Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 4

Episode Title
Hime-chan kouchou ni naru!
[Hime-chan transforms into the principal!]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
theater play, Hasekura gets hurt, true love confession
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Hasekura, Daichi, Aiko, principal
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.07.23
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.24
Hime-chan, lying on her bed, remembers when Hasekura-senpai put his forehead against hers [she was transformed into Emi at that time, in episode 3].

The next day at school, Hime-chan walks by herself, lost in her thoughts. Then to Manami's and Icchan's surprise, she even bumps into the wall in front of her. Her friends rush to her and can only note the fact that Hime-chan is really behaving strangely.

"As the rumor says," says Icchan, "Might it be because you were thinking about Kobayashi-kun? Yesterday nobody knew where you ran away with him and.." This stuns Hime-chan, and she quickly denies it.

As Manami tells her she and Icchan will cheer up her love, Hime-chan keeps saying that's NOT what they think. Then she spots Hasekura-senpai sitting alone under a tree, revising his text for the coming play. When he says hello to them, Hime-chan can't prevent from blushing, remembering the previous day's scene [her forehead against his] again.

Daichi, who was running, stops at once when realizing that the boy Hime-chan is speaking to is the strange guy he met the day before [at the park with Aiko] and also in the street, when Hime-chan had found Daichi's hideout [episode 1].

Daichi then comes to Hime-chan, scolding her for having left him yesterday. Manami starts giggling at once, saying the rumor about their date was true. Daichi says that Hime-chan's friends seem as weird as her. Hime-chan, not willing to quarrel again, thanks him, in an over-cheerful voice, for what he did yesterday [she even calls him 'Kobayashi Daichi-sama' ^_^]. Daichi asks her who that guy was, and if he has a twin. Manami giggles again, saying that Daichi seems pretty jealous of Hasekura. Hime-chan replies that Hasekura doesn't have a twin. Then Daichi is forced to run away, as one of his friends came looking for him.

During the next class, Daichi asks to his best friend Tetsu what he would think about having met two look-a-likes at the same time and the same place. Tetsu replies that 1) either he was very tired at that time and made a mistake, or 2) they were twins, or 3) there was somebody around who turned himself/herself into one of them. Daichi thinks over these three possibilities. He wasn't tired enough to mistake one for the other, nor were they twins (Hime-chan has said no), so the only possibility left was the transforming person. In fact, he has drawn a sketch on his notebook featuring Hime-chan (who had 'vanished') transforming herself, and two Hasekura ('look-a-likes'). But he shakes his head, shouting that magicians do not exist.

On her way back home by bus, Aiko thinks over and over again about what Hasekura [in fact, that was Hime-chan] told her yesterday, "I love you! Do you?" As the bus stops at the Kazetachi-chuu-mae stop, she spots Hasekura coming on the bus, but she shyly turns her head away.

During dinner, everybody is enjoying their dish except for Aiko, who quickly leaves without having eaten much. As Mother remarks that her daughter really looks broken-hearted, Hime-chan realizes that it might be the case indeed. She wondered if Aiko might she be feeling troubled because of Hasekura.

Later Hime-chan tells Pokota that Aiko should have nothing to worry about regarding Hasekura-senpai. But Pokota reminds her that Hime-chan knows him very well, but Aiko does not. He said, "What would she think about a guy who she had never talked to before going up to her and confessing his love to her, the way you did yesterday."

Hime-chan then thinks Aiko must be worried because Hasekura isn't her type! She would be worried as well if a guy she doesn't like would confess his love to her. With a bright smile [since Hasekura might be hers after all ^_^], she leaves to take a bath. Pokota is now worried because he thinks Hime-chan has got it all wrong.

In her room, Aiko is trying to read a book but cannot concentrate on it.

In his room, Hasekura, who should be doing his homework, is only able to draw some cute sketches of Aiko on his notebook.

In the bath, Hime-chan and Pokota are looking at the soap bubbles, dreaming.

The next day at school, everybody is setting up the stage. Then a boy, while installing some lights, falls off a ladder which falls right onto Hasekura just below it. Hasekura hurt his leg badly, so he is quickly taken to the nurse's office.

That night at home, Hime-chan sadly tells Pokota that Hasekura-senpai sprained his ankle and won't be able to play his role. So the play will be canceled, despite all the efforts Hasekura went through.

