Saaya In My Room WebTV

Title Saaya In My Room
Location Art Place Shinjuku
Date 2005.06.16
Time 22:30 - 22:55
Guests Saaya ()

"Saaya In My Room" is Saaya's weekly WEB TV program, that began on June 2, 2005. It is broadcast from Art Place Shinjuku.

This was the third broadcast, and this was the first time Saaya did the show alone. (But she did bring her stuffed dolphin to keep her company.)

Saaya was very nervous. There were some parts where she couldn't speak that well. But since she had planned the show well, everything flowed well.

The theme of this broadcast was cosplay, and Saaya wore a sailor fuku from the game Shuffle. She said that this was her favorite cosplay. Saaya started cosplaying in March 2004, and her first cosplay was Maria-sama ga Miteru.

For most of the show, Saaya talked about cosplay. She assumed that her audience was not all otaku. Saaya talked about comike and the (almost weekly) cosplay events.

At the end, Saaya read some mails from the viewers, and gave information on her upcoming events. She has five singing events in the next three weekends.

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