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1000 yen
released 1996.10.23

This is the CD single for the ending of the Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sami TV series.

The songs are as follows.

  1. Persona
  2. Proceed
  3. Persona [original karaoke]
  4. Proceed [original karaoke]

The front cover has a picture of Sasami in her sailor fuku. The back cover has a picture of Akiyama Kumi, sitting on a messy bed with clothes all over.

Proceed is the new opening song of the radio show Doki Doki Pretty League.

This CD single case is strange, in that while most of them open up, this one opens out on its sides on the back. The inside has two pictures of Kumi.

The front covers of this CD single and the Pretty Sami OP CD single can be combined to form a picture of Sasami and Pretty Sami.

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