Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 5

Episode Title
Buttobi shoujo Hikaru toujou
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.12
Hime-chan and Kobayashi-kun were running away from the teacher. They climbed over a fence. Although Hime-chan was a girl, she was very good at things like that. But Hime-chan's magic ribbon got caught on a tree branch and got torn apart. When Hime-chan landed on the ground, she tried to talk to Pokota, her little stuffed lion. But the magic didn't work any more. Kobayashi-kun thought it was strange that Hime-chan was trying to make the stuffed animal talk.

At home Hime-chan tried to sew the ribbon back together. Since she had never paid much attention to sewing class in school, she was not very good. But she managed to get it done. When she tried to use the magic to turn into her older sister, nothing happened. "Parallel parallel, Aiko onee-chan ni nare!"

When Hime-chan-chan looked out the window, she saw Aiko and Hasekura together. Aiko said, "Good-bye. See you tomorrow on the bus."

Hime-chan asked Pokota what she should do. Then she called out for Erika. Yumeko, Hime-chan little sister who had come into her room, asked who Erika was. She thought it was Hime-chan's girl friend. Hime-chan got mad and yelled out, "Why do I have to go out with a girl!" When Hime-chan pushed Yumeko out of her room, Yumeko told her that it was time for dinner.

During dinner everyone was quiet. Hime-chan's father was disappointed. Hime-chan's mother was busy with her work. Aiko was thinking about Hasekura. Hime-chan was worried about the ribbon. When the father asked Yumeko to take a bath with him, she called him a pervert. Father thought that he should have had at least on son.

The next day at school, Manami rushed up to Hime-chan. She said that there was big trouble. In the class room, someone had written stuff on the chalk board. It said that Kobayashi-kun and Hime-chan were going out. There was a part that even said, "Is Kobayashi a homo?"

Then a strange girl came asking for Hime-chan. The girl was Hibino Hikaru, number 1 member of the Daichi Kobayashi fan club. Hime-chan said that she wasn't in the fan club. Hikaru said that she was the prettiest girl in the school, and that she was going to marry Daichi in the future when he becomes a doctor, like her father. Hikaru got upset at Hime-chan. But Hime-chan said that she didn't care about Daichi, and that all of this talk was giving her problems. After they argued some more, Hime-chan said that they should ask Daichi.

They found out from Daichi's friend that he was absent. The friend said that Daichi sometimes took days off although he wasn't sick.

Later Hime-chan was walking home from school and passed by a park. There were some little kids playing baseball. The ball got by them and rolled to Hime-chan. Then the kids yelled out, "Onii-chan please throw me the ball." Hime-chan looked around, but there was no older boy there. Then she got very mad and shouted out, "Is there a boy that wears skirts!" Hime-chan threw a blazing fastball back at the little boy.

When Hime-chan got home there was a letter from Erika. A cloud of smoke came out from the envelope, and Erika's image appeared. Erika said, "Listen carefully. Nobody had done that before. (break a magic item) Everyone was surprised. You look very sad. It's ok. It will return to normal in about a week. But it depends on how badly it was torn. So please be careful. Please be careful. Please be careful." Hime-chan was very happy. Then Yumeko came into her room and asked if Hime-chan had made up with her Erika.

The next morning, Hime-chan was very happy and ate a lot. Hime-chan's father said that he didn't understand girls.

On the way to school Daichi went up to Hime-chan. Daichi called Hime-chan "shounen" (young boy). He said that he didn't know her name. Hime-chan told him her name. Daichi laughed. Then he said that it was a nice name, and walked with Hime-chan. Hime-chan asked Daichi to not walk with her. Then they ran in to Hikaru. Hikaru asked Daichi if he was going out with Hime-chan. Daichi just said, "Hmm. I wonder." Then he went off to school. Hikaru told Hime-chan that she was her enemy.

At school Hime-chan told Daichi to go tell Hikaru that they weren't going out. But Daichi said that if he denied it now, they might think it is real. He said that Hime-chan shouldn't worry about it.

The rumor spread. Later Hime-chan's friend asked Hime-chan if she had kissed Daichi. Hime-chan got very mad.

At home Hime-chan was very upset. Then she found out that the ribbon was fixed. Hime-chan decided to turn into Daichi and tell Hikaru the truth. Hime-chan wrote a letter to get Hikaru to meet her at 6:00 AM the next day.

At 6:00 AM the next day, Hime-chan turned into Daichi with her magic ribbon. Hikaru was waiting for Daichi, thinking that Daichi liked her.

When Daichi (actually was Hime-chan transformed as Daichi) met Hikaru, Hikaru asked, "What's the important thing that you wanted to talk to me about?"
Daichi said, "I'm not going out with Nonohara."
Hikaru quickly said that she hadn't believed it in the first place. She then asked why he told her in private. When Daichi was trying to come up with a reason, Hikaru hugged Daichi. Hikaru thought that Daichi liked her. Hikaru asked, "How do you feel about me?"
Hime-chan couldn't stand being hugged by Hikaru. Then Hime-chan used the lines that she had remembered. "I'm a dangerous man. If you fall in love with me, you will get hurt. Please find someone else."

Then Daichi went off. Hikaru thought that Daichi was very cool, because of those words.

Later Hime-chan tried to return to herself. But the magic didn't work because the ribbon hadn't fully recovered.

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