Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 18

Episode Title
Kiminiha egaoga niatteiru
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.02.22
At Hime-chan's birthday party, Sei was singing [the OP song]. Pokota snuck into and saw that Hime-chan had returned and was pretty cheerful. Then Pokota noticed that Hime-chan didn't have her ribbon.

Someone came to the door, and Erika went to answer it. It was Daichi. When Daichi saw Hime-chan's dress, he was surprised. Then Pokota said told him that it wasn't Hime-chan, but Erika. Erika explained the situation to Daichi and Pokota.

After the party Daichi and Pokota went to Daichi's hideout. Pokota tried to comfort Hime-chan. When Hime-chan faced Daichi she wanted to cry, but she held back. Daichi told Hime-chan that it was ok to cry. Then Erika came with some food and clothes for Hime-chan. Erika said that her grandfather, the strongest person in the land of magic, might be able to help Hime-chan. Hime-chan wasn't sure, but Erika and Daichi said that is was probably possible. Then Hime-chan became happy again. Since Erika had brought one piece of cake, they celebrated Hime-chan's birthday. Daichi gave Hime-chan a key chain. Then everyone did the "ike ike go go jump!" Daichi thought it was pretty silly.

The next day at school, Sei went to Erika and thanked her for the party. Sei thought that it was Hime-chan. But when Daichi told him that it was Erika, Sei was shocked and fell over.

Then Hikaru came with Shinoyama. Hikaru told Daichi that Hime-chan was a witch. Then Daichi said, "Oh you knew too. Hime-chan likes to play [act like] a witch, saying parallel parallel. It's so childish." Daichi also pretended like Hime-chan was just teasing Hikaru the previous day. When Hikaru asked about the pendant that Daichi and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi had in common, Daichi said that he was just a fan and bought the same one. Then Hikaru ran off. Shinoyama got mad.

Sei's bird came and got Sei. Sei went to Erika's father. Erika's father told hime that even Erika's grandfather could not change Hime-chan back to her normal body. The only way was..

Later Sei told Daichi that that only way Hime-chan could return to her normal body was if she died. Sei said that he couldn't tell Hime-chan. He asked Daichi to tell her. Daichi couldn't believe it.

After school Daichi and Erika told Hime-chan about what had happened with Hikaru and Shinoyama. Hime-chan laughed. Then Hime-chan said that she wanted to go outside. She was pretty bored staying in the house. Then Daichi said that they would all go out to an amusement park on Sunday. Hime-chan became very happy.

On Sunday, Hime-chan, Erika, and Daichi snuck out to go to the amusement park. But they ran into Sei. Sei had used his cat to listen into their conversation. Then Sei said that it was lucky that Hime-chan had turned into Hikaru instead of an old man. Daichi got upset at Sei. Then Sei figured out that Daichi hadn't told Hime-chan yet.

They all went to the amusement park, and had fun on the rides.

Daichi was thinking that he couldn't tell Hime-chan the truth.

Then it started to rain. Daichi, Sei, and Erika were waiting for Hime-chan. Hime-chan was with Pokota, and she said that she didn't want to go back because she would have to stay in the house again.

Sei said that he would go find Hime-chan. He told Daichi that he would tell her the truth. But Daichi tried to stop Sei. They started fighting. Then Daichi ran off to look for Hime-chan.

Erika knew that Sei was holding something back. Erika told him to tell her.

Daichi found Hime-chan. Hime-chan was feeling pretty sad.

After Sei told Erika, Erika tried to run to Hime-chan. Sei was chasing her. Erika spotted Hime-chan and Daichi on the other side of the street.

Erika ran across the street. A speeding truck was headed right for Erika and tried to stop. Hime-chan saw Erika in the street. Hime-chan ran to her and pushed Erika out of the way. But the truck hit Hime-chan!

Daichi ran to Hime-chan. Pokota went to Hime-chan and said that Hime-chan wasn't breathing! Daichi couldn't believe it. Erika was crying. Then Hime-chan began transforming back to her normal body. Daichi cried out.

Then Erika's father appeared. He told Erika to stop crying. He said that he couldn't make Hime-chan transform back to herself, but that he could make Hime-chan come back to life. But it would man shortening Erika's life. Erika said, "I don't care about myself. Just make Himeko alive." Pokota asked Erika if it was all right. Erika said that since the magicians lived 1000 or 2000 years, it was ok. Then Erika's father used his magic to revive Hime-chan.

Hime-chan got up and didn't know what had happened. Daichi told her that she had died, but was revived by Erika's father. He also said that she had returned to her normal self. When Hime-chan asked for a mirror, Erika pointed to herself and said, "The mirror is here."

Erika's father thanked Hime-chan for saving Erika's life. Then Erika and her father left.

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