Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 10

Episode Title
Nikuman yori kimiga suki!
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.07
Hime-chan was taking a test. But instead of the test, Hime-chan was thinking about what had happened between her and Daichi the day before. Daichi found a good luck charm. Hime-chan said that it was hers. Daichi guessed that Hime-chan was going to give it to someone she liked, and laughed about it. This made Hime-chan very upset. During the test, Hime-chan stood up and yelled out, "I can't forgive it!"

After the test was over, Hime-chan ran into Daichi. They made faces at each other and Hime-chan left. Daichi was planning on apologizing to Hime-chan, but he didn't get the chance. Then Hikaru came and asked Daichi out. Daichi just ignored Hikaru and left.

On the way home, some of Hime-chan's friends asked if she had a fight with Daichi. Hime-chan tried to say that she was not going out with him. Hime-chan then swung her bag around. The bag hit some boy in the face. When Hime-chan apologized, they all found out that the boy was pretty handsome.

Hikaru was walking home alone. She was talking to herself about Daichi. Then a strange boy (the same one that Hime-chan hit in the face), came up to her and said that he would make it so she can go out with Daichi. The boy's name was Arisaka Sei. He told Hikaru to go the park at 6PM on Sunday. Before Hikaru could find out how this boy knew about her and Daichi, the boy disappeared.

Later Daichi called Hime-chan from a public phone. But Hime-chan wasn't home yet, so Yumeko answered. Then Daichi spotted the strange boy watching him. When Daichi hung up, the boy was gone.

The next day Hime-chan was late so she ran to her classroom. She arrived just before the teacher. The teacher introduced a new transfer student. It was Arisaka Sei. Sei introduced himself and said that he was one year older than everyone because he had missed a lot of school due to being sick a lot.

Later a lot of girls gathered around Sei. Manami also came to take a look. She said that he was very cool. Then a boy came and asked Hime-chan to play soccer with them because they were one person short. Hime-chan quickly went to play with them.

One of Hikaru's friends came to tell Hikaru that some girls were going to leave the Daichi fan club. Hikaru got very mad. Then another girl told her that more were going to leave to join the Sei fan club. Hikaru went to face Sei. When Sei spotted Hikaru, Sei went up to her and whispered to her about the promise. The other girls got upset at Hikaru. Hikaru said that she had met Sei a little before he had come to this school.

Daichi walked by the classroom. Daichi didn't care if some girls left his fan club. He didn't care about Sei either. Then Sei spotted Daichi and went out to shake hands with him. Daichi noticed that Sei's hand was very cold, like there was no blood flowing in it.

Erika said that she thought that she had seen Sei somewhere before.

On Sunday Daichi went to Hime-chan's house. But he just waited outside on his bicycle. Then Hime-chan's father came up to him and asked what he was doing. Daichi left right away. Hime-chan's father thought it was one of Aiko's friends, because Hime-chan wouldn't be interested in boys. Then Yumeko came out and said that it must be the guy that called Hime-chan the day before. Hime-chan's father couldn't believe it.

Daichi went to a riverbed. He was just lying down by himself. Then Sei appeared and spotted Daichi. Sei used some magic on a dog and made the dog steal Daichi's hat. Daichi chased the dog on his bicycle. The dog went to the park, and left Daichi's hat on a bench. Daichi got his hat and sat down. Then Hikaru appeared. Daichi noticed that Hikaru had some makeup on. Daichi was just going to leave, but Hikaru hugged Daichi. Daichi just threw off Hikaru's arms. Daichi said that he was just going to go home, but Hikaru started crying. So Daichi said that he would take her home.

Later that night Daichi called Hime-chan again. Yumeko answered the phone again. Hime-chan was in the bath. Hime-chan's father quickly took the phone. Then Daichi said that he would talk to Hime-chan at school the next day.

After school the next day, Hime-chan got a bagful of nikuman. She ate it with Manami and Icchan. When Sei spotted Hime-chan, he went to them. Hime-chan asked if Sei wanted a nikuman, but Sei said that he didn't want one. He said that he just wanted to talk. Hime-chan just ate another nikuman, and Sei said, "I think I'm going to like you."
Hime-chan was shocked. She just had the nikuman in her mouth and talked. Manami told Hime-chan to take the nikuman out of her mouth. Then Hime-chan said, "We just met. What do you like about me? I'm not very feminine."
Then one of the boys said, "You should say you're a boy." Hime-chan got upset and stood up to attack the boy. But she stopped.
Sei said, "I like that part of you. Just being feminine isn't everything. You're bright, healthly, cheerful, friendly. Everything about you is great. You should have more confidence in yourself."

At home Hime-chan told Pokota about Sei. Pokota said that Sei was much better than Daichi. Hime-chan was still uncertain because it was the first time that a boy said that he liked her.

The next day the rumor spread around very fast. Hikaru congratulated Hime-chan. Hikaru also told Hime-chan what she had hugged Daichi, in a park on Sunday. Hime-chan couldn't believe it and got upset.

Hime-chan went up to the staircase leading up to the roof. Hime-chan saw Daichi lying there. Hime-chan yelled at Daichi. Daichi told Hime-chan not to come up any more. Then Hime-chan said, "Ok. I won't come up any more!" and started to run off. But Daichi caught Hime-chan's arm. Daichi apologized. He apologized about making fun or her before with the lucky charm. But Hime-chan got upset about Daichi going out with Hikaru. Daichi tried to explain, but Hime-chan just ran off.

That night Sei used some magic to put Pokota in a trance. Pokota then went over to Daichi's apartment. Daichi thought that something had happened to Hime-chan. But when Daichi opened the window, Pokota jumped and attacked Daichi.

Erika finally remembered about Sei. She said that she used to play with him when they were little. She wondered why Sei was approaching Hime-chan.

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