Mizuno Saya event reports

The following are some of the Mizuno Saya events that I have gone to.

date event
2004.08.01 D-Live 2004 Summer
2004.08.08 Rock
2004.10.10 Andou Natsu/Hashimoto Yuu Birthday Live
2004.12.26 Live Grooving vol 12
2004.12.29 D-Live 2004 Winter
2005.02.13 Live Grooving vol 15
2005.05.01 Live Grooving vol 18
2005.05.21 Scramble Paradise
2005.09.17 Dream Angel

These include events where Saya appeared solo, and also as a member of A La Mode Tai (アラモード隊).

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[Mizuno Saya event reports]
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