Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 9

Episode Title
Pinch! Kioku ga kesareru
[At a pinch! Memories to be erased]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
Kidnapping, secret disclosed, hideout disclosed
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Pokota, Erika, the King, Len
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.08.16
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.31
Getting off the bus that brought him back home, Hime-chan's father, wondering how his beloved daughters are doing, spots a large crowd gathered around his house. TV cameras and many reporters have come to interview Hime-chan [since she rescued Daichi's brother Shintaro in the previous episode]. As Mother tries to break them up, Father struggles through and asks what this is all about. When Mother tells him that a member of the family has been kidnapped, Father worries about Yumeko, then Aiko. But Mother says that it was Himeko. Then Father wonders why she got kidnapped, and thinks that maybe she had been mistaken for a boy. Hearing this, Hime-chan gets very upset. Mother tells him that Hime-chan wasn't kidnapped but that she was the one that saved the kidnapped child. Soon the reporters take a family picture of Father, Mother and Hime-chan, making the "V" sign.

The next morning, Hime-chan and Pokota wake up, noticing that nothing seems to have changed and that they can still speak to each other [even though their secret has been disclosed to Daichi], and do the ike ike go go jump.

At breakfast, Hime-chan is very happy to see her picture in the newspapers, but Mother yells that there is nothing to be happy of. She and Father were very worried about her, and Father even got sick when he heard the whole story from the policemen. Aiko later tells Hime-chan that the other reason why Mother is upset is because her upper body has been cut in the picture in the newspaper, so that only Hime-chan can be seen.

When Hime-chan enters her classroom, her classmates gather around her and congratulate her for what she did the previous day. They all saw her in the newspapers, and ask her to tell them what happened. She makes up a story in which she got rid of the kidnapper by actually overpowering him. When Daichi, passing by, hears her story, he can't refrain from smiling at Hime-chan, who notices him and blushes, as she was showing off a bit too much.

Then her friends ask Hime-chan why Daichi was with her. They say that they must have been on a date. Hime-chan immediately denies it and says that they met by accident. Then Hikaru strikes in, saying that of course it must be an accident because Daichi's heart is already in love with somebody. She was about to tell them who that somebody is, but then everybody rushes outside, not caring much about her. The only girl left is.. Hime-chan, so Hikaru grabs her by her shirt and confesses that she is the person Daichi loves, recalling the time when he took her in his arms. Hime-chan says to herself that at that time she was Daichi [episode 5].

Sitting at his desk, Daichi recalls when he saw Hime-chan transforming into Shintaro, but says to himself "don't worry" since Hime-chan will tell him more about it soon. He then spots Hikaru, staring at him, who blinks at him and even sends him a kiss. He shivers and hides himself under his English book. Then his friend Tetsu asks him if he is going out with Hime-chan. Daichi replies, "What the heck?"

After school, Hime-chan puts her shoes on and rushes back home. She is relieved to see that Pokota can still speak.

But in the Land of Magic, Erika is on the verge of tears. "It's not over, Hime-chan! Since the secret of the magical items has been disclosed, that's the end of it. Soon your memories will be erased, and you will forget about all of us." Then Chappy tries to cheer her up, saying that nothing has been decided yet, and that Erika can always beg a favor from her father the King. But Erika complains that her father is very obstinate and won't give in that easily. Remembering Hime-chan's smiling face, she cries out, "I love you so much, Hime-chan! But soon we will part.."

Meanwhile at the House of Commons of the Land of Magic, everybody is having a discussion about what had happened, and about Daichi's promise not to say anything to anybody else. But the King must take the final decision, and he says that the memories of people involved should be erased, and the magical items taken back.

[CM break]

Later, Hime-chan meets Daichi in front of his hideout, the old house, making her promise not to tell anyone about it. Then they go in. The house is very old and dirty, but it doesn't look that bad inside because Daichi had cleaned it up a bit. Hime-chan wants to go upstairs, but Daichi takes her to the living room, where there were a few armchairs and a large couch. Hime-chan spots a map pinned on the wall, with many city names hand-written on it. Daichi tells her that those are the places where he went on vacation, all by himself on his bike, stunning Hime-chan. Since he couldn't go too far away, he went to many places by bike, and even skipped school to do this. Hime-chan asks him for more details, but Daichi reminds her that she has come to tell him her story, not for him to tell her his.

