Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 2

Title Shock! Senpai no kokuhaku
[Big shock! Hasekura-senpai's confession]
Air Date 1992.10.09
OP Egao no Genki (SMAP)
ED Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
Main Characters Hime-chan, Pokota, Hasekura, Aiko, Erika
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.07.11
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.08.24

OP Narration
Erika, Princess of the Land of Magic, came to Earth to give to her look-a-like the magical ribbon she made for her exam. But the girl she managed to find turned to be Nonohara Himeko, a perfect tomboy. Despite her anxiety, Erika gave her the ribbon but Himeko took it as a game. This ribbon has the power to turn the person who wears it into any other human being living on Earth. What a strange ribbon for sure !
In the morning, Hime-chan's mother shouts at Hime-chan to wake up, or she'll be late at school once again. Hime-chan gets up and grabs Pokota to wish him a good morning. But Pokota doesn't reply, and she isn't wearing the ribbon, so she wonders if all of this was just a dream after all. Then her younger sister Yumeko sneaks in, saying Mother is mad at her, and spots a cute ribbon on Hime-chan's desk. Hime-chan rushes and grabs the ribbon before her sister, and throws her out, saying she will get dressed and go very soon. Yumeko sticks her tongue out at Hime-chan for being so harsh with her.

Hime-chan, realizing that it was not a dream, quickly puts on the bracelet and the ribbon, and Pokota starts talking immediately. He scolds her for not remembering that she must wear the ribbon for him to be able to talk. But she hugs him hard, with tears of joy, because she was thinking she couldn't speak to him any more.. Just then Mother slams the door open with anger.

Mother freezes as Hime-chan turns back with tears in her eyes. She quickly recovers and tells her mother that she was rehearsing a role for her theater club with her stuffed animal. Mother wonders out loud what kind of play that might be to have such an ugly thing for partner. Noticing that Pokota got angry, Hime-chan hides him behind her and laughs with embarrassment.

In the entrance hall, Hime-chan's father is cleaning his shoes when his oldest daughter Aiko comes by and leaves to school. He tells her to take care of herself, while thinking to himself that having a cute daughter like her is nice indeed. But then Hime-chan shows up, late as expected, still munching a toast, and bumps into the door with surprise when Father shouts her name. He is very surprised to see that Hime-chan now wears a ribbon. That makes her more feminine, and Father has tears of joy in his eyes. But he wipes them out with the duster he was using to clean his shoes, and his face gets all black. That makes Hime-chan laugh, then she leaves.

At the traffic lights, she spots Hasekura-senpai in the bus passing by. She is really worried because his birthday is today and she has lost the amulet that she had gotten for him. With a resolute look, she dashes after the bus, as we see her sister Aiko getting into the bus. Hime-chan wishes she could take the bus with her sister, because that way she would be with Hasekura-senpai.

Note: Aiko and Himeko aren't studying at the same school. Hime-chan's is very close to her home, so she doesn't take the bus.

 |         |                                Kazetachi-chuu-mae |
 |         |        |--------walks----------|                  |
Hasekura's    Aiko's / Himeko's                Hasekura's/        Aiko's
home               home                        Himeko's           school
In the bus, Hasekura is busy reading the memo for his coming exams, but he glances at Aiko. Realizing she's being looked at, Aiko glances at him, but both of them quickly turn away, blushing with embarrassment. They glance at each other again, but then Hasekura has to leave the bus at the Kazetachi-chuu-mae (literally in front of Kazetachi junior high) bus stop, Aiko glancing at his back one last time.

Since she arrives at the school gate late, Hime-chan spots Gori-sensei (the teacher who was after Daichi in the first episode) on guard. But she has an idea to get rid of him, and uses a car mirror to turn herself into the principal. Then she confidently walks to the gate and Gori-sensei lets her in, even bowing at her with respect. But at the very last instant he tells her he thinks he has already seen her go in. Hime-chan/principal scolds him, saying she is the only principal out there.

At home, Pokota is still worried about Hime-chan, thinking she could get into trouble if she uses the ribbon for fun.

