Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 16

Episode Title
Hikaru ha nandemo omitooshi
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.02.08
Hime-chan got home from the ski trip. Her mother greeted her, but she said that she was very busy. Hime-chan asked for Aiko, but Yumeko told her that she was gone for a week on a tennis camp.

Hime-chan needed someone to sew pokota. Hime-chan went to her mother and tested her on a rag. Hime-chan found out that her mother was worse than herself in sewing. Then Hime-chan thought that Daichi might be good at something like this. Just then Yumeko came and said that Hime-chan had a phone call from Daichi.

Daichi was calling from a pay phone. He was somewhere riding a SL train. He told Hime-chan not to call his home because he told his parents that he was still at the ski trip. When Hime-chan asked about school, Daichi said that he had already told some of his friends to cover for him. Then Daichi added, "Use your transformation when something happens." Daichi said that he would be gone for a couple days.

Since Hime-chan didn't look pleased when she hung up, Yumeko asked if Hime-chan got rejected. Hime-chan told Yumeko not to listen in on her phone conversations.

The next day at school Hime-chan saw that Daichi was gone. One of his friends answered when the teacher called out Daichi's name. Hime-chan wasn't sure if this would work out.

During break, Hikaru went to Hime-chan who was with Manami and Icchan. Hikaru wanted to confirm with Hime-chan that she had already thanked her for saving her life. Hime-chan and Hikaru were about to argue, but Daichi's friend came and told Hime-chan that he needed her help. He said that the teacher found out that Daichi was gone. When Hime-chan said that it didn't concern her, the boy said that Daichi had told him to contact Hime-chan when some trouble occurred. Hikaru wondered why Daichi had mentioned Hime-chan. But Hime-chan still said that she had nothing to do with it.

Hime-chan ran to Daichi's hideout at the top of the stairs. Hime-chan was going to use the mirror there to transform into Daichi. Hikaru saw Hime-chan and followed her. Hikaru was at the stairs, just below Hime-chan. Just as Hime-chan transformed, a bee went into Hikaru's face. When Hikaru looked up, she saw Daichi. Daichi ran down past Hikaru. Hikaru was surprised. Hikaru went up to look for Hime-chan, but she couldn't find her. Hikaru began to suspect something.

Pokota came to life and started hurting. He didn't want Hime-chan to put on the ribbon yet. Then Hime-chan's father a voice in Hime-chan's room and went in. He didn't find anyone, but he picked up Pokota.

Hime-chan went as Daichi to the teacher. The teacher made Daichi run 10 laps around the school.

Hikaru went to one of her friends who was in the broadcasting club. Hikaru asked her to make a fake announcement.

Hikaru saw Daichi running around the school, and stopped him. She gave Daichi a towel and asked him to use it. Then Hikaru grabbed Daichi and sprayed some perfume on him. Daichi tried to get away, but Hikaru spotted the pendant that Daichi was wearing.

Then the girl made an announcement. The announcement called out for Hime-chan. Daichi and Hikaru heard it. Hikaru asked Daichi about it, but Hime-chan (as Daichi) said that it didn't concern him.

Later Hime-chan transformed back into herself and went to the broadcast booth. The girl said that she had been practicing and had forgotten that the switch was on. Then the girl smelled the perfume on Hime-chan.

Later Hikaru went to the girl and asked about the perfume that Hime-chan had. It matched that one that Hikaru sprayed on Daichi. Hikaru knew that Hime-chan must have some power to transform.

Hime-chan ran home and found out that Pokota's tear had been fixed. After Hime-chan put the ribbon back on, Pokota told Hime-chan that it was her father who had fixed him.

When Hime-chan was talking to her father, Yumeko picked up a phone call. She said it was from Kobayashi. Hime-chan hurried to the phone. Her father asked Yumeko if it was a boy. Yumeko said that it wasn't. Hime-chan's father was relieved.

Hime-chan picked up the phone and started scolding Daichi. She said that she had to run around the school because of him. Then Hikaru asked Hime-chan to explain. Hime-chan was shocked. It wasn't Daichi on the other end. It was Hikaru. When Hime-chan asked what she wanted, Hikaru said that she just wanted to make certain that Hime-chan was at home.

Later Hikaru went over to Daichi's. She rang the door bell, but no one answered. Then a little boy with a toy gun came up to Hikaru. It was Shintaro. Shintaro told Hikaru that his brother Daichi had just left after coming back from school. After Hikaru left, Hime-chan transformed back from Shintaro.

Hikaru was with her friends at a coffee shop. Hikaru was thinking, and she yelled at her friends who were talking very loudly. Then one of her friends showed Hikaru a picture of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (of SMAP) who had come over to the school during the school festival. Hikaru looked at the picture and noticed the pendant. It was the same as the one Daichi was wearing. Hikaru began piecing it all together.

Hime-chan was at her desk thinking about the situation. Hime-chan's father went up to Hime-chan's room, and asked her to come for some okonomiyaki. But Hime-chan said that she didn't want it. Hime-chan's father was shocked. When he asked again, Hime-chan yelled that she didn't want it.

Both Hime-chan's mother and father were surprised that Hime-chan would refuse okonomiyaki. Yumeko said that she wanted Hime-chan's piece.

Just when Hime-chan's father was going to go asked Hime-chan again, Hikaru came over. When he went up to Hime-chan's room, Hime-chan yelled at him again [very meanly]. Then Hime-chan's father said that Hikaru had come. Hime-chan was shocked. When Hime-chan went down to see Hikaru, Hime-chan's father was going to ask Hikaru in for some okonomiyaki. But then Hikaru tried to thank him for helping get SMAP to come to their school. Hime-chan hurried and went outside with Hikaru. Hime-chan's father thought that Hime-chan hated him.

Hime-chan and Hikaru went out to a park. Then Hikaru took out a mirror. Hikaru said, "Show me how to transform."
Hime-chan pretended that she didn't know anything and said, "What are you talking about."
Hikaru said, "I know everything. Just do as I say. Open your bracelet. Turn into Daichi. Just do as I say. Hurry and say, 'parasol parasol Daichi ni nare'."

Hime-chan was very worried, but became relieved when she heard "parasol" instead of "parallel". Then Hime-chan said the words as Hikaru wanted. Since Hime-chan didn't transform, Hikaru was shocked.

Then Daichi came by. Daichi laughed at them for believing in magic and transformations. Daichi told Hikaru about the events of the day (towel and perfume). So Hikaru gave up and left.

Pokota had given Daichi the information just after Hime-chan had left with Hikaru. Hime-chan was still upset at Daichi. Then Daichi brought out some treats for Hime-chan. Hime-chan was still upset. But after eating, Hime-chan became very happy.

Erika was still worried because she knew Hikaru was very determined.

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