Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 7

Episode Title
Himitsu ga barechau?!
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Robert DeLoura, 1993.05.10
It's PE class, and Daichi is playing basketball while the Daichi Fan Club cheers him on. [The guy he talks to after taking his first shot sure sounds like Ranma-kun.] Manami comments on how cool he is. Himeko wonders what Daichi must think, after meeting himself (actually it was Himeko transformed into Daichi) the day before. Himeko's head starts hurting, so she stops thinking about it.

Daichi steals the ball and goes to make a shot just as Gori-sensei walks in, angry about the way Daichi (Himeko) treated him the previous morning. Daichi has no idea what Gori is talking about, but is a bit suspicious of Himeko, and stares at her while Gori yells at him. Daichi makes up a story about how he was looking for a monster that transforms into other people. While he tells Gori about the monster, he glances sidelong at Himeko, and notices her shocked reaction. Gori gets quite scared by the story, and Daichi yells "Look behind you!", as if the monster were coming for Gori.

Himeko tells Manami and Icchan "let's leave", even though their turn to play is next. Himeko starts to stumble off, but then her vision goes blurry, and she passes out, collapsing to the floor of the gym. She turns out to have a big fever, and is sent home.

At home, Himeko's mother takes her temperature (38.7 Celsius). Her mother isn't too surprised at this, after Himeko stayed out 'til all hours of the night the day before, with no coat. She leaves Himeko to rest.

After Himeko's mother leaves, Himeko tells Pokota about the story Daichi told to Gori (about the transforming monster). She wonders if he suspects her. Himeko and Pokota wonder what will happen if they're found out -- would they be hounded mercilessly by reporters?

Suddenly the doorbell rings, and Himeko hides under the covers, worried that it's a reporter coming for her. Her mother yells that a friend is here to visit Himeko. Himeko relaxes, expecting it to be Manami or Icchan, but it turns out to be Daichi!

Himeko's mother leaves Daichi and Himeko alone together with some cookies and tea. Himeko wonders why Daichi has come, and asks him about it. He says he's just there to see how she's doing, and asks whether she had expected him to have some OTHER reason for coming...? She blames her confusion on the fever, and Daichi points out that it was very cold out the night before -- if someone were outside all night, they probably WOULD have caught a cold....

While Himeko nervously tries to think of a response, Daichi grabs for Pokota (who is doing his best not to move) and makes comments like "You really like this stuffed animal", "What an interesting face", and "This cat". (Pokota's supposed to be a lion, and he's very touchy about being called a cat.) Himeko tries to get Pokota back from Daichi, but he starts playing catch with it. On his second toss, Himeko leaps out of her bed to try and catch Pokota, and lands on Daichi (and Pokota lands head-first on the floor). Daichi and Himeko stare at each other for a few moments (Himeko is in her pajamas), then turn away from each other, embarrassed.

Himeko tells Daichi to go home. On his way out, he asks her "Why did you transform into me yesterday?" When she claims not to know what he's talking about, he says that it's OK if she doesn't want to talk about it, and leaves. Pokota leaps to Himeko and complains about Daichi's behavior. Himeko is amused that Pokota seems jealous of she and Daichi. The two of them begin to worry more seriously about being discovered, and perhaps taken to be experimented on by scientists who want to know their secrets.

Himeko hides under the covers again.

[Commercial Break]

Erika is watching from the Land of Magic, and is worried because Daichi seems to have found out about Himeko's secret. She asks Ren what would happen if someone really did find out. Ren tells her that the ribbon would be taken away, and that all memory of the ribbon, its effects, and the Land of Magic would be wiped from the human world. Erika is shocked.

Pokota and Himeko are in the bath together. Pokota advises her to find a weakness in Daichi so they can use it to keep him quiet about the ribbon. After a moment, she decides this is a good idea.

Out in the hall, Mom overhears Himeko talking in the bathroom, and is surprised that Himeko still takes her stuffed animal into the tub with her. She goes into the living room with Dad, and sets a glass on the table in front of him. He asks her about Himeko's fever, and she tells him that Himeko will probably be fine after a good night's rest. She fills the glass with beer, and as he grabs blindly for it, she picks it up and drinks it herself. (It wasn't for him in the first place.)

Himeko and Pokota are back in her room, looking over a map. They find Daichi's apartment complex on it, and notice that it's near a park. Himeko thinks the park would be a good place to spy on Daichi from. They decide to go there in the morning. They do the "Ike Ike Go Go JUMP!" cheer, annoying Mom and Dad downstairs. Dad yells out "Quiet down!", and Himeko and Pokota go to sleep.

The next morning, Dad is out in the front yard. The girls all come out, on their way to different places. Aiko is going to a concert with some friends. Yumeko says she's got a "date" with some other kids her age, and Himeko claims to be going to Icchan's for a while. (She's lying.) The girls all leave. Mom says she's going to be busy. Dad's disappointed that everyone already has plans when he has a day off, so Mom promises that she'll try and get her work done quickly so she and Dad can drink some beer together.

In the park, Himeko and Pokota see a little boy leaving Daichi's apartment. Himeko wants to pump him for information about Daichi, but Pokota disagrees with her, figuring that a kid that young is probably taught not to talk to strangers. Himeko agrees, and then gets an idea. She heads for the bathroom, and "Parallel Parallel, imooto no Yumeko ni naaaare!", she turns into her little sister Yumeko. Pokota thinks this will make it easier to talk to the boy.

Himeko runs out (as Yumeko) to play in the sandbox with the boy, but is stopped by another (obnoxious) boy who doesn't want anyone else to play with them. The rest of the kids overrule him, and Yumeko is invited to play with them. The boy introduces himself as Shintaro. Himeko accidentally introduces herself as Himeko, then corrects herself. Himeko thinks Shintaro is a nice kid, unlike Daichi.

After she plays in the sandbox for a bit, Pokota reminds her that she's supposed to be getting information from Shintaro. Himeko asks Shintaro if he has a brother, and he says "yes". When she asks Shintaro what sort of person his brother is, Shintaro says that he's "kind". The other kids point out that Daichi is always being mean to him, and making him cry, but Shintaro insists that Daichi is really kind, and points out that Daichi will play "airplane" with him. (Grab him by his hands and swing him around in circles while making airplane engine noises.)

Suddenly, Daichi shows up on his bicycle, telling Shintaro that it's time to go home. Shintaro tries to get him to play "airplane", and Daichi refuses, but he gives in when Shintaro says "just once....". Daichi ends up playing "airplane" with all the kids in the sandbox, including Himeko.

Himeko leaves, and transforms back (off-screen). She and Pokota sit on a swing while she thinks about this new side of Daichi that she's just seen. Himeko wonders if anything will really happen if her secret is found out. Pokota says they'd probably go to sleep one night, and wake up the next day with the ribbon missing and their memories of it (and each other) erased. They'd just be a normal girl and stuffed animal again. Himeko hugs Pokota and they cry together about how they'll be friends forever.

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