Doki Doki! Waku Waku Panic Tour

Event Doki Doki! Waku Waku Panic Tour
Location Yomiuri Hall (Yurakucho, Sogo Department Store 7F)
Date 1995.04.15
Time 12:45 - 15:30
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Iwanaga Tetsuya (ů)
Kikuchi Masami ()
Natsuki Rio (Ƽꥪ)
Okiayu Ryoutarou (ְζϺ)
Kozakura Etsuko (Ļ)
Sakurai Tomo ()
Takada Yumi (ͳ)
Orikasa Ai (޳ް)
Yokoyama Chisa (Һ)
Singers Sonia
  • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.04.20

On April 15, 1995, Pioneer held the joint Tenchi Muyou and El Hazard event in Tokyo. The Yomiuri Hall can seat around 1100 people, and it was packed full.

The event flowed as follows.

  • Sonia concert
  • El Hazard 1, El Hazard 2
  • guest talk and concert
    • Sakurai Tomo's song
    • Kozakura Etsuko's song
    • El Hazard guests talk
    • Tenchi guests talk
    • Yokoyama Chisa and Kozakura Etsuko's song
    • Orikasa Ai and Takada Yumi's song
  • presents corner
  • final message

Sonia concert

Sonia, a group of two girls, came out and sang the OP to the Tenchi Muyou TV series, Tenchi Muyou. This CD will go on sale 4/26.

Then Sonia sang two more songs, Zutto Dakishimeteite and Kuchibiru ni Memories.

El Hazard 1, El Hazard 2

Iwanaga Tetsuya and Kikuchi Masami came out with the emcee and lead the talks. Iwanaga Tetsuya was wearing a red and white checkered shirt with a white vest. Kikuchi Masami was wearing a black suit and black hat.

They said, "You all risked your lives to come see these seiyuu!"

Then they showed the first two OAVs for El Hazard. The first OAV is around 45 minutes, and the second one is around 30 minutes. Jinnai (Okiayu Ryoutarou) is very funny!

talk and concert

After the OAV, they called out the El Hazard seiyuu and had a talk and concert session. The seiyuu were Okiayu Ryoutarou, Natsuki Rio, Sakurai Tomo, and Kozakura Etsuko.

They said that the third OAV will take place at an onsen. Pioneer loves onsen.. (^_^;)

Sakurai Tomo's song

The first song was by Sakurai Tomo, who was wearing a red shirt, black tie, and yellow suit. She had her hair tied up with a black ribbon. Tomo sang the image song of the three priests.

Kozakura Etsuko's song

The second song was by Kozakura Etsuko, who was wearing a long green one-piece with a white shawl. Etsuko sang the ED to El Hazard Boys Be Free.

El Hazard guests talk

After the songs, all of the El Hazard guests came out and sat on chairs. Makoto (main character of El Hazard) speaks Osaka-ben. But since Iwanaga Tetsuya is from Tokyo, he had a friend from Osaka speak the lines, and he studied it. Also Okiayu Ryoutarou helped out. Regarding the character Makoto, Iwanaga Tetsuya said, "Right now he still doesn't have great powers, but something is bound to happen. He is the key since he was sent to El Hazard."

Natsuki Rio said (about the cute character Jinnai Nanami), "I thought I can't do such a cute character. But when I got the script, I realized what kind of character she was."
The emcee asked, "Is it easy to do this role?"
Rio said, "Since she is very different from myself, I think it's easy to do."

Sakurai Tomo said, "I've mostly done burikko (very cute acting) roles, so it's the first time I've done a role like this." Tomo did the CD drama before doing the anime. (Her character doesn't appear in OAV 1. She first appears in OAV 2.)

Kozakura Etsuko said, "Since I've been doing animal roles, this was different. Also I couldn't find my name in the script for episode 1. But she appeared at the very end, and only says, 'Aa..'" (Alele appears at the very end and crawls into Makoto's bed and starts licking him.)
Etsuko continued, "The director told me to do it without getting embarrassed, but that is embarrassing."

Okiayu Ryoutarou said, "I'll try to got crazy more than now."

Sakurai Tomo said, "All characters have very strong personalities. The third priest will appear in the next story."

Tenchi guests talk

Then they called the Tenchi seiyuu, Orikasa Ai, Takada Yumi, and Yokoyama Chisa. Orikasa Ai was wearing a white suit with her hair down. Takada Yumi was wearing white shorts (very, very short) and a pink top, such that her stomach was showing. Yokoyama Chisa was wearing a red-yellow overcoat, and she had a tiara on her head.

Orikasa Ai said, "Ten years ago, I did a play on this stage. There are so many guys over there (meaning El Hazard). Ganbatte! (to the El Hazard cast)"

Takada Yumi said, "I saw El Hazard. It's still very inexperienced. Especially Ecchan. Those 'Aan' lines, please come to me if you need help."

Yokoyama Chisa said, "I saw El Hazard too. It's a wonderful world. There were times when I was a student when I felt I wanted to go to such a world. Since we are doing the event together, maybe someday we can do a joint anime."

Then the El Hazard guests left and they moved onto the Tenchi songs.

Yokoyama Chisa and Kozakura Etsuko's song

Yokoyama Chisa and Kozakura Etsuko were wearing coats. But they took them off for their song. There was a very loud cheer from the crowd. They were wearing very flashy and skimpy outfits! [I don't remember the name of the song that they sang.]

Orikasa Ai and Takada Yumi's song

Orikasa Ai and Takada Yumi came out and sang the ED to the Tenchi TV series. Ai was wearing a long white dress, and she had her hair tied up with a ribbon. Yumi was wearing a black tank top, black long pants, black sunglasses, and black gloves.

presents corner

They played a balloon popping game for the presents corner. It was set up as El Hazard seiyuu vs. Tenchi seiyuu. If the El Hazard seiyuu won, it would be an odd number, and if the Tenchi seiyuu won, it would be an even number.

Iwanaga Tetsuya said, "We'll use young power."
Kikuchi Masami said, "We'll use obasan power."

In the first round, it was Sakurai Tomo against Orikasa Ai. Tomo won, and got the number 5. In the second round, it was Natsuki Rio against Takada Yumi. Rio won, and got the number 3. So the people with ticket numbers ending in 35 were the winners. They had two prizes, a signature board with the El Hazard cast signatures and a signature board with the Tenchi cast signatures.

final message

Iwanaga Tetsuya
El Hazard will get interesting from now. Please look forward to it.
Natsuki Rio
I'll try my best.
Sakurai Tomo
Did you have fun today? Please look forward to El Hazard.
Kozakura Etsuko
Thank you very much today.
Okiayu Ryoutarou
I'll take over all of El Hazard. Hahaha (with a very high laugh).
Kikuchi Masami
Please watch Tenchi on TV. There will be more videos too. Maybe we can meet in the summer. Thank you very much.
Orikasa Ai
Takada Yumi
Thank you very much. As long as you cheer for us, we'll keep on going.
Yokoyama Chisa
I have some announcements. My new book is coming out. Kozakura Etsuko and I want to do something fun. Please cheer for us. Maybe someday we can have a joint El Hazard and Tenchi Muyou anime.
Kozakura Etsuko
There is already work being done on another bangaihen for Tenchi Muyou, Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sami.

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