Pretty Sami/Pioneer Event 1995

Event Pretty Sami/Pioneer Event 1995
Location Melpark Hall (Shinbashi)
Date 1995.08.12
Time 13:00 - 15:00
16:00 - 18:00
Cost free (need postcard)
Guests Matsumoto Rica ()
Yokoyama Chisa (Һ)
Kozakura Etsuko (Ļ)
  • Report by Mike Tatsugawa, 1995.08.25

Attended the Pioneer Event at Melpark Hall on August 12th for both the afternoon and evening events.

The Pioneer Event was primarily to promote the Pretty Sami line.

The schedule was as follows.

Chisa Yokoyama Song
Performed the Pretty Sami opening song Nice happy song. It's used in the closing credits of Pretty Sami
Rica Matsumoto Song
Performed the song used in the 1st Sami Episode
Etsuko Kozakura Song
Performed the Miya song while dressed in a Ryo-oh-ki costume. Kudos to Kozakura for having the courage to do this. The Myaa song has become a favorite of a lot of the AX staffers. We renamed the Myaa Song "Ode to a Carrot".
Group Talk
No idea what they said.
Promotion for Hyper Doll: The Easy Fighter
Too many superhero/idol singer/school student shows in the market :-P
Pretty Sami Episode
Interesting episode. It annoys me to no end though that with the OAV, TV series and Pretty Sami episodes that there are now three different origins on how the characters met each other. The episode also made me think of a cross between magical girls, Project A-Ko and Tenchi.
Gave attendees an opportunity to blow money on Ryo-oh-ki shirts, Pretty Sami box sets, Tenchi watches, promo videos, Tenchi LD's, CD's of all the performers, etc. They were also giving out loaner Think Pads to attendees. Pioneer Animation Club members were given Pioneer
Pretty Sami Game
Game looked interesting. You can play any character you want in a kind of adventure game. I wouldn't buy it though...
Chisa Yokoyama Songs (2)
Chisa performed the opening and closing songs from Pretty Sami.
Rica Matsumoto Songs (2)
Performed two songs from her Balance of the Mind album. Matsumoto seems to show a greater degree of talent and range than Yokohama does. Her "Sayonara" song is quite nice.
Group Talk
Didn't pay too much attention to this. Sonia then came out to promote the new Sonia Wonderland album.
Shake-Hand Session
People who bought Rica Matsumoto's album got to shake her hand after the concert.

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