out there, I don't know which one I have to buy.
Takada: I don't know about games either. I'm sorry I never played it.
Kanai: I did a voice in the mahjong game, but I never played it.

Q [to Oikawa Hitomi]: You didn't do voices for a while. Was there any difficultly coming back?
Oikawa: Because of Cream Lemon, I couldn't get many jobs. But I don't regret doing it. But now, I've started getting more and more work. It's mostly narration, so my name doesn't appear.
Takahashi: I had taken some time off too. When I returned, it was harder than when I debuted.
Oikawa: Thank you for not forgetting about me.

Then with Shocker Ohno's prodding, Oikawa Hitomi did, "Ami tonjau!"

promo film of Pink Pineapple anime

After a 10 minute break, there was a promo film of Pink Pineapple anime.. some of them (a lot of them??) were for 18 and older.


The voice actresses came back on stage to draw numbers for prizes.

good bye message

After the prizes, the voice actresses gave their final messages.

Takahashi Miki
I will be in the Ginga Ojousama Yuna 2 game, radio drama, and OAVs. Also I'm doing Mimirin in Shimashima no Tora Shimajiro. It will probably continue for at least two more years. So you good boys please watch it.
Oikawa Hitomi
I'm doing the narration for the Sailor Moon CD-ROM. I'll also be in the PC game Virgin Dream. Mitsuishi Kotono, Hayashibara Megumi, and Touma Yumi are also in it. It's not ecchi, but please buy it.
Takada Yumi
Tenchi Muyou has become a TV series.
Kanai Mika
I will be in Yun Yun Paradise. It's sugoi. It's for 18 and older. I'll also have a new album coming out. I'm in Onikirimaru 3. There will be a Makendou event on 5/14. There is a Playdia Kanai Mika software coming out, and the CM is supposed to be aired on TV.

Iczelion 2, Oira Uchuu Tankoufu 2

After the event, Mochizuki producer from KSS came out and said that they would show Iczelion 2 and Oira Uchuu Tankoufu 2. He said that sales were not going so great, so he wanted to show them, and asked people to buy it if they liked it.

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