Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 12

Episode Title
Suki datte ittanoni
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.12.30
Hime-chan was following Sei home from the amusement park as Yumeko. Daichi came riding along on his bicycle and spotted Yumeko. Daichi went up to her. Hime-chan was shocked and tried to act like Yumeko. But since Sei was getting away, Hime-chan quickly said "bye" and ran after Sei. Daichi followed Yumeko for a little while and spotted her trying to follow Sei. Daichi guessed that it was Hime-chan transformed as Yumeko. Then Daichi remembered the fight he had with Hime-chan, and said to himself that he was not going to help out.

Hime-chan went into the yard of Sei's house. She tried to peek in through the window. But Sei came and caught her. Hime-chan tried to act like a little girl who was just curious about Sei's wonderful house. Then Sei invited Yumeko inside. But Sei suspected something. [or he knew it was Hime-chan]

Back at Hime-chan's house, Pokota was sleeping because of Sei's trance.

Hime-chan sat down on the sofa and looked around the room. When Sei brought some cookies and milk, Hime-chan kept acting like Yumeko and asked Sei some questions to try to find out more about him. Hime-chan asked about Sei's parents. She even asked if Sei had a girl friend. Hime-chan couldn't think of anything else to ask. Then she said that she wanted to play hide and seek in the large house. But Sei said that Yumeko looked like someone he knew, Nonohara Himeko. Hime-chan said that she was Himeko's younger sister Yumeko.

Then Hime-chan's pendant started beeping. This meant that time was running out. Hime-chan had to return to her normal self, or she would stay as Yumeko forever. Sei wanted to look at the pendant, but Hime-chan rushed to the bathroom. Since Yumeko's body was too small to reach the mirror, Hime-chan climbed up to use the mirror. Then she transformed back into herself. Hime-chan was relieved that she had made it in time. Then she heard Sei say, "Is that how you transform back?" Hime-chan was shocked. Then Sei asked Hime-chan to transform into another person. Hime-chan asked Sei if he was really from the land of magic. Sei said that he was, and that his real name was Sei Array, and Erika's fiancee.

Erika was watching and was shocked. Then Erika's father popped in and said that it was true. He said that Sei was a son of a powerful family, and it would be good for the families. Erika said that she hardly knew Sei. Then Erika asked if this had something to do with Hime-chan's ribbon. Erika's father said that he heard Sei went to the human world to try to get the ribbon. Then Erika said that she didn't want to marry Sei because he kept using a lot of dirty tricks to try to get the ribbon.

Hime-chan was shocked about Sei being Erika's fiancee. But Sei said that he didn't like it. He said that he didn't care about doing what he was told in the boring land of magic.

Hime-chan asked, "When you said that you liked me.."
Sei replied, "Of course, I said that so I can try to get your ribbon. I was going to return to the land of magic as soon as I got the ribbon."

Then Hime-chan got mad and started to leave. But Sei stopped her with his magic. Sei said that he can use his magic to control animals. But his magic only worked for 10 minutes on humans. Hime-chan was frozen and couldn't move. She couldn't even speak.

Sei said, "I didn't want to use this. Nobody will come to rescue you." Then Daichi came into the room. Daichi attacked Sei and knocked him down. Daichi said that he had heard everything. But Sei used his magic to call all of the dogs in the neighborhood. The dogs ran into the house and surrounded Daichi. Sei said that Daichi had better stay still.

Sei went to Hime-chan and took off her ribbon. Sei said, "Bye." and started to leave. But the magic finally wore off and Hime-chan was able to move. Hime-chan then jumped and kicked Sei with her "Himeko Kick!" Since Sei was a weakling, Sei got knocked out. Hime-chan wondered why Sei got kicked so easily. Daichi said that Hime-chan was too strong. Then Hime-chan got her ribbon back, and waited for Sei to recover.

When Sei recovered, he was surprised that Hime-chan and Daichi were waiting for him. Hime-chan said that she was worried because her kick landed squarely at him. Then Sei's magic bird came and told him that he had to return immediately. Sei gave up and said that he had lost a bowl of ramen and a gyouza. Sei explained and said that he was after Hime-chan's ribbon because he had made a bet with his cousin. Daichi laughed, but Hime-chan got very upset that it was all a game.

Erika and her father were watching. Erika's father got upset when he discovered the real reason why Sei was after the ribbon. He said that he had to think over the marriage arrangement.

Before Sei left, Hime-chan asked what had happened to Pokota. Sei remembered that he had put him to sleep, and undid his magic. Then Sei left. After he vanished, the house disappeared too.

It started to snow and Hime-chan and Daichi sat down on a park bench. Hime-chan asked Daichi to hit her. But Daichi said that he didn't want to. When Hime-chan insisted, Daichi pretended to hit her. But Daichi gave Hime-chan a key. It was a key to their secret hideout. Daichi said that he didn't like to hit girls. So Hime-chan grabbed Daichi's hand and pulled it to force him to hit her face. Hime-chan said that it hurt. Daichi got upset.

Then Hime-chan apologized to Daichi. Hime-chan also thanked Daichi. Hime-chan kept apologizing and thanking Daichi as they walked in the snow. Hime-chan was thinking that Daichi was a really nice guy.

Erika was happy that the ribbon was all right. She also said to herself that she would never marry Sei Array.

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