Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 14

Episode Title
Buttobi Hikaru no meisuiri
[Hikaru's reasoning on names]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
SMAP, scoop chase, Kusanagi's look-a-like
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, photographer, Hikaru, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.08.19
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.05
[short summary of the end of previous episode 13]

    Hime-chan, who turned herself into Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, went back on stage. Her performance wreaked havoc among the audience. She told them the entire SMAP team would show up and came here to support the theater club. At the end, Daichi realized that it was actually Hime-chan. Soon Hikaru and lots of other girls started chasing Kusanagi Tsuyoshi in the streets. Out of breath, Hime-chan/Tsuyoshi hid himself in the bushes of the nearby park, but Hikaru followed him. Just then Hime-chan's pendant started beeping, and even worse, the photographer took a picture of both of them.


The photographer is very proud of the scoop shot he has just taken, and is about to interview Hikaru, but Tsuyoshi yells she has nothing to do with SMAP at all. Then, realizing the pendant is beeping louder, Hime-chan/Tsuyoshi is about to rush at the nearby restrooms but Hikaru holds him back.

Luckily, Daichi arrives and starts quarreling with Hikaru over whose fan club she belongs to and what she was doing with Tsuyoshi. Hikaru is overwhelmed with joy, realizing that Daichi is jealous. Daichi, for a diversion, starts quarreling with Tsuyoshi as well and takes him away. Later he scolds Hime-chan for not being careful about the one hour limit.

But as they run in the streets, the girls recognize Tsuyoshi and chase them, followed by the photographer. Daichi asks Hime-chan to hide her face under her coat, and then realizing they have no way to escape, rush into the first shop they find: a lingerie shop. In the changing rooms, Hime-chan is able to turn back to her own self. In the meantime, Daichi realizes where he is [^_^].

Outside, the photographer recognizes Daichi [who is now with Hime-chan] and asks him where Kusanagi Tsuyoshi has gone. Remembering he took pictures of them, Daichi opens his camera, spoiling the film.

Later at school, Gori-sensei is scolding the theater club for raising hell at the Christmas party. But the Principal says that Hime-chan did everything for the sake of her theater club. Besides HE is a big fan of SMAP too. But Gori says he won't allow anything like this to happen again in the future.

Then when Hime-chan leaves the office, Daichi is there waiting for her, with an angry look on his face. He scolds her again for getting into inextricable situations due to her careless use of the ribbon. Then both of them spot the photographer they met earlier, waiting for students by the gate. Daichi tells Hime-chan to take great care of herself because he has seen her too.

In the Land of Magic, Erika yells in despair that Hime-chan should be much more careful or her memories will get erased.

At home, Hikaru stares at her reflection in a mirror, saying she's such a cute person indeed. She then imagines herself as a big star, while many photographers come to take lots of pictures of her. But she recalls that Kusanagi Tsuyoshi called her by her family name.. and wonders why he knew her name.

[CM break]

At home, Pokota scolds her too. That's too much for Hime-chan, who already had been scolded by Gori and Daichi earlier, so she tells him to shut up. But Pokota reminds her not to forget ANY of the "transformation clauses" in the future or she will get into deep trouble sooner or later. Then they do the "ike ike go go jump".

At the place where the photographer works, his boss kicks him out for having promised to bring a big scoop but getting nothing instead. He has to find the scoop of the century or he'll be fired.

At home, Hime-chan receives a call from Daichi. Her father isn't very happy at that, asking her who Daichi is, but Mother pushes him away. Daichi was jogging in the streets when he noticed that the photographer was still around, asking people if anybody knew SMAP and Hime-chan. Therefore Daichi advises her to take great care of herself.

Just when she hangs up, she realizes that the photographer has found her house and is now bothering her parents about SMAP.

Later at school, the photographer is hiding, waiting for either Daichi or Hime-chan to come. But Daichi goes to school hiding himself among some girls, who were members of his fan club. They were very happy when he thanks them. The girls tell Daichi that Hikaru has taken a day off that day.

Later, from inside the school building, Daichi and Hime-chan spot the photographer, still lurking around. They wonder how they could make him give up.

At home, Hikaru is getting bored of watching TV, so she goes to the nearby bookstore to check for the picture of her and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi that the photographer took the day before. But there's no such thing in any magazine, so she gets mad, thinking he was a fake. But then the photographer shows up, asking her what connection there is between Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Daichi, since he found nothing. Hikaru thinks they might just be in love with her.

Later, Hikaru thinks to herself that the Tsuyoshi she has met wasn't quite like the one she has seen on TV. Besides how could he look over her day after day since he's not living there? Then she recalled the beeping pendant..

Back at school, Hikaru goes straight to Hime-chan's classroom, and takes her outside. On the play ground she yells at her, "I have eventually found out what happened. That was NOT the real Kusanagi Tsuyoshi on stage at the Christmas event, right?" Just when Hime-chan fears that she might have discovered her secret, Hikaru continues, "Of course that was Tsuyoshi's look-a-like, right? Since they look a lot like each other, it fooled everyone, but not me." Hime-chan feels very relieved, and even more when Hikaru asks Hime-chan for a date with the other Tsuyoshi, begging her not to tell Daichi about it.

At their hideout at the top the stairs, Daichi laughs a lot, and says that it would be a good idea for Hime-chan to turn into Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. So she does. Then Daichi, with a marker pen, draws a mole on Hime-chan's forehead.

Then both of them leave to meet the photographer, showing him the mole that proves he is not the real Kusanagi. Daichi adds that the band who came to the Christmas event was SOAP, not SMAP. Then the photographer goes away, believing he had been fooled by the Kusanagi twins.

On the way home from school, Hime-chan apologizes to Daichi for the careless things she did, and thanks him for his help. But then she tells him what Arisaka-kun reported to her [episode 13], and he yells at her for not having told him that earlier. Seeing that Daichi is very mad at her, she follows him, apologizing again. Then he turns back and says, with a resolute look, "Whatever you want to do from now on, consult with me first, ok?"

In the Land of Magic, Erika is blushing a bit, thinking that Daichi is really somebody Hime-chan can rely on. She even starts to feel a bit jealous of her.

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