Hime-chan no Ribbon

This document is the on-line Hime-chan no Ribbon (姫ちゃんのリボン) encyclopedia.

Hime-chan no Ribbon is a story about a 13 year old tomboy, called Nonohara Himeko (野々原姫子), usually called Hime-chan, who was given a magic ribbon which enabled her to transform into any other person in the human world. The magic ribbon turned her stuffed animal Pokota (ポコ太) into a live, talking animal.

The manga is written by Mizusawa Megumi (水沢めぐみ), and was running in the monthly magazine Ribbon (リボン).

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  • Robert DeLoura (USA)
  • Philip Hacker (USA)
  • Pascal Janin (France)
  • Fumio Maruhashi (Japan)
  • Alan Takahashi (USA)

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Hime-chan no Ribbon
(c) 水沢めぐみ/集英社・テレビ東京・NAS・東映動画
(c) Mizusawa Megumi/Shuueisha, TV Tokyo, NAS, Toei Douga