Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 11

Episode Title
Ribbon ga abunai!
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.15
In the middle of the night, Pokota went to Daichi's place. Daichi let him in, and Pokota attacked Daichi. Pokota also said, "Leave Himeko alone!" in a very mean voice. Then Daichi's father came home very drunk and very loud. So Sei told Pokota to go home.

The next day on the way to school, Daichi was thinking about the recent events. Hikaru was waiting for Daichi. She saw him coming and popped out to talk to him. Daichi then asked Hikaru why she had been waiting for him in the park on Sunday. Hikaru said that Sei told her to wait for him there. Hikaru thought that Sei and Daichi were friends.

Hime-chan spotted Daichi and Hikaru talking. When she stopped, Sei came up to her. Sei said it looked like Daichi and Hikaru were going out. Hime-chan said that it didn't matter to her. Then Sei got behind her and tried to touch her ribbon. Hime-chan quickly protected her ribbon. Sei said that the ribbon was cute, and it matched her nicely.

Hikaru then came and said that Hime-chan and Sei looked like a nice pair. But Hime-chan ran away to her class.

During gym class Daichi was thinking. He started to suspect Sei. Sei was weak, so he always sat out the gym class. Daichi remembered what had happened on Sunday, and he thought that Sei had some way of controlling the animals; the dog, the fish, and Pokota.

After school, Daichi was waiting for Hime-chan. He said, "Please come to the house. Bring Pokota. There's something important I want to talk to you about."

Erika saw Sei. She said that it was Sei Array. She wondered what he was up to.

At the house Daichi asked Pokota if he remembered about last night. When Daichi told them what happened, Hime-chan and Pokota both yelled at Daichi. Daichi then yelled at them for not listening to his story. He said Sei must be from the land of magic. But Hime-chan said that Sei was nice. They started to argue. Then Daichi said that Hime-chan was being jealous. Hime-chan slapped Daichi. They argued some more and Hime-chan left.

Sei's black magic cat had spied on Daichi and Hime-chan. Then a magic bird came with a message for Sei. Sei had to return within three days.

Later at home, Hime-chan told Pokota that she was considering going out with Sei. Pokota said that she shouldn't go out just because Daichi said those bad things. But Hime-chan said that she really liked him. Then Hime-chan got a phone call from Sei. Sei asked Hime-chan out to an amusement park. Hime-chan said ok. Hime-chan's father was getting worried about his daughter. But Hime-chan's mother came and said that it was only natural for her to have a couple boy friends.

The next day Hime-chan wore a skirt. She was uncertain about her self because she usually didn't wear skirts. Pokota said Hime-chan can wear a skirt that was even more cute, with flowers or something. But Hime-chan said that she didn't have anything like that.

Hime-chan and Sei played together at the amusement park. Hime-chan was having a lot of fun.

When Hime-chan bought some food for the birds, the birds had all disappeared. Hime-chan was disappointed. Then Sei made the birds appear. The birds landed on Sei's body. Hime-chan thought that it was magic. Then one bird flew at Hime-chan and tried to take her ribbon. Hime-chan ducked, but she knew that the bird was after her ribbon. She started to wonder what was going on.

Sei gave Hime-chan a present. It was a ribbon. Sei said that he wanted to see Hime-chan wear it right away. Sei went around and was going to take off Hime-chan's red (magic) ribbon. But Hime-chan turned around right away.

Hime-chan said, "If I take this off, Pokota.." She stopped herself as she knew she couldn't tell anyone else about her magic ribbon.
Sei said, "Oh, your stuffed animal."
Then Hime-chan realized that she had never told Sei about Pokota. She wondered how Sei knew about pokota.

Erika realized that Sei was after the magic ribbon.

Hime-chan started to wonder about Sei. Then Hime-chan said that she just remembered that she had something to do. So she left.

Hime-chan snuck around to the mirror house. She used the mirror to turn into Yumeko, her younger sister. Then Hime-chan (as Yumeko) followed Sei when he left the amusement park.

Erika became worried. She wanted Hime-chan to turn back.

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