Tenchi Muyou Tokyo Spring Festival - Tokyo 1994

Event Tenchi Muyou Tokyo Spring Festival - Tokyo 1994
Location Suginami Koukaidou (Ogikubo)
Date 1994.04.03
Time 18:30 - 20:30
Cost 2700 yen
Guests Mizutani Yuko (ëͥ)
Takada Yumi (ͳ)
Kikuchi Masami ()
Orikasa Ai (޳ް)
Yokoyama Chisa (Һ)
Kozakura Etsuko (Ļ)
  • report version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.04
  • report version 1.1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.04.12

On April 3, 1994, the Tenchi Muyou Spring Festival event took place at the Suginami Koukaidou in Ogikubo. There were two sessions that day, at 14:00 and 17:30 (scheduled). The Suginami Koukaidou has a large auditorium that seats around 800 people.

Thanks to Peter Evans, I got to go to the night session! (I had gone to a different event earlier that day. ^_^) Because the rehearsals ran over by about one hour, the Tenchi event was running late. So I managed to make it in time for the night session that started late at around 18:30. (I live only 15 minutes away from the Suginami Koukaidou.)

When I got in, I looked around to see if there was someone I knew, but I couldn't find anyone. It was dark and there were lots of people. There were also people in the crowd dressed up as the entire Tenchi cast.

In the lobby, they were selling lots of Tenchi goods, including the life-sized Sasami poster. (It's almost as big as the Belldandy poster.) Also they were showing and selling the video "Go! Go! Doll-chan". Maybe I should have gotten one.. (Doll-chan = the Moldiver bad girls)

I sat in seat "te" number 12. (All seats were reserved seats.)

I hear that the contents of the first and second sessions were almost the same.

To begin the event, they showed the Tenchi Muyou OP on the screen.

Then the six guests appeared on the stage. From left to right it was: Mizutani Yuko (Mihoshi), Takada Yumi (Aeka), Kikuchi Masami (Tenchi), Orikasa Ai (Ryoko), Yokoyama Chisa (Sasami), Kozakura Etsuko (Ryououki).

Mizutani Yuko was acting as the emcee as they did a drama type act. (The same or similar drama as that on the CD that goes on sale 4/27.) They mixed the songs into the drama, as they had to sing songs at various onsen to save the earth from destruction. I don't know the names of these songs as I'm not familiar with the Tenchi music.

The first song was by Orikasa Ai (Ryoko). It was a song from the Christmas CD. Ai was wearing a strange outfit that looked like something a fortune teller woman would wear. While she danced, she went down to the audience and grabbed a guy and brought him on stage. They danced together (she danced, and the guy just stood there). She even pulled his hand onto her belly..

The second song was by Kikuchi Masami (Tenchi). It was a new song. Masami was wearing a black suit.

The third song was by Takada Yumi (Aeka). It was a song from the Christmas CD. Yumi was wearing short shorts, a tank top, boots, and a jacket. She danced around wildly, showing herself off.. She even forgot the lyrics for a part of the song.

The fourth song was by Kozakura Etsuko (Ryououki). It was a song on the new CD. Etsuko said that Ryououki is female. She was wearing rabbit ears, and a young idolish outfit. The song itself was idolish, along with the dance.

The fifth song was by Yokoyama Chisa (Sasami). It was the Pretty Sami song. Chisa was dressed up as Pretty Sami, with a VERY short skirt! She even yelled out the magical phrase, and danced with a broom.

The sixth song was by Mizutani Yuko (Mihoshi). Yuko was wearing a long yellow dress. It was a slow song.

In the drama part, Kikuchi Masami said, "Tough obasan," about Takada Yumi and Orikasa Ai. (I think the real line was supposed to be "Tough people." ^_^)

The seventh song was sung by everyone.

After the drama ended, all the voice actors/actresses left the stage. An announcer girl came out and talked about the CDs, LDs, etc..

Then it was time for the voice roulette game, and the voice actors came back on stage. Some of them had changed clothes. They divided up into two teams. The Aeka team was Takada Yumi, Yokoyama Chisa, and Kozakura Etsuko. The Ryoko team was Orikasa Ai, Kikuchi Masami, and Mizutani Yuko.

The game was a chance for the people in the audience to win prizes, such as signature boards and cels. (I didn't come close to winning anything.)

After the game, they had a short break. Many people got up and went to the lobby, etc. I just stayed by my seat and looked around. I finally spotted some people I knew. Some of them had been there from the first event, and some of them had gone to the same event as me earlier.. (^_^;;)

After the break, they had a mock press conference. The voice actors were seated at a table. Some of them had changed clothes again! Some announcements:

The second Tenchi Muyou OAV series will go on sale 9/25.

The Tenchi Muyou PC98 game will come out in the fall.

There are currently plans for a Tenchi Muyou TV series!

Q: Kikuchi Masami: Any problems because you are the only male?
A: It's lonely.

Q: Takada Yumi: You wear your own clothes on stage. Do you usually wear things that flashy?
A: When I go to work I do. But when I go out shopping in the neighborhood, I don't.

Q: Yokoyama Chisa: What is the "big" announcement?
A: I will be going to Australia to study English from June. It will be for around three to six months, depending on what happens with the future Tenchi and Yuna work.

Q: a staff person: When is the Tenchi movie coming out?
A: We'll think about it after the TV series.

I forgot the other questions..

Then the voice actors left and they showed the side story OAV, Tenchi Muyou Bangaihen Galaxy Police Mihoshi "Ginga Daibouken".

After the OAV, the voice actors came back on stage. They had changed clothes again! They all sang "Renai no Sainou" together as the closing song.

After the song, the curtains came down, but everyone yelled for an encore. Then the curtains went up again and they sang one more song.

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