Soon Hime-chan starts, and introduces Pokota to Daichi. Daichi is so surprised to hear Pokota speaking that he drops the coffee spoon. Then he remembers that Hime-chan really asked Pokota to scratch the kidnapper's face, so after all Pokota was alive. Daichi is impressed to see that Hime-chan not only turns into anybody she wants but can also make stuffed dolls speak. But then he greets Pokota the male cat. Pokota replies angrily that he's not a cat but a lion, which makes Daichi burst out laughing. Pokota complains to Hime-chan that he hates that boy.

Soon Daichi apologizes and tells Hime-chan he will listen to her. When she tells him about the Land of Magic and the ribbon, Daichi doesn't laugh at her but takes this very seriously. He is surprised that some people can do real magic after all. Hime-chan is happily surprised to see that Daichi trusts her. Then he asks her if it's okay for her to tell him about that. Hime-chan tells him that she was told that her memories would be erased if she ever does that, but since nothing has happened yet and Erika cannot get in touch with her that easily, she doesn't know for sure.

Daichi says she should have thought about this in the first place, but, with a smile adds that it doesn't mind that much after all. It should be time to worry about something only when that thing happens. Besides, he will not disclose her secret to anyone else, and it will be just their secret.

With dreamy eyes, Hime-chan realizes that she finds Daichi very strange. Sometimes he is very harsh with her. But when he is very serious, he becomes very kind with her, and seems to be somebody one can rely on. He also makes so many different faces (he is now scratching Pokota's back, laughing).

In the Land of Magic, as the decision will be enforced in just 30 minutes, Len shows up and begs to the King to give more time for Hime-chan. Then as the King says they have to erase Hime-chan's memories by all means, a speaking bird comes flying and tells something to the King. Much to everyone's surprise, the King finally agrees to overlook Hime-chan's mistake for this time only. But he says that if the secret comes to another Earthling's ears, then Hime-chan's memories will be erased without fail.

Chappy then quickly flies back to Erika to tell her the good news. Erika still cannot believe her father has let himself be swayed by Len.

Back on Earth, Daichi asks Hime-chan if she wants some more coffee, but she says it's already time to go back home. But before they leave, Daichi would like to see her transform once more. Noticing that Pokota is sleeping on Daichi's lap while he caresses him, Hime-chan thinks to herself that Daichi is a very nice, trustworthy person, so she makes up her mind and turns herself into Daichi. Daichi is very surprised to see how handsome he, himself looks. Then Hime-chan turns back to her own self.

As they were about to leave, Hime-chan notices an amulet, HER amulet, pinned onto the wall by the entrance door. This is the amulet she had bought for Hasekura, and had lost in the bushes around the house. Daichi says he found it on the grass outside, and wonders out loud, kidding her, if that was a present for her unrequited love. As he gets ready to dodge her kicks, he realized that she is almost crying now. Then she yells, "You IDIOT!!" slams the door open and runs away. Seeing Pokota's angry face, Daichi thinks he might have said a word too much.

Back in her room, Pokota complains that Daichi is a guy with no delicacy at all, but Hime-chan is lost in her thoughts. She thinks that she had never expected to get the amulet back, and it reminds her that she has not written anything in her diary since that day (Sept 30, according to the diary). Then she tries to remember Hasekura's smiling face, but soon it's Daichi's that pops out in her mind, startling her.

In the Land of Magic, Erika is still wondering why her father granted more time to Hime-chan. She has a very bad presentiment about all of this.


The bird was probably looking over Daichi and Hime-chan on Earth, but nothing is actually stated. We will find out later that the bird might have told the King that Sei Array is about to show up on Earth [episodes 10 to 12], therefore he will look over them more closely. Hime-chan and Pokota hear the whole story from Sei's crow Kantarou in episode 13.

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