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  • Verdy vs Jubilo (2001.09.08)

    I went to a soccer game today.. (^_^; It was raining. (;_;) But the stands had a roof, so I didn't get wet.

    The reason why I went to the soccer game was because Miyanishi Noa is one of the Veru Pola Girls.

    The stadium let in a 17:00 (game starts at 19:00). Some friends and I went in with the general admission tickets (1500 yen). We went to the store area where they sold many Verdy items. Then after a few minutes, the Veru Pola Girls, and some other companion girls, came out.

    The people who bought the Verdy camera could get their picture taken with the Veru Pola girls (polaroids, but not the Verdy polaroid camera).

    The Veru Pola Girls stood and took pictures with the customers for two hours (17:00 to 19:00). They didn't come back out during half-time or after the game.

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