Hibino Hikaru

Hibino Hikaru (日比野ひかる) is the head of the Daichi Fan Club, and she has completely fallen for Daichi.

She has shoulder-length brown hair, is (supposedly) attractive, and hangs around Daichi at every possible opportunity.

She fantasizes quite a bit, and has an extremely high opinion of herself (she's stuck-up). She has a unique bit of theme music that is almost always played whenever she confronts Himeko.

Hikaru's family is made up of her father (who is a doctor), her mother (who is a nurse), and herself. But they also hire a helper to take care of their house.

Also Hikaru is the only person besides Daichi to suspect that Hime-chan has more powers than a normal girl.

Hikaru's voice is done by Mizuhara Rin.

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