Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 19

Episode Title
Chocolate ga ippai
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.19
    [This was the Valentine's Day episode. One of the best Hime-chan episodes so far. Manami is VERY cute in this one!]
Two days before Valentine's Day Gori (the teacher) made and announcement that no chocolate was allowed in school. Everyone was very disappointed.

After school that day Manami asked Hime-chan and Icchan to go shopping for chocolates with her. But Icchan said that she had nobody to give it to. Hime-chan said that it wasn't allowed in school. But Manami said that she wasn't going to follow it. Manami pushed Hime-chan and Icchan to the candy store.

The store was very crowded with girls buying chocolates. Manami bought a lot chocolates. She picked one out to give to Hime-chan, saying that she liked Hime-chan more than anyone else in the world. She also picked one out to give to Icchan. Manami told Hime-chan and Icchan to buy some chocolates too. Hime-chan looked around and saw a lot of other girls buying lots of chocolates. So she decided to buy some herself.

Erika saw all of this commotion in her crystal ball. She asked about Valentine's Day, but Chappy (the broom) didn't know what it was either. Then Erika called for Len. Len explained that it was a day for girls to give chocolates to boys and to declare their love.

When Hime-chan got home, Pokota was surprised that Hime-chan had bought the chocolates even when she had nobody to give them to. Hime-chan had bought three. She said that she would give one to her father, and one to Pokota. Pokota became very happy. He said that he would give one to Hime-chan on White Day. But Hime-chan was thinking about who to give the other one. She wondered if she should give it to Daichi. Then Pokota asked if Hime-chan liked Daichi. Hime-chan quickly blushed and said that she didn't.

Hikaru was at home making a large chocolate for Daichi.

In school on Valentine's Day, Hime-chan was worried. She still didn't know who she was going to give the chocolate to. During lunch break, she overheard a lot of other girls saying that they would give the chocolate to Daichi. Then Hime-chan decided that she would give her chocolate to Daichi too. When Hime-chan arrived at Daichi's classroom, she ran into Hikaru. Hikaru asked her what she was doing there. Hikaru told Hime-chan that she had made a super large on for Daichi, and that the size determines the feeling involved. But when Hikaru went inside the classroom, she found out that Daichi was gone. She and the other girls went to look for Daichi.

Daichi and his friend Tetsu were up in a tree outside. Tetsu was saying that Daichi was lucky for getting a lot of chocolate. He said other people didn't get any. But Daichi wasn't happy. Daichi said that since it was a gift, he couldn't give it away. The previous year, Daichi had eaten all of the chocolate that he had received himself, and he got some cavities because of it.

Then Daichi jumped down out of the tree. But he saw Hime-chan below and just dodged in time to avoid her. Hime-chan and Daichi both fell down, and Hime-chan's chocolate went flying.

Hime-chan said, "Why do you have to fall out from the sky?"
Daichi said, "What are you doing here?"
Hime-chan said, "I didn't come looking for you." Then Hime-chan noticed that she had lost her chocolate and started looking around. Hime-chan thought to herself, "I found Daichi, but lost the chocolate."
Daichi found the chocolate near the tree. Daichi picked it up and said, "Hey boy. It looks like you are looking for something. Is this it?"
Hime-chan thought to herself, "Before I noticed it, I had given the chocolate to Daichi. But I wonder if this counts." Hime-chan said, "Yeah, that's what I was looking for. Actually that is.."
Daichi interrupted her and said, "You received it right? This is chocolate? It's great being popular with the girls. Although you have a ribbon, the ones who know really know. Ha, ha."
Hime-chan got mad and said, "What are you saying! It's not that!" Then Hime-chan stuck out her tongue and ran away.

Hime-chan got back to the shoe box as the bell rang. Hime-chan was determined not to give the chocolate to Daichi. Then Sei came. Sei said that Valentine's Day was a great day, made especially for them. Hime-chan just walked away, thinking that she wasn't going to give it to Sei either.

During the afternoon class, Hime-chan said to herself that she would just go home and eat the chocolate herself.

