Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 8

Episode Title
Yuukaihan ni nare!
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.11.26
Hime-chan was sneaking around the park where Daichi's younger brother Shintaro was playing. She was trying to get some more information about Daichi because Daichi was very suspicious about Hime-chan. The ball that the little kids were playing with rolled close to Hime-chan. Hime-chan went out to Shintaro. But Daichi appeared. Daichi picked up the ball and gave it to Shintaro. Daichi asked Hime-chan what she wanted with his little brother. He asked if she was trying to get some information out of him. Daichi said, "I don't have any weakness."

Then Shintaro started crying as some guy grabbed him and pulled him into a car. Inside the car, Shintaro tried to attack the guy, but the guy hit Shintaro and knocked him out. Daichi and Hime-chan went to the car, but the car got away. They were standing in the middle of the street. Then a speeding truck came by and stopped just before them. The truck driver yelled at them, but Daichi told him that his little brother had just been kidnapped. The truck driver told Diachi to get in to go after the kidnapper. Hime-chan also wanted to go. Daichi told her that it was dangerous, but Hime-chan insisted that she go. Since they didn't want to waste time, Hime-chan went along.

The truck followed the car onto the highway. But they lost the kidnapper's car. The truck driver drove very fast, but the white car was nowhere. Then Hime-chan spotted the white car drive past the truck. The truck driver followed the car. When he went off of the highway into the woods, the kidnapper recognized Daichi and Hime-chan in the truck. The truck followed the car and they came to a house.

When Daichi, Hime-chan, and the truck driver got out and went to the house, the kidnapper came out holding Shintaro with a gun. The kidnapper pointed the gun at Shintaro and demanded 50,000,000 yen. He thought that the truck driver was the father of Shintaro. Daichi tried to say that he wasn't the father, but the truck driver stopped him. The truck driver said that he didn't have that kind of money and he needed more time. The kidnapper said that he would give until noon the next day to get the money.

When Daichi, Hime-chan, and the truck driver were leaving, the kidnapper fired a bullet at the ground near them and told them no to contact the police.

Erika wanted to go to the human world to help out Hime-chan. But her broom was uncertain. The broom reminded her that she shouldn't go. But Erika said that she would take all responsibility. Then the guy came and took the broom away. Erika pleaded, but the guy said that magicians couldn't go to human world. Erika cried and said that she didn't want to do this training any more.

Then Daichi turned around and told the kidnapper that the truck driver was not the real father. He said that his parents were both police. While he was talking Daichi got closer and closer to the kidnapper. Then he got close enough to the kidnapper. Daichi kicked the gun out of his hand. Daichi went to try to get the gun that had dropped to the ground. But the kidnapper had another gun and fired at Daichi. The kidnapper told Daichi to give him the gun. The truck driver fainted.

Hime-chan went to Daichi, so Daichi and Hime-chan were standing very close together. The kidnapper told them to come before he counted 10. The kidnapper started counting. In a low voice, Hime-chan told Daichi that she would transform into Shintaro. She asked Daichi to save Shintaro while she distracted the kidnapper. The kidnapper counted to 10. Then Hime-chan sent Pokota at the kidnapper. Pokota attacked the kidnapper and Hime-chan ran around to the side of the house. Hime-chan used the window as a mirror and transformed herself into Shintaro. Then Hime-chan called out to the kidnapper, and ran away. When the kidnapper went after Hime-chan (thinking it was Shintaro), Daichi went in and grabbed his brother. Daichi woke up the truck driver and told him to take care of Shintaro.

Hime-chan fell down and the kidnapper caught her. The kidnapper tied up Hime-chan in the house. But Pokota came and untied her. Pokota also brought a mirror. When the kidnapper wasn't looking, Hime-chan returned to her normal self. The kidnapper was shocked when he saw Hime-chan. He wanted to find Shintaro. The kidnapper grabbed Hime-chan and asked about Shintaro.

Daichi was sneaking around outside of the house. He grabbed a log and jumped in through the window. When the kidnapper turned to Daichi, Hime-chan transformed herself into the kidnapper. The kidnapper was shocked to see himself. He fired his gun. The bullet just missed Hime-chan. Daichi grabbed the log and hit the kidnapper over the head.

Later at the police station, Daichi's father yelled at Daichi for not contacting him right away. He hit Daichi. Then Daichi's father asked, "How did you catch the kidnapper?"
Daichi said, "I'm not telling you."

Later Daichi and Hime-chan walked home. Hime-chan asked, "You were shocked. Weren't you?"
Daichi said, "Yeah."
Hime-chan said, "You can tell everyone."
Daichi said, "I don't want to tell anyone."
Hime-chan was surprised and asked, "Then why you were trying to find out about me?"
Daichi said, "I was just curious. I wanted to know why somebody was trying to be me. Don't worry, I wont tell."
Hime-chan said, "But don't you think it's weird?"
Daichi replied, "No. I think it's great. But I want to find out more. Come to our secret hideout tomorrow."

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