Saaya In My Room WebTV

Title Saaya In My Room
Location Art Place Shinjuku
Date 2005.07.14
Time 22:30 - 22:55
Guests Saaya ()
Sakamoto Yuuko

"Saaya In My Room" is Saaya's weekly WEB TV program, that began on June 2, 2005. It is broadcast from Art Place Shinjuku.

This was the 7th broadcast, and the guest was Sakamoto Yuuko (stage actress). Yuuko played the role of Saaya's mother in the play Arahabaki, in January 2005. This was the first time that Yuko has appeared on an Internet broadcast.

The theme for this broadcast was plays and acting.

First, Saaya read letters from viewers. There was a question about animals (pets). Saaya said that she liked animals, but she can't have pets at home because she's not home that much and can't take of them. So she just has nuigurumi.

Then Saaya and Yuko talked about plays. They said that plays were hard because they were "live" and they can't do things over even when they make a mistake.

Arahabaki was Saaya's first play. She said that she got into her character so much that she couldn't get out of it even after the play ended (the play was three days). Saaya said that there were times she cried at home when she recalled the sad scenes from the play.

At the end, they gave out information on upcoming events. Yuko said that she will do more plays. Saaya will work at Comic Market on 8/12 and 8/13, at the August booth. She will also appear in lives on 8/20 (both afternoon and night). Saaya will also have a photo session on 8/27 (13:00 and 14:30).

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