Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 3

Episode Title
Akogare no senpai ni henshin
[turning into her beloved senpai]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
Daichi nanpa-ing Aiko, Hasekura's bedroom, forehead against forehead
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Hasekura, Aiko, Emi
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.07.18
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.24
OP Narration
Thanks to the ribbon she got from Erika, Princess of the Land of Magic, Hime-chan turned herself into her elder sister Aiko, but..
[flashback to previous episode 2]

Hasekura tells Hime-chan/Aiko that he loves her, but then Hime-chan's pendant starts beeping and she runs away, while Hasekura sadly keeps watching her from afar.

[end of flashback]

The next day, Hime-chan heads to the theater club and goes in. Her friends notice that she is wearing a ribbon, and tease her for finally looking like a girl. She gets on her high horse at once but Hasekura tells her from behind that this ribbon suits her very well. Hime-chan thanks him for his kindness, and then picks up the amulet that she must give him that day by all means, but can't, being too shy.

Then the meeting starts. They have to elect the person who will play the main role of their coming play Yuuzuru, a sad love story. But everyone notices that Hasekura is lost in his thoughts. Hime-chan realizes that Hasekura must be thinking that he confessed his love to her sister Aiko for real the day before! Also it must have been a shock to him to see Aiko running away. She swears to herself that she must do something. As expected, Hasekura is elected for the main role.

At home, while Pokota is reading some manga, Hime-chan keeps looking at the amulet she couldn't give to Hasekura. She wonders though where her sister has met him before, since they don't go to the same school. [It is obvious that Hime-chan doesn't know that they ride on the same bus every morning and evening.] Soon she gets up and leaves to see Aiko.

Hime-chan knocks on her sister's door and goes in. She then asks Aiko if she knows a certain Hasekura-san. Aiko replies that she doesn't.. catching Hime-chan off guard. Hime-chan thinks to herself that she might only know his face, not his name. Since Hime-chan didn't have a picture of him, she grabs a sheet of paper and a pen and manages to draw Hasekura's portrait. Despite her efforts, the Hasekura she draws looks VERY ugly, and her sister keeps saying she doesn't recognize him (Hime-chan, looking at her sketch, says she doesn't either) [^_^].

The next day at school, Hime-chan is busy sweeping out the playground, thinking she's stupid for not having been able to tell Aiko the truth. Then Daichi pours a bucket of water out of the window just one floor above Hime-chan, not noticing there was somebody underneath. She gets soaked through, and madly yells at Daichi, who realizes he has watered the shounen (young boy) he met the day before. But she has an idea and heads for Daichi's classroom.

She slams the door open and yells at Daichi, saying she will forgive him for what he just did because there is something she wants him to do. But then Daichi's friends start wolf-whistling them, so Daichi takes her to his hide-out.

At the top of the stairs, there is a forbidden place, with a large sign saying, "If you keep going a bit farther, monsters are waiting for you there. Everyone, be nice, keep OUT!"

There, Hime-chan asks Daichi to do nanpa (try to pick up a girl).

The next day, dressed up like a playboy (wearing dark glasses, a hat and a flashy costume), Daichi is waiting for Hime-chan, who is late because she had to wait for Pokota to take a nap. Realizing she said a word too much (luckily Daichi doesn't know who Pokota is), she promptly asks Daichi to follow her to the nearby park, when she has told her sister Aiko to wait for her to go shopping.

Daichi remarks that Hime-chan's sister is very cute and does NOT look like her at all [^_^], but still wonders why he should bother her. Hime-chan replies, "There's nothing to worry about! Just wait ten minutes and then you go. I'll be hiding nearby. Just stop when you'll see somebody coming." Then she runs away.

Now all she has to do is to transform herself into Hasekura-senpai, hoping Pokota won't wake up because last night, when she told him about her plans to reconcile Aiko and Hasekura, Pokota scolded her for wanting to use the ribbon to do such nasty things. [Pokota is now sleeping on Hime-chan's bed, with a "Hime-chan no ribbon" manga for blanket. ^_^] But Hime-chan says she has no choice, and goes to the ladies restroom. She has always wanted to turn into Hasekura-senpai but when the time now comes to do it for real, she is a little scared. But she eventually does it.