After school, Daichi rode roller skates through school to escape from all of the girls trying to give him chocolate. Then Gori caught him and told him that roller skates were forbidden in school. But all of the girls ran to them. When Gori spotted the chocolates and told them that it wasn't allowed in school, Daichi escaped. Then all of the girls gave their smaller chocolates to Gori and went after Daichi. Gori was very happy to get the chocolates. It was the first time in 49 years.

Icchan met Hime-chan and Manami after school. Icchan said that Hime-chan and Manami both looked pretty sad. They Daichi skated by them, followed by a lot of girls. Hime-chan was determined not to give the chocolate to Daichi.

Icchan, Manami, and Hime-chan were walking by the soccer field, where the soccer team was practicing. Hime-chan asked if Manami had given all of her chocolates. Icchan said that Manami probably didn't give her "real" one yet. Then Hime-chan asked who it was. Manami started crying. [fake crying, but VERY cute]
Icchan said, "Don't trick us by crying."
Hime-chan said, "Manami, don't worry. I won't ask any more."
Icchan said, "I know who it is. Judging by the direction Manami was looking.."
Manami said, "No, it's not the soccer team."
Hime-chan said, "Soccer team?"
Manami said, "It's not. It's not Tachibana-senpai." Manami paused and said, "I had a chance, but I couldn't."
Hime-chan said, "I understand that feeling."
Icchan told Manami to give it to him now, but Manami said that she didn't want to go in the middle of soccer practice. Hime-chan came up with an idea. She asked Manami for the chocolate. Then Hime-chan ran off, saying she would give the chocolate to Tachibana.

Hime-chan went to the toilet and transformed into Daichi. Hime-chan guessed that Daichi would know Tachibana.

When Tachibana was taking a break, Hime-chan [as Daichi] went to see Tachibana. Tachibana thought Daichi had finally decided to join the soccer team. Hime-chan began to worry. But Hime-chan was determined to give Tachibana Manami's chocolate. So Hime-chan handed the chocolate to Tachibana. Tachibana was very shocked. He didn't know Daichi liked to give chocolates to guys. But Hime-chan quickly said that the chocolate was from Daichi's classmate Mori Manami. Manami was watching and felt very happy.

When Hime-chan [still as Daichi] was walking away, Manami went up to her. Manami thanked Daichi for giving the chocolate to Tachibana. Then Manami gave Hime-chan the chocolate that she had bought for Daichi. Manami felt very happy for being able to touch Daichi, and left with Icchan. They wondered where Hime-chan had gone to.

When Hime-chan tried to run back to transform back to herself, the group of girls spotted her [as Daichi]. Hime-chan got surrounded by a lot of girls who gave her chocolates, thinking that it was Daichi.

When Hime-chan got home, Pokota told her that the chocolate wasn't hers, but Daichi's. So Pokota told Hime-chan to bring it to Daichi. Hime-chan agreed. Hime-chan put all of the chocolates in a bag. Then she stared at hers. Pokota said that she would go with Hime-chan. When Pokota went to get Hime-chan's pochette, Hime-chan grabbed her chocolate and put it in the bag too.

Daichi wasn't at home. Hikaru and the other girls were still waiting for him to give him their chocolates.

Hime-chan thought Daichi would be at the secret hideout. Hime-chan went and found Daichi, who was trying to get warm by the fire. Hime-chan emptied the bag of chocolates on the table.
Daichi said, "Are you trying to open a candy store? Oh, this is the chocolate that you received."
Hime-chan got very mad, but she tried to control herself. "This is for you." Then Hime-chan told Daichi that she had transformed herself into him.
Daichi said, "If I eat all of these, I'll get cavities."
Then Daichi picked up one chocolate. It was Hime-chan's. Hime-chan and Pokota noticed too. Daichi remembered that it was the one that Hime-chan was holding earlier. Daichi asked, "Is is one for me too?"
Hime-chan said, "From me."
Daichi said, "I have to eat at least one. It's Valentine's Day." Then Daichi took one of Hime-chan's chocolates and ate it. Daichi offered one to Hime-chan too. Daichi and Hime-chan sat down by the fire and ate the chocolates together.
Hime-chan thought, "It's very good. It's probably the best chocolate that I have ever had."

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