Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 6

Episode Title
Buttobi shoujo Hikaru toujou title: Battari! Daichi to Daichi
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.12
After meeting Hikaru, Hime-chan was in the form of Daichi. But since the magic ribbon hadn't fully recovered yet, she could not return to her normal self. School was about to begin, and a lot of the students started arriving in school. So Hime-chan tried to escape from school.

Then one of the teachers (Gori) spotted Hime-chan (in the form of Daichi) and put his arms around him, saying he was happy to see Daichi in school so early. But Hime-chan felt sick of this teacher, so she pushed him down and ran away.

When school started, Hime-chan's teacher took roll. But Hime-chan was absent, although her bag was there at her desk.

Hime-chan went home. Since she couldn't go in from the front door, she tried to climb up a tree to go into her room through the window. Hime-chan was happy that her tomboy skills were useful. But Yumeko came out of the front door, spotted the stranger (Daichi) trying to climb into the house, and thought it was a thief. Yumeko yelled out and Hime-chan fell down out of the tree. Then Hime-chan's mother came out. Hime-chan ran away.

Hime-chan went to the park, and she saw someone eating. Hime-chan was very hungry, and her stomach started grumbling. Then she thought about what the school lunch was supposed to be. That day was curry rice, her favorite. Hime-chan went to drink some water. Then some truant officer came and asked what he (Daichi) was doing. Hime-chan just ran away.

During school, one of his friends went up to Daichi and told him that a girl was waiting for him. When Daichi went out, he discovered that it was Hikaru. After Hikaru told him about meeting in the morning, Daichi became suspicious and asked, "What did I say to you this morning? Just tell me!" Then Hikaru repeated the line that Hime-chan (as Daichi) said. Daichi was shocked. When Daichi asked why they had met in the morning, Hikaru showed him the letter that Hime-chan had written. Daichi noticed that it wasn't his writing.

Daichi thought that there was another Daichi somewhere. So Daichi left school early to investigate.

Hime-chan went to the library to kill time. She was very hungry and wanted curry rice. She just kept drinking water.

Daichi called Hime-chan's house. But Hime-chan's mother answered the phone and said that Hime-chan wasn't home. Daichi suspected Hime-chan.

It was time for the library to close, and Hime-chan had to leave. She tried "rurerapa rurerapa.." again to return to her normal self. But it was no good. Hime-chan had tried about 100 times already.

Erika was worried. Since she made the original ribbon herself, she didn't have any confidence that the ribbon would get fixed.

Some of Hime-chan's friends went to Hime-chan's house. Aiko met them. They told Hime-chan's mother that Hime-chan wasn't at school all day.

Hime-chan just wanted to find some place to sleep. She couldn't go home, and she couldn't also go to her friends' house. So she decided to go to the empty house that Daichi usually went to (Daichi's hideout).

Daichi had been looking for the other Daichi. But he couldn't find him. So he decided to return to his hideout.

Hime-chan found Daichi's hideout. When she was looking for a way inside, Hime-chan ran into Daichi. Hime-chan tried to escape right away. But Daichi caught her and said, "Wait! Who are you?
Hime-chan thought about it and said, "I'm Kobayashi Daichi."
Then they argued for a while about who the real Daichi was.

Finally Hime-chan pointed behind Daichi and said, "Look! There's another Kobayashi Daichi." Then Hime-chan ran away when Daichi turned and looked in the other direction.

Hime-chan ran to a park. She saw some of her friends (Manami and Icchan) looking for Hime-chan. Manami was very worried about Hime-chan, and started crying. Hime-chan started crying too.

Erika was watching. She didn't know what to do.

Hime-chan fell asleep on a park bench. She woke up at 11:30. When she went to the toilet, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Hime-chan had returned to her normal self. The ribbon had finally recovered. Hime-chan said, "This is the first time I felt this happy about my self."

Then Hime-chan ran home. When she got home, her mother slapped her in the face. She was very upset because Hime-chan had been gone all day without notifying her. She said that she was about to call the police. She thought that Hime-chan had been kidnapped. Then Hime-chan's mother went back to work. Aiko also scolded Hime-chan.

When Hime-chan went up to her room, Pokota was waiting for her. Pokota jumped up into Hime-chan's arms. Pokota cried.

Daichi wondered if Hime-chan was a magician.

In the kitchen, Hime-chan ate many cup ramens since she had not eaten anything all day. Before sleeping, Hime-chan told Pokota, "I've decided that I'm not going to use my transformation power too much."

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