Ichigo House photo session

Models Oda Yumiko
Location Ichigo House (Ochiai)
Date 2004.10.09
Time 19:10 - 20:40
20:50 - 22:10
Cost 3500 yen first session
4000 yen second session

This was my tenth photo session at Ichigo House that I attended.

This was my sixth photo session for taking pictures of Oda Yumiko. There were four people for the first session, and six for the second. I participated in both sessions, but I arrived late because of the typhoon. (Detailed story at the bottom of this page.)

In the first session, Yumiko wore two outfits. The first outfit was a white one piece with cherries.

The second outfit was Hoshino Ruri's oufit (Nadesico).

There was no background paper used in this session.

The second session was a pizza (and beer) party instead of a photo session. A small table was set up in the middle of the room. There were two pizzas and some other foods, along with several cans of beer.

Yumiko changed back into her cherries one piece. We all sat down and ate and talked until 22:10 or so. There, Yumiko made an announcement about her future.
(which I can't make public until 10/31 )

photo notes

I used my 20D, and took 137 photos with 107 of them worth keeping.

I ended up with 30 photos of the first outfit, and 77 photos of the second.


It was raining all day, and the typhoon was on a direct course for the Tokyo area. I was checking the web page of Ichigo House to see if the photo session might be cancelled. The event was scheduled to start at 19:00, and the web page stated that they will decide at 17:00 if they will cancel the event.

At 17:00, it still wasn't raining too hard and the wind wasn't that bad. The web page stated that the event will go on as scheduled. Since it only takes 30 minutes to get to Ichigo House, I left my house around 18:00. The weather had gotten a lot worse in the last hour.

When I got to the train station, I found out that the trains were stopped! I waited a little bit, but they announced that it didn't seem likely that the trains would start running too soon. So I decided to take the bus to the next station. From there I would be able to take the subway.

The bus ride was over 15 minutes, but I made it to the next station. I went inside to see if the trains had started running again. Some trains were partially running, but not the one I wanted to take. There was a land slide near Ichigaya station, which had stopped the Soubu Line. So I had no choice but to take the subway.

When I got to the subway station, I found out that the subway was having problems too. There was a water leak, so the subways were only partially running. But the problem was farther ahead than where I wanted to go, so I would be able to make it to Ichigo House.

I took the Marunouchi Line, and then transferred to the Oedo Line, and finally made it to Higashi Nakano station. When I got out of the subway station, the rain had already stopped. It was getting warmer. But it was already 19:15.

I got to Ichigo House around 19:25.

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