Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 13

Episode Title
SMAP ga yatte kita
[Here comes SMAP]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
Theater club, live concert, Christmas
Main Characters
Hime-chan, SMAP
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.08.17
    The first half of this episode was pretty boring, therefore I chose to write a shorter summary. - Pascal Janin
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.05
(Hime-chan's narration) It's already been 2 weeks since Arisaka-kun [aka Sei Array] went back to the Land of Magic.

(Daichi's narration) Arisaka-kun chose to go back to the Land of Magic just in time before the term-end exams started [they are in the middle of an English test right now].

When the school day ends, Hime-chan meets Manami (whose exam didn't go very well) and Icchan and wants to go out to eat treats somewhere. But they have to go to their respective clubs to get ready for the Christmas event coming in a few days. As Icchan wonders if Hime-chan's theater club might be busy for it right now, Hime-chan remembers she must go too and dashes away.

When Hime-chan enters the meeting room, all smiling, she is surprised to see that there are only three people waiting there. The captain tells her that the other six members of the club have left, partly because Hasekura-senpai left the club because of his exams. Hime-chan tries to cheer them up (doing the ike ike go go jump) but they can't do much with only four people.

On their way back home, all four spot Hasekura waiting for the bus to come, but when he asks them how the theater club is doing, Hime-chan can't tell him how bad it actually is.

Later at home, taking a bath with Pokota, Hime-chan tells him that this year they have planned to do a French can-can for their event. But since there are only four of them left, there was no way they can do it now. Pokota suggests to consult with Daichi about it, as he might have a good idea.

The next day at school, the soccer team is practicing, and when the ball goes rolling to the side, the players ask Hime-chan to send the ball back. But Hime-chan sends a powerful kick and scores, much to everybody's surprise. Very proud of her kick, she now heads for the tennis club where Daichi is playing a game and wins, cheered up by most of the girls of the school.

When the game ends, Hime-chan asks him if he has a good idea for the upcoming event. She even asks him cheerfully if he'd like to join them. Daichi replies, "Oh! You want me to be with you that much?"
Hime-chan gets very mad and bright red at once, but thinks she might force herself a bit and finally nods with a bright smile. But then Daichi says that he's not interested, making her slip on the ground. He suggests to her that having a party with idols [idol singers, that is] singing might not be a bad idea after all. Hime-chan thinks that's a pretty stupid and unworkable idea.

Then Hikaru comes in, saying that she has heard about the theater club's mishap and that she won't join them no matter how many times Hime-chan begs her to, because she already belongs to Daichi's fan club. Hime-chan, very upset, tells her to do what she pleases, and leaves, soon followed by Daichi.

[CM break]

On her way back home, Hime-chan sees, on TV in a shop window, the SMAP [seven idol singers] team singing Egao no Genki on stage [that is the anime's own OP theme!], and thinks to herself it would be nice to bring them to the Christmas event.

Back home, Hime-chan complains to Pokota that they have not found any good play to perform at the Christmas event which will take place in just two days. She thinks to herself that, more than for themselves, they must do their best for Hasekura's sake. Then she remembers Daichi's silly idea, to have a party with some idol singers, and looking at the SMAP poster she has in her room, a very good idea comes to her mind. But it was what Pokota was afraid of.. she intends to turn herself successively into each of the SMAP members and then they'll be able to hold a party!

In the Land of Magic, Erika yells that it's NOT a good idea at all.

Then Arisaka Sei's crow Kantarou appears in mid air and tells them the message he got from Sei [actually, Sei used the crow as a tape recorder ^_^]. Sei tells Hime-chan and Pokota about what the King had decided when Hime-chan told Daichi about the magical items [episode 9]. Until now, Hime-chan didn't know that the King had almost decided to have her memories erased and get the items back, until Sei decided to come on Earth and look over them. But if the secret is disclosed to another person, the King will enforce the sentence, and this time without fail. So Sei suggests Hime-chan to pay attention to what she does with the ribbon from now on. Then the crow vanishes. Hime-chan thinks that if she had been told that earlier, she would not have used the ribbon any more.

Chappy feels relieved that Hime-chan eventually heard the true story from Sei, but Erika is afraid that even this won't stop Hime-chan.

For the next few nights, Hime-chan practices her role for the play that they agreed to perform at the Christmas event.

Then the day of the Christmas event comes. They are many many sketches from the various clubs, including a chorale performed by Manami's club and a rock concert performed by Icchan's club, with Icchan playing bass guitar. Then Hime-chan's turn comes. The play they perform is a "school days story" which wasn't that exciting. So the audience gets bored right away and shouts at them to stop.

Hime-chan gets upset at once, and yells at them to shut up. But soon they hear Daichi snoring in the crowd. Hime-chan gets even madder and shouts into the mike, "Kobayashi Daichi! Wake up!!" So he does, wondering if it's already over, making everybody laugh.

Next thing Hime-chan tells everyone in the mike is that the big party is about to start soon, since she will bring SMAP on stage. She hurries to the dressing room, turns herself into Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and goes back on stage. Her performance wreaks havoc among the audience. She tells them that the entire SMAP team will show up and has come here to support the theater club. Then, one after the other, Hime-chan turns herself into the remaining six SMAP singers.

At the end, Daichi realizes that they are actually an only one person, Hime-chan. But the girls in the audience would like to see all seven SMAP boys on stage at the same time, and Hime-chan can't do that. Then Hikaru goes on stage, followed by other girls, and they all chase Kusanagi Tsuyoshi into the streets.

A photographer, who just got scolded by his boss over the phone, also spots Tsuyoshi-kun and joins the girls.

Out of breath, Hime-chan/Tsuyoshi hides himself in the bushes of the nearby park, but Hikaru has followed him. Just then Hime-chan's pendant starts beeping, and even worse, the photographer takes a picture of both of them.

In the Land of Magic, Erika yells in despair.

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