Hime-chan no ribbon - Ongakuhen II

姫ちゃんのリボン音楽編 II

Victor VICL-408
3000 yen
released 1993.07.21

[comments and information by Pascal Janin]

This CD contains the 2nd ED, and the rest of the BGM from the late TV episodes.

19 tracks : 2 vocals/17 instrumentals, 49:05

Many BGM tracks are performed in a more classical way, with a heavier use of "real" instruments than in the 1st BGM series (composed by Kawai Kenji). All tracks convey now a totally different and "softer" feeling, yet match the series just as perfectly. The nice arrangements of the OP and the 2 EDs (especially the track #2) can also be found here.

BGM tracks have been composed and/or arranged by Suzuki Takeshi (#2, 3,5,9,12,13,15,18), "Project Moonlight Cafe" (#4,6,7,8,10,14,16,17) or Kawai Kenji again (#16).

1. Hajimete no natsu (SMAP) 4:50 [ED2]
[our first summer]
2. Egao no GENKI (instrumental) 4:23
[the liveliness of a smiling face - instrumental OP]
astounding classical arrangement of the OP song.
3. Itsumo to onaji asa 1:55
[always the same morning]
4. Kazetachi-shi Kazetachi-chou 3:22
[the Kazetachi city and district]
5. Bunshin - mou hitori no Himeko 4:01
[her other self - one more Himeko]
2nd and 3rd transformation sequences: Hime-chan and Hime-copy.
6. Tooi omoide 2:39
[memories from long ago]
Hime-chan meets Yuka, episode #29; very nice flute tune.
7. BURABURA sasete (instrumental) 1:52
[make me swing - instrumental ED1]
8. Ai no chikara - Hibino Hikaru 2:14
[the power of love]
9. PARTY 1:11
dance theme, King's palace, Land of Magic.
10. Doushite ? 2:55
[why ?]
11. Hajimete no natsu (instrumental) 2:02
[our first summer - instrumental ED2]
very nice arrangement of the 2nd ED song.
12. Itsuka kitto 2:08
[one day for sure]
13. Youma no mori 1:44
[the monsters' forest]
14. Dai shippai 1:25
[big blunder]
15. Tanoshimanakya ne 1:15
[better enjoy it !]
16. Yume no tamago tachi 2:17
[all dream eggs (blooming dreams?)]
rearranged version of track #8 "Daichi" from the 1st CD.
17. Gomen 2:30
18. Kimi no iru basho 1:58
[the place where you are]
19. GARAU koshi no WORRIER (Ikura Kazu = Pokota) 3:51 [IS]
[the worrier from behind the glass - Pokota]

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