Seeing everything in her crystal sphere, Erika says that if she could go to the Earth, it would be very easy for her to fix Hasekura's leg. But Chappy says that if Erika makes use of her magic, there might be some unexpected side-effects (panic).

[CM break]

The next day at school, all of the students are lining up on the playground, waiting for the principal's speech. But since he has caught a cold, another teacher was going to take his place. Hime-chan then has a great idea. She heads for the restroom and she turns herself into the principal. She goes to the teachers' office to tell them that he has decided to postpone the performance of the theater club until the following week, to give Hasekura enough time to recover.

Looking at Hime-chan, Erika says she understands her feelings, but she thinks that Hime-chan has been using the ribbon quite much these days and that wasn't good.

At home, Pokota scolds Hime-chan for having done such a stupid thing. He yells that playing with people the way she did wasn't the solution, and it probably would not please Hasekura either. Hime-chan now understands she has made a mistake, and leaves to call one of the teachers to tell him to ignore what he told them earlier. Pokota congratulates her for this, and advises her to go and ask the principal in person for a little delay.

The next day at school, Hasekura is walking now with a crutch when he notices many students have gathered around the principal's office. Inside, Hime-chan is doing her best to beg the principal to postpone the play by a week, saying everyone has worked so much especially Hasekura.

At the end, Hasekura comes in and thanks Hime-chan for what she is trying to do but says that it's useless. But then the principal, moved by their determination, grants them one week to get everything ready. The other clubs will perform their respective shows as planned, but the theater club's performance will be delayed by one week. Hime-chan is moved by Hasekura's thanks.

At home, Hime-chan and Pokota are so happy that they do the ike ike go go jump. But Aiko comes in to tell her to be quiet since mother is working. Hime-chan runs into her sister's arms, overwhelmed with joy, and begs her to come to her school to see their play. Aiko promises she will.

One week later, the play eventually takes place, and it is a great hit. Aiko has come to see it, and looks very happy to be there. When the play ends, somebody asks for some help with the fruit juices, so Hime-chan goes to bring back some. Pokota comes and congratulates her. Then when Aiko comes to congratulate her too, Hasekura unexpectedly runs into them.

Feeling embarrassed, Aiko and Hasekura stare at each other for a while. Then Hasekura turns around and is about to leave. But Aiko, with all her might, yells, "No! Please wait!!" and blushes. Looking down, Aiko asks him, "Why are you avoiding me these days? You're behaving coldly towards me in the bus. When you told me you loved me, I was so happy.. Please answer me!"
Hasekura, in turn says, "But isn't it you who is avoiding me? Okay, never mind, let's do it again. Please go out with me."
Then Aiko, blushing even more, with tears in her eyes, replies, "Yes."

In the hideout at the top of the stairs, Hime-chan says it was good to finally realize what their story was like: meeting everyday in the bus, without knowing each other's name, nor even talking to each other.

Pokota says he feels sorry for Hime-chan [after all, Hasekura is in love with Aiko] but she replies there's nothing to worry about, as she has so many great memories. Then, thinking about Hasekura, her unrequited love, she can't refrain from crying her eyes out, soon followed by Pokota who can't make her stop crying.

A moment later, Daichi comes to the hideout too to read a manga peacefully, but spots Hime-chan and her stuffed animal [he doesn't know Pokota's name yet] and tells her she's such a kid for bringing it to school. But when he realizes that Hime-chan is sleeping, he is moved by her very cute sleeping face and decides to leave as silently as possible.

Daichi almost slips backwards, but then runs into Gori-sensei. Spotting the manga Daichi is holding (bringing a manga to school is forbidden), Gori wonders what he was doing upstairs. Remembering that Hime-chan is sleeping there, Daichi now tries to make as much noise as possible to wake her up. Finally Hime-chan wakes up and slowly walks downstairs, but is spotted by Gori. Realizing they are both in big trouble, Daichi dashes at Hime-chan, takes her hand and runs away with her.

They manage to get to the playground, still followed by Gori-sensei. Then they arrive in front of the school fence and start to climb over it. Hime-chan is very good at it and confidently jumps over the fence, but her ribbon gets caught in a branch in the tree and gets torn apart.

Erika is shocked to see her precious ribbon damaged because of Hime-chan's carelessness.

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