Akiyama Kumi talk/signing session

Event Akiyama Kumi talk/signing session
Location Yodobashi Camera, office 5F (Shinjuku)
Date 1996.11.17
Time 13:00 - 13:30
Guests Akiyama Kumi (½©»³΅ΧΘώ)
Cost any anime/seiyuu related CD or video
  • Report version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.11.18

There was a hand-shake session by Akiyama Kumi at Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku for those who bought any anime or seiyuu related CD or video. (Of course I think they would have preferred that you buy a CD or video related to Akiyama Kumi..) The event turned out to be a 30 minute talk show and a signing session, as well as a hand-shake session.

I had number 30, but since there were a lot of no-shows, I was in the second row. There were around 70 people total who participated. The event was held in an empty office room of Yodobashi Camera. There were many Akiyama Kumi posters plastered all over the halls and room. There was a TV with Kumi's video Yahoooow playing on it.

A little after 13:00, Akiyama Kumi came out wearing a red (and yellow??) long one piece dress and very high heel black shoes. [I didn't like those shoes..]

Kumi was introduced as an idol.

Kumi introduced herself. She was chosen to be the Xing image girl last year, and she debuted with the single Wild Blood. Kumi's birthday is February 10, 1976 [I'm not 100% on the year..], and her blood type is A.

There was a short talk show..

Kumi said that she was very fast at running when she was little. Kumi's favorite foods are sushi (the expensive things) and nattou. Kumi doesn't like eels, green peppers, and.. [I forgot]

Kumi talked about her video Yahoooow. She said she batted righty in the video, even though she is lefty. [Kumi throws lefty in the video.] Kumi said that the most difficult part was the sliding scene. She was supposed to slide head first, but instead of sliding, she just flopped. So she had to do that over and over, and she ended up scraping her knee.

There was a present corner where they were going to give out three signed posters. There was a janken tournament.. and after several rounds, I had won!

[I used choki, paa, choki, choki, choki.. The reason why I used paa second was because Kumi announced that she was going to use guu. Otherwise I always follow the choki no kami-sama.]

Then two other people and me went up to the front to get the signed posters from Kumi.. along with a handshake. Kumi is VERY cute!

After the present corner, they went back to some more talk.

Kumi talked about her third single Persona, which was the ED song of the Pretty Sami TV series.

Kumi said that she will also appear in the Pretty Sami TV series, around episode 13.

After the talk session ended, they moved on to the signing session. The signature boards were already pre-signed, and Kumi just wrote our names on the boards. We got to shake hands with her too. (^_^)

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