Saaya In My Room WebTV

Title Saaya In My Room
Location Art Place Shinjuku
Date 2005.06.30
Time 22:30 - 22:55
Guests Saaya ()
Takamiya Aoi

"Saaya In My Room" is Saaya's weekly WEB TV program, that began on June 2, 2005. It is broadcast from Art Place Shinjuku.

This was the fifth broadcast, and the guest was Takamiya Aoi (event companion/cosplayer). Aoi was an official cosplayer for the game Gift, and she was wearing the official sailor fuku. They talked about the game, and they also showed game goods (game and illustration book).

Then Saaya read some mails from the viewers. They talked about event companion work: the good things, bad things, and such about being a companion.

At the end, Aoi and Saaya gave some information on their upcoming events. Aoi said that there was going to be a cosplay event for the game Gift.

Saaya said that she has two lives coming up on 7/2. She has a total of 5 lives during 6/19 to 7/2, and she was running a stamp rally during these lives. Those who go to 3 of them will get some present. Those who go to all 5 of them will get some other present.

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