Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 15

Episode Title
Pokota yukiyama kara SOS!
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.02.08
Hime-chan and her classmates were going on a school ski trip. Hime-chan was very happy. She went to the store and bought a lot of candies. She told Pokota that she was going to be in the same room as Manami and Icchan, and that she was going to talk with them all night. Pokota said that he was a little sad. Then Hime-chan felt saddened too. Since Pokota had been a stuffed animal, he had never gone anywhere. Pokota said that he would be all right at home by himself. But Hime-chan said that she would take Pokota. Pokota didn't think it was a good idea. But Hime-chan said that she would put Pokota in the back pack and everything would be all right.

The next day, Hime-chan went to school. She saw Daichi already sitting in the bus. Daichi said the seats were already assigned, and that Hime-chan was going to be next to Daichi. Hime-chan was upset that she wouldn't be with Manami or Icchan.

Then Hime-chan saw Arisaka Sei surrounded by a lot of girls. Hime-chan was surprised and asked him why he was there. Arisaka said he had fallen in love with Hime-chan because of her "kick". Daichi guessed that Arisaka had been chased out by his father.

On the bus, Hikaru sat next to Daichi and told Hime-chan to change seats with her. So Hime-chan ended up sitting next to Arisaka, right behind Daichi and Hikaru. Arisaka got car sick on the way to the mountains.

When Hime-chan was going to go ski, she let Pokota out of her backpack. She told him to do what he wanted to do until she got home. Then Hime-chan went skiing. Manami and Icchan were just beginners. But Hime-chan was very good. Daichi was very good too. They skied together and were about to race. Then Hikaru came and got mad at Hime-chan for skiing too close to Daichi. But Hikaru wasn't very good and she wiped out. Hikaru had to get rescued by a handsome rescue squad person. Arisaka was just watching because he was too weak to ski.

Later Hime-chan ate dinner, but she snuck some food into her shirt. Hikaru was at another table and spotted Hime-chan. Hime-chan left before her friends and went back to the room. She got pokota from the backpack, but he was asleep. Then Hikaru came into the room. Hime-chan was surprised. She tried to hide Pokota. When Hikaru asked to see it, Hime-chan dropped Pokota on the floor. Hikaru saw pokota sleeping (snoring) on the floor. She was shocked. Then pokota woke up and started talking. Hikaru was shocked again. Hime-chan grabbed pokota. But Hikaru had already seen it. Hikaru wanted to see Pokota more closely. They started fighting. But Manami and Icchan came into the room. Hikaru was going to tell them about Pokota, but she decided to keep it to herself. Then Hikaru left.

In the middle of the night, Pokota told Hime-chan to take off the ribbon. He said that it was too risky. He also said that she should let Hikaru check it out for herself. So Hime-chan agreed.

The next day, Hime-chan took off her ribbon. Hikaru didn't go skiing because she said that she wasn't feeling too good. Hikaru went up to Hime-chan and asked to see Pokota. Hime-chan told Hikaru that Pokota was in her backpack. Hime-chan told Hikaru to be careful, and then went off to ski. Hikaru was a little surprised that Hime-chan would let her see the stuffed animal.

Hikaru tried to make Pokota talk or move. But Pokota didn't budge.

Daichi noticed that Hime-chan didn't have her ribbon. Daichi asked about it, but Hime-chan said that it was nothing. Daichi knew right away that Hime-chan was trying to hide something. So Hime-chan told Daichi. He scolded her, but Hime-chan said that it would be all right because Pokota was really just a stuffed animal now. Hime-chan said that she wanted to let Pokota travel because he had never gone anywhere before.

Hikaru got tired of trying to make Pokota move, and decided to go skiing by herself. Hikaru put Pokota in her pocket and headed for the back woods. There was a sign saying "danger", but Hikaru didn't notice it. Hikaru was happy that there were no people around her. She had confidence in herself and went deeper into the mountains.

During lunch, the snow became heavier and the teacher said that it was getting dangerous outside.

The wind picked up and Hikaru decided that she had better go back. But Hikaru fell down a cliff. Pokota fell out of Hikaru's pocket and got caught on a branch on the side of the cliff. Hikaru got knocked out at the bottom.

Hime-chan felt that she heard Pokota call out for her. Hime-chan went out to go down to the lodge. Daichi went after Hime-chan.

When they got to the lodge, they found out from Arisaka that Hikaru had gone out by herself. They had Arisaka call the rescue squad. But Hime-chan said that she couldn't wait. Hime-chan transformed into a rescue squad person and went out with Daichi to look for Hikaru. The snow and wind became worse.

Pokota became alive when Hime-chan put on her ribbon. Pokota spotted Hikaru down on the ground below him. He knew that he would give himself away, but he tried to wake Hikaru up. Pokota struggled and tore himself loose from the branch, causing a big tear in his back. Pokota's back hurt, but he went to Hikaru and tried to shake her awake. But Hikaru didn't move.

Hime-chan and Daichi were looking all over the Hikaru. Then Pokota heard their voices. Pokota called out for help and hid in Hikaru's pocket. Hime-chan and Daichi spotted Hikaru and went down to her. Pokota was very happy that it was Hime-chan.

Hime-chan and Daichi carried Hikaru to a small cave. Hime-chan's pendant started beeping, so she returned to herself. Daichi went out to get the real rescue squad. He told Hime-chan to stay in the cave. Hime-chan obeyed. Pokota said that his back hurt, and asked Hime-chan to take off her ribbon. Hime-chan did so and put Pokota in her pocket. Then she hugged Hikaru and waited for help.

Later Hime-chan woke up in a bed. Manami and Icchan were by her side. Hime-chan asked for Daichi. The teacher said that Daichi was fine. Then Hime-chan asked for Hikaru. Hikaru was in a bed next to her. Hikaru said that she might not have survived if they had not come for her. She thanked Hime-chan and quickly hid her head under the covers.

Later Hime-chan was with Daichi. Hime-chan thanked Daichi, and talked very kindly. Daichi then said that he liked Hime-chan better when she was very "genki". [genki = healthy, lively, active]

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