[CM break]

Hime-chan's heart is beating very fast, realizing she is now Hasekura for real. But then she is spotted by other girls who force her to run away from the ladies restroom.

Sitting alone on her bench, Aiko is wondering what Hime-chan was doing, when Daichi comes by and does what Hime-chan asked him to do, try to pick up Aiko. Aiko, noticing the pushy guy, shyly looks down, blushing a bit. Hime-chan, looking from the bushes nearby, notes that Daichi is doing very well. She then tries to imagine what Aiko's reaction will be. She might turn down his confession, saying she doesn't like him (making Hime-chan happy), or might say she has always loved him too (making Hime-chan VERY sad). Hime-chan gathers her courage and heads toward them.

Hime-chan/Hasekura suddenly appears in front of them, yelling at Daichi to leave Aiko alone. But Daichi, instead of retreating as Hime-chan had asked him to, starts bothering him too. Hime-chan gets all mixed up, and starts talking like a girl (using atashi for I). Trying to save face, she starts talking about the nice weather, as Aiko and Daichi look at him thinking he must be very dumb.

All Hime-chan can do now is to walk toward Aiko and yell out, "I love you!" with all her might. Aiko is shocked and blushes even more. But when Hime-chan manages to ask her what she thinks in turn, Hasekura's younger sister Emi [middle-long dark hair tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon, VERY cute] calls for him and asks him to go back home with her. Hime-chan realizes in fear that she didn't know Hasekura had a sister, and firmly tells her to go back home by herself. But Emi starts crying right away, so Hime-chan is forced to give in. She even promises Emi that she will buy her a manga. Emi, with a big smile, now pulls away a very worried Hime-chan.

Aiko and Daichi, who were left standing, look at Hime-chan and Emi, wondering what this was all about. Then Daichi leaves. He wonders why that ribon no shounen (the young boy with the ribbon) had asked him to do that, and where she has gone. Then he spots Hime-chan/Hasekura and Emi walking in front of him.

Emi stops at a nearby bookstore, and reminds her older brother to buy her the Ribon manga [the monthly magazine in which Hime-chan no Ribbon is being published]. As Daichi looks at them, he spots the real Hasekura walking nearby. Daichi is in shock, noticing there are two perfect look-a-likes out there.

Looking at them from the Land of Magic, Erika is panicing, shouting at Hime-chan in her crystal ball to run away or she will be discovered.

At Hasekura's house, his mother welcomes them, saying she has just baked some cake. But Hime-chan/Hasekura says, "Pass!" and heads for Hasekura's bedroom. She manages to find the right door, and goes in. She wonders to herself why the girl her senpai loves is not her.. when her pendant starts beeping. Hime-chan quickly opens the closet, and transforms herself in front of the mirror.

She then wants to leave through the window, but she can't because some people are having a chat in the street below. Suddenly she hears the real Hasekura coming back home, and being welcomed by his mother, who was wondering why he had left home again for a few minutes. Hasekura then heads for his bedroom. Hime-chan is now in full panic mode, wondering what she should do.

Erika is looking over her, panicing as well.

Pokota wakes up, maybe thanks to his instinct.

Then Hasekura opens the door.. to see that his sister Emi is standing in front of his closet mirror. He wonders what she is doing here, and when she wants to hurry and leave, Hasekura senses that she is behaving strangely. So he puts his forehead on hers, thinking she might have fever. Hime-chan/Emi can't believe she is standing head to head with him, and closes her eyes with happiness. Hasekura finds her forehead to be kind of warm, and advises her to ask her mother for some medicine. She nods and runs away, out of the house.

A few seconds later the real Emi notices that somebody is closing the front door, and heads to her brother's room. She goes in, and asks him who has just left. Hasekura says, "But wasn't I just talking to you? By the way, have you got the medicine from Mom?" But Emi replies that he should be the one to take medicine. [for saying such nonsense] Hasekura doesn't understand.

Back at home, Hime-chan jumps onto her bed, and Pokota scolds her for having left while he was sleeping. Then Aiko comes in, and asks her why she did not come to the park that day. Hime-chan apologizes to both of them, still remembering, blushing, about the time when she had her (as Emi) forehead against Hasekura's. Pokota wonders what strange thing might have happened.

Erika writes in her diary that, after all, using the ribbon for such careless things has made her like Hime-chan even more.

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