In her crystal ball, Erika and Chappy are looking at Hime-chan/principal, Chappy wondering if it's ok to use the ribbon for such things. But then Hime-chan spots the real principal coming downstairs, so she rushes to the men's restroom and hides inside.

After that she stands in front of a mirror to turn back to her own self. She makes the correct gestures and says, "Rerurapa rerurapa moto no sugata ni na--re," but it doesn't work at all. Doing it three times makes no better. Hime-chan starts panicing.

Seeing this, Chappy laughs at her for not realizing she is making a big mistake in the way she says the magical words backwards, but Erika says that it's not funny, because she must transform back within one hour and the real principal is somewhere too. Therefore Erika decides to go and help her, but her protector Len stops her, reminding her that once the magical item has been given to the person, Erika is not allowed to meet her again for a year.

Erika says she understands but if they do nothing Hime-chan will be stuck in the principal's body for the rest of her life, and begs him to let her go. Len says he can't, but there is nothing to worry about as Hime-chan still has 20 minutes to transform back. Besides she is not helpless on Earth, as a friend of her will come to rescue her, Pokota!

In the men's restroom, Hime-chan is thinking that Erika told her the wrong magic words. But then Pokota, out of breath, sneaks in, carrying a large roll of paper on his back. Hime-chan/principal, in tears, cries out that no matter how many times she says rerurapa, nothing happens.

Then Pokota tells her that the reverse of parareru isn't rerurapa but rurerapa. He tells Hime-chan to transform back soon because the bell for the break is ringing and some people might come over. This time the magic words work fine, and Hime-chan, with a quick glance, sneaks out of the restroom. But she is spotted by Daichi, who was coming there.

Daichi says, "As I thought you're a boy after all." Hime-chan yells at him for saying stupid things, and says that she couldn't be mistaken for a boy, and that she is wearing a ribbon. Daichi then asks, "Then why did you come out of the men's restroom?"
Hime-chan replies, "I.. made a mistake.."
Daichi sarcastically adds, "Peeping into men's restrooms is not good, you know."
This makes Hime-chan VERY mad. As she runs away, he calls her hentai, but says, "That was a joke!" catching her off guard and making her slip on the floor [VERY funny].

Erika feels relieved that Hime-chan could transform back, but Chappy thinks that if she gets mixed up right from the first day like this, she can't imagine how the rest of the year will be.

[CM break]

Pokota has taken Hime-chan to a quiet place to show her the roll of paper he got for her from Erika. When Hime-chan unrolls it, at first nothing can be read, but then the characters appear and she reads them.

Mahou no ribbon - go ka jou no chuuigaki
(5 written warnings about the magical ribbon)

  • 1- ribbon wo tsukete iru toki dake henshin dekiru.
    (you can only transform when you wear the ribbon)
  • 2- Ningenkai ni sonzai suru hito ni shika henshin dekinai.
    (you can only transform into people living on Earth, that is, people that exist for real)
  • 3- Henshin dekiru no ha ichijikan dake de aru.
    (you can only transform for one hour)
  • 4- Henshin shite iru aida mo sono honnin ha sonzai suru.
    (while you are transformed, the real person is still around)
  • 5- Henshin shite iru aida pendant hazusu koto ha dekinai.
    (while you are transformed, you cannot take the pendant off)
Therefore Pokota tells her to take great care of what she does from now on, and advises her to keep the roll in her school bag to keep it in mind. Hime-chan remarks out loud that Pokota has become very smart recently, and that she didn't know he had such a strong character until he could speak [for obvious reasons ^_^]. Pokota replies it's his duty to back her up since she's so disorganized. Also he says he knows her very well because he had been by her since she was born. Pokota has witnessed so many things that happened to her (such as the day she came back home with her clothes all torn because she had quarreled with some boys, etc..). But then the bells rings the end of the break time, so Hime-chan rushes to her classroom. Pokota shouts for her to learn the warnings by heart, and goes back home, wondering if she'll be all right.

