Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 17

Episode Title
Eh! Henshin ga modoranai
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.02.22
Hikaru was at a hamburger store wondering why Hime-chan didn't transform. She was with some of the other girls of the Daichi fan club. One of the other girls had a science fiction book. The title was "parallel world", and when Hikaru saw it, she realized what the magic word for Hime-chan's transformation was.

Hime-chan and Pokota were laughing about the incident. Then Hime-chan just remembered that Sunday (1/31) was her 13th birthday. Pokota asked what Hime-chan was going to do. Hime-chan said that probably everyone had forgotten about it. Then Hime-chan's mother came and asked her how many people were going to come over to her birthday party. Hime-chan was very happy that her mother had remembered her birthday.

Shinoyama (the cameraman for a trashy magazine) was getting yelled at by his boss. Then he got a phone call from Hikaru. He got mad at Hikaru for causing him so much trouble with the SMAP incident. [episode 13, 14] Then Hikaru said that she had some great news. Hikaru said that there was a witch in town. Shinoyama was going to hang up, but Hikaru said that she would call some other magazine. Then he let Hikaru explain. After he heard the explanation, Shinoyama said that Hime-chan might be suspicious. So he said that they should trap Hime-chan.

Hime-chan called Manami, Icchan, and Arisaka to her birthday party. She was also going to call Daichi, but her mother came and asked her to go shopping for her. So Hime-chan decided to talk to Daichi in person.

Daichi told Hime-chan that he couldn't go. He had to play soccer that day. He also had to join the victory celebration party at night. Then Hime-chan and Daichi argued again, and Hime-chan left.

When Hime-chan got home, Hikaru was waiting for her. Hikaru said, "parallel parallel." Hime-chan was shocked. Then Hikaru also said that they would go meet the cameraman the next day.

When Hime-chan told Pokota, he became very sad because he wouldn't be able to talk to Hime-chan any more.

Hime-chan stayed up all night thinking about a way to get out of it. But she couldn't think of anything to do. Then her father came and asked her if she could change the party from 5 PM to 6 PM, because he had some work to do. Hime-chan said that it was ok. Then Hime-chan got an idea.

Hime-chan transformed into Hikaru, and called Shinoyama. Hime-chan said that something had come up, so she (Hikaru) wanted to meet him a 3 PM. But Shinoyama was with the real Hikaru, and they were very happy that Hime-chan fell for the trap.

At 2:30 PM, Hime-chan left for the park. Erika wanted to warn Hime-chan that it was a trap. She asked her broom to take her, but the broom refused, saying that they would get in a lot of trouble.

At the park, Hime-chan transformed into Hikaru. Shinoyama was waiting. Hikaru was in the bushes. It was just one minute before 3. Then they saw Hime-chan (as Hikaru) running toward them. When Hime-chan got in front of Shinoyama, Hikaru jumped out from the bushes and grabbed Hime-chan. Hikaru told Shinoyama to hurry up and take a picture. Hime-chan thought that it was all over.

Just as Shinoyama was taking the picture, time stopped. Hime-chan looked around in surprise. Erika had come to stop the time. Hime-chan was very happy to see Erika. But them Hime-chan's pendant started beeping. Since Erika had stopped time, the pendant was acting strangely. Erika went to put another girl in Hime-chan's place. Hime-chan went to change back to herself. But the bathroom door wouldn't open. Erika thought that it was because time was stopped. Then Erika tried to start the time again. But it didn't work. Erika kept trying and trying, but her magic didn't work. Hime-chan's pendant started beeping faster and faster. Then the sound stopped.

Erika's father's voice came from the sky. "For breaking the rule I have taken away your power. You must stay on earth as a human for one month." Erika cried and pleaded to her father to turn Hime-chan back to herself. But her father said that he couldn't do anything about it. Hime-chan had to stay as Hikaru for the rest of her life.

Then time started again. Shinoyama and Hikaru were shocked to find a total stranger with them. Hime-chan and Erika ran to Daichi's hideout. Erika was very sad. But Hime-chan said that it was better for this to happen than having her memory erased. Then she would not remember anything about being able to talk to Pokota.

Then Hime-chan remembered about her birthday party. She said that her parents and everyone else would start to worry. She said that she wouldn't be able to fool everyone forever. Then Erika grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her long hair. Hime-chan was shocked. But Erika said that she would go to the party and become Hime-chan. Erika told Hime-chan that she would bring back food and clothes.

The birthday party began.

Hime-chan was alone and very worried.

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