Saaya In My Room WebTV

Title Saaya In My Room
Location Art Place Shinjuku
Date 2005.07.07
Time 22:30 - 22:55
Guests Saaya ()
Urabe Kei

"Saaya In My Room" is Saaya's weekly WEB TV program, that began on June 2, 2005. It is broadcast from Art Place Shinjuku.

Saaya said that she was very sleepy, as she was only getting a few hours of sleep every night.

This was the 6th broadcast, and the guest was Urabe Kei (cosplayer), who was wearing a maid outfit.

Saaya stared out by reading mails. There was a question about how she felt when singing on stage. Saaya said that she used to be a very nervous person, and couldn't sing in front of people that she didn't know. She also didn't like to talk to people she didn't know well. But now she can sing on stage.

Since this broadcast was on tananbata (7/7), Saaya said that she wished that her diet would work. She said that she was dieting now. But Saaya said that none of her tanabata wishes had ever come true.

At the end of the broadcast, Kei and Saaya gave information on upcoming events. Kei said that she will sing at a live on 7/18. Saaya said that she will sing at the Live Grooving event on 8/20 (maybe both afternoon and night sessions). She will also appear at the Cutie Factory photo session on 8/27.

After the broadcast finished, Saaya hugged Kei.

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