Saaya In My Room WebTV

Title Saaya In My Room
Location Art Place Shinjuku
Date 2005.06.23
Time 22:30 - 22:55
Guests Saaya ()
Anno Hinana

"Saaya In My Room" is Saaya's weekly WEB TV program, that began on June 2, 2005. It is broadcast from Art Place Shinjuku.

This was the fourth broadcast, and the guest was Anno Hinana (cosplayer). Since the bar was fairly crowded and it was pretty noisy, I couldn't hear many parts of the show.

Saaya was wearing a pink long sleeve shirt and mini skirt. She started out by reading some mails from the viewers. Then Saaya and Hinana talked about maid cafes and singing events.

At the end, Hinana and Saaya gave information on their upcoming events. They will both appear at a cosplay singing event called Cosplay Newart on June 25. Saaya has four singing events in the next two weekends.

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