Walking to the theater club's meeting room, Hime-chan thinks to herself that even if she has no present to give Hasekura-senpai, she should at least wish him a happy birthday. But as she goes in, she spots 3 girls giving birthday presents to him. So Hime-chan leaves, deciding to give him a present by all means. She decides that she will go to a nearby shrine to buy another amulet.

At the shrine, she throws 100 yen as an offering to Gods, asking them to let her give the amulet to him at least. She wonders why she's the only one who doesn't have the guts to give Hasekura a birthday present, unlike the other girls. As she leaves, a very young girl, taken to the shrine by her grandfather and spotting Hime-chan, tells him, "Wa! Look grandpa! I'd like to have a cute ribbon like hers!"

Hearing this, a good idea crosses Hime-chan's mind. She heads for the ladies' restroom and turns herself into her sister Aiko. As Hime-chan/Aiko leaves, she says, "Thanks miss!" to the young girl who gave her the idea, and who waves at her in return. (Grandpa asked, "Do you know that girl?" and the young girl replied, "I don't!")

Walking in the streets, Hime-chan feels much better now, thanks to her sister's body's strength. Everybody (boys and girls) stares at her with envy, saying she is very cute. She even spots some nice dresses in a shop window, but leaves as the sales woman comes to ask her if she'd like to try some on.

Now Hime-chan/Aiko is at Hasekura's school gate, waiting for him, but a pushy guy comes to bother her. Hime-chan can't get rid of him, but then Hasekura unexpectedly shows up, saying he's sorry for having made her wait, and takes her hand and leaves. Hime-chan/Aiko is so stunned that he took her sister's hand this naturally that she doesn't say a word. She blushes and gently follows him, her heart beating very fast.

After a while, they arrive at the nearby park, Hasekura saying the pushy guy should be far enough now. Realizing he still has her hand in his, Hime-chan/Aiko shyly takes hers back, thanking him nevertheless for what he did, with a cheerful voice. Hasekura says that's nothing, besides he doesn't like those kind of guys at all. Hime-chan/Aiko replies, in the Hime-chan's tomboy-ish style, that she'll beat the tar out of him next time. Hasekura is very surprised to hear her speaking that way, so Hime-chan realizes she has given in to her natural self and laughs more girl-ish-ly with embarrassment, saying that's what she'd like to do. She still can't believe she is talking that casually to Hasekura, and remembers she must give him the amulet this time.

But then Hasekura starts speaking to her, "By the way, I never thought I could meet you this easily. Day after day, I've kept.. kept thinking only about you, and then I run into you. That suddenly, being so lucky.." Hime-chan/Aiko can do nothing but star at him, obviously not believing what he is trying to say. Then he continues, "I've always.. loved you."

She opens her eyes wide and is really stunned now, and then her pendant starts beeping, telling her it's time to transform back. She dashes away, saying she has an urgent business, and heads toward the restrooms. Hasekura watches her run away, with a sad look.

Back at home, Aiko (the real one) and Yumeko are getting ready for dinner and welcome Hime-chan back, but she, on the verge of tears, seeing her older sister's happy face, doesn't feel good at all and says she'll skip it. She goes directly to her room, and sits on the floor. She sadly tells Pokota, "I've found out that Hasekura has someone in mind.. my older sister Aiko. As I thought, boys only like feminine girls [not tomboys like me].. No way they can notice non-exceptional girls like me. I wish I had a ribbon that could change people's hearts," and starts dropping tears.

To cheer her up, Pokota nicely replies, "You know for how long we have been together. I've witnessed you saying your very first words, managing to say my name, going on an excursion at the kindergarten with me, and the day you confessed me your love for Hasekura-senpai. I know that you *are*, more than any other girl, very feminine indeed. Since the beginning, I've been your best confidant." As Hime-chan gets up Pokota continues, "For 13 years, I wanted hard to talk to you but couldn't stand not being able to."

Hearing this, Hime-chan gets her smile back, and replies, "I also wanted to talk to you so much!"
Pokota adds, patting her hand, "Let's be even better friends!" Then they do the ike ike go go jump.

Erika writes on her diary that the ribbon might end up putting people into trouble like this, but she is sure that, being together, Himeko and Pokota will overcome all the difficulties.

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