Karakuri Kamakiri WEB TV

Event Karakuri Kamakiri WEB TV
Location Art Place Shinjuku
Date 2005.04.14
Time 23:00 - 23:25
Cost free
Guests Saaya
Aihara Shio

This was a live web TV broadcast (www.art-place.jp) giving information on upcoming events at Art Place Shinjuku. Art Place Shinjuku was a small bar and event area. On nights that they don't have events, it's just a bar, but they have WebTV broadcasts almost every night.

There was a little broadcast booth on the second floor of the bar. Anyone can go watch for free (of course you have to pay for the drinks). They show the broadcast on the wall, so you can see both the Internet broadcast and the actual booth.

The personality for this web TV program was Aihara Shio. The guest was Saaya, because she was going to appear at the Karakuri Kamakiri event the following week (4/21). Saaya was wearing a white top and checkered mini skirt.

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