Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 20

Episode Title
Idol ha taihen da
[Idols are impossible]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1993.08.18
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.18
The evening at Hime-chan's house. Aiko [Nonohara family's elder daughter] is cooking a stew, and it smells so good that Yumeko and Himeko gather around her. Yumeko says that Aiko's stew is always the best.

Then Hanako (their mother) comes by, yawning. She has tried hard to find an idea for the novel she must write for tomorrow but can't find any and goes nuts. Just then Hime-chan's father comes back home with a big smile on his face: he has been hired to make a film with Hoshino Mayuri [sounds like a typical SM name #_#], the famous idol singer. His daughters congratulate him, and more, his wife seems to have at last found the inspiration she was missing to write her novel.

Himeko and Yumeko would really like to meet Mayuri in person and go to the movie studios, but their father says that people not belonging to the movie staff aren't allowed there. Himeko and Yumeko are a bit disappointed, so they ask him to at least get an autograph from Mayuri.

Next day, Hime-chan tells Icchan and Manami that she will get an autograph from the famous star Hoshino Mayuri and all 3 look very happy of that. Manami asks Hime-chan to let her see it once she gets it.

In the evening, when Hime-chan welcomes her father home and asks whether he got the autograph or not, he replies "no, not yet" with a very sad voice as if something had happened at the studios. Hime-chan tells Pokota that she will find a way to sneak in tomorrow.

The next day, several fans have gathered in front of the studios to try to get in, but the person on guard at the front gate is unyielding. Hime-chan is waiting for an opportunity which comes quickly as a man visibly from the studios' staff (Hime-chan guesses so because the guard knows him) comes out. She takes her chance, and even though she doesn't know how he is, transforms into him using a nearby car's rear view mirror. "He" is then let it without any problem.

Once inside, Pokota remarks that they still don't know who that guy was, but Hime-chan (as the guy) says it doesn't matter [uh oh..]. Soon "he" is called on from behind.. and is face to face with Hoshino Mayuri herself! Hime-chan is so surprised that she starts to behave as if she had never met Mayuri before, ie saying "waah! that's Hoshino Mayuri the famous idol! I can't believe it's her! At last I can meet her in person !" etc.. Although Mayuri wonders what's happening to "him", being her manager, she is mad at "him", because he hasn't brought her the coffee she had asked. So Hime-chan wants to get some at a nearby vending machine, but Mayuri reminds "him" that she had asked him to go out and get some elsewhere because she doesn't like that kind of can coffee at all.

When Hime-chan starts thinking that Mayuri is such an unkind person after all, she spots Mayuri's real manager rushing at her in her back, holding the can coffee she wanted. Mayuri's manager, Mori-san, calls her and when she turns back, Mayuri realizes that she had been speaking to a second Mori-san just a few seconds ago. But when she turns back again to 'Mori-san the first' (Hime-chan), "he" is nowhere to be seen. Hime-chan is actually hiding behind a tree now. Mori-san gives Mayuri the coffee (she doesn't thank him at all, rather scolds him) and tells her that it's time for the shooting and she'd better hurry.

Now transforming back in the women restroom, Hime-chan and Pokota observe that Hoshino Mayuri isn't the kind of sweet person they had seen on TV. Hime-chan doesn't want her autograph any more now. As they come out, Hime-chan runs into her father, very surprised to see her here. Then the producer of the movie, a fat unpleasant I-give-the-money-and-I-know-it guy, and his pushy assistant, the producer's "boot licker", come by and meet Hime-chan. They say it's fine for her to be here after all, and that makes her very happy.

Later when the shooting starts, Mayuri doesn't look very pleased to play her role and even says that she has forgotten the words she has to say, being busy with so many things such as interviews, etc.. She speaks disdainfully to everybody in the studio. Then her manager, Mori-san, comes by and tells her that she has just "Aa.. shiawase" ("Aa.. I'm so happy") to say. But she says it so disdainfully that Hime-chan's father] gets really disappointed. The producer says it doesn't matter, after all she said the words.

Hime-chan doesn't like Mayuri's behavior at all and observes aloud, although to herself, that she's such a "wagamama" (selfish) person.. But Mayuri has heard, gets mad, and leaves the studio at once. Now the producer blames Hime-chan's father, saying he's responsible for that, and warns him that he will be fired if Mayuri doesn't come tomorrow for the next shooting.

When Mori-san comes to Mayuri's place to see her, she's still angry and doesn't want to come back to the studios. Mori-san becomes angry in turn, says she's too stubborn and warns her that he will come to take her tomorrow. He leaves and slams the door shut.

Hime-chan apologizes to her father and decides to go and meet Mayuri to apologize to her too. On her way to Mayuri's place, she meets Mori-san, who takes her to a nearby coffee shop. Hime-chan tells him how badly she wants to apologize to Mayuri for what she said, so that she would come back, but Mori-san says she doesn't have to apologize at all, and tells Hime-chan the "story" of the making of this movie. Hoshino Mayuri had started her career as a jpop singer first, but soon wanted to make a movie. She wanted to do that will all her heart, and was considering this project very seriously. However, the producer has hired her for the movie just because she was an idol, not as an actress, in order to make the movie sell well. So she hates him for that, and thinks the director (Hime-chan's father) is just the same. Mori-san thinks that it will be hard to make Mayuri act the next day because she's very stubborn.

Back to Hime-chan's house. Everybody is around the table, eating dinner. Hime-chan's father says how delicious the "daikon miso shiru" (radish miso soup) Aiko has prepared is. Then the phone rings, and Hime-chan gets up to reply. It's a call from Mori-san. He tells Hime-chan that he hasn't found Mayuri yet, but will keep looking for her. He won't tell anything to the producer but asks Hime-chan to inform her father. Later in her room, Hime-chan decides not to tell her father either, despite Pokota's advice.

The next scene is to be played outdoors, in a park. The movie staff, including Hime-chan's father and the producer, is there and ready but Mayuri is still not there. Actually she is there but hiding behind a tree, disguised, and plans to let them wait until the very last second to make them realize how important her role is. Hime-chan comes by, and doesn't see Mayuri either. She is very worried about her father. They keep waiting until 10 o'clock and the producer, very unhappy, is about to fire Hime-chan's father when Mayuri eventually shows up: it's actually Hime-chan who just transformed herself into Mayuri.

When she sees her "copy", the real Mayuri is in shock. She thinks that they have hired somebody who looks like her to complete the movie. But there's something wrong with the Mayuri-copy: she's unusually kind, cheerful, and polite with everyone. Hime-chan's father thinks that she's not the real Mayuri, and asks her out loud who she is. The producer and everybody else don't understand why he asks "Mayuri" that. Hime-chan's father says that she's not Mayuri because he can't find the "playing spirit" that he had sensed in her before. The real Mayuri, hearing that, is overjoyed and now thinks the director is a nice guy. So she shows up, and apologizes in a very cheerful voice to Hime-chan's father.

Everybody is shocked to see 2 Mayuri at the same time, so Hime-chan tries to slip away, but is spotted by the producer who asks her in turn who she is. Pokota makes a diversion by yelling "hey! there's another Mayuri over here!!" [Hime-chan used the same trick during the '2-Daichi' episode :) ], so that Hime-chan can run away and turn back to her own self. Now Mayuri is very kind with everybody, and the movie can go on. The story doesn't tell if Hime-chan got her autograph or not..

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