Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 21

Episode Title
Yume ni mukatte hashire!
[Run for your dreams!]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
horse riding
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, Sayuri, Dream-gou
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.08.20
    A fill-up episode, once too often.. Maybe the producer of the TV series likes horses too much :)
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.07
Hime-chan and Pokota are peacefully walking in the streets when they hear Daichi's voice from behind. After rollerskates, he now enjoys practicing skateboarding, as he was hanging on to a truck. As Hime-chan scolds him for doing dangerous things, the truck has an accident, and the horse that the truck was carrying runs away. Daichi quickly jumps onto his skateboard and runs after the horse.

Daichi actually goes faster than the horse (they are going downhill), so he soon jumps onto the horse's back, and manages to control him. Hime-chan is impressed by Daichi's performance. But the horse fools Daichi and lashes out, sending him flying. As the horse is about to trample on him, Hime-chan tries to protect Daichi with her own body. But luckily the horse stops just in time, as his master eventually arrives.

The horse's master, a cute brown haired-girl, kindly scolds the horse she calls Dream-gou. Hearing this name, Daichi quickly wakes up. He and the girl stare at each other for a while, and finally recognize each other. She is Sayuri, who has come to Tokyo to attend a horsemanship university.

Pokota pointing out that they are singled out, and Hime-chan coughs. Then she is soon introduced to Sayuri. They shake hands, and Sayuri asks her if she's Daichi's girl friend, making her blush. But Daichi quickly retorts that they are just friends (Hime-chan isn't very pleased at what Daichi replied).

Sayuri tells them she has brought Dream-gou with her to pass the university entrance exam riding him. When time comes to bring the horse back to the truck, Sayuri asks for Daichi's help. When Daichi asks her if they can come over to see Dream-gou, Sayuri says it's all right any time. She asks Hime-chan to come along too. But Hime-chan doesn't look very happy.

Later, Hime-chan, still a bit worried, asks Daichi why he knows Sayuki. He tells Hime-chan that he met her in August of last year in Hokkaidou, when he went there by bike during summer holidays. He had run short of money, and was waiting for the bus in the rain, when Sayuri came by and took him home. He had dinner with Sayuri and her parents, and then worked at her ranch for a while, helping Sayuri to take care of the horses. He learned how to ride a horse because to her.

Dream-gou was born at her ranch, and Sayuri was like his mother since the horse's mother died soon after she gave birth to him. But Dream-gou was found to be too dangerous and got taken away when Sayuri was very young. He thinks Sayuri has chosen to go to the horsemanship university to take care of horses. When Daichi asks Hime-chan if she wants to go with him to see Dream-gou, Hime-chan shyly says, "No, thanks," so Daichi leaves on his skateboard, leaving a sad Hime-chan behind.

At night, Hime-chan can't sleep, thinking again and again about Daichi and Sayuri being too close friends for her taste. She remembers what Daichi had said, "Whenever I see her, it's like I can't help supporting her."

Pokota startles her, saying that she's thinking about Daichi and Sayuri again. When Hime-chan says that she wasn't, Pokota says he can read it on her face. But he adds that there is nothing for Hime-chan to worry about because Sayuri is more like a big sister to Daichi. They decide to go and see Dream-gou the next day and do the "ike ike go go jump".

The next day, Hime-chan hears from Daichi's friend Tetsu that Daichi isn't at school because something had happened to him at the ranch the previous day (he hurt his head). Actually she doesn't let Tetsu finish his sentence and quickly rushes to the Kazetachi hospital.

[CM break]

At the hospital, she finds Daichi and two other men, waiting in the corridor. It wasn't Daichi but Sayuki who got hurt. They don't know yet how badly Sayuri has been hurt, but she will have to rest for an entire month. The two people who came to the hospital with Daichi say that nobody can mount Dream-gou now that Sayuri is out, and that she won't be able to make her dream come true after all, which was to ride Dream-gou for the test the following week.

Then Daichi has an idea. He takes Hime-chan to a quiet place and asks her to take Sayuri's place by transforming into her, because Daichi knows how hard Sayuri tried to break Dream-gou in. Before when Dream-gou hurt his leg and didn't want to lie down, Sayuri almost broke her own ankle, kicking it with a log, to show the horse that she was hurt the same way he was. But even then Dream-gou didn't listen to her. Hearing her story, Hime-chan agrees to do it.

The next day, Hime-chan (as Sayuri) is introduced to Sayuri's team mates as Nonohara Himeko, Sayuri's look-a-like, so that she might be able to fool Dream-gou. But when they go to meet Dream-gou and Hime-chan calls the horse by his name, Dream-gou isn't taken in and refuses to move.

Hime-chan doesn't give up, and asks to be left alone with Dream-gou, and tries hard to make friends with him, with no success for now. But she swears she'll stay there until she succeeds.

The next day, Hime-chan is waken up early in the morning (she has slept at the ranch with Pokota), turns into Sayuri, and goes to prepare Dream-gou's breakfast. But the horse, by a mere kick of his snout, spoils it. Later, when Hime-chan cleans his litter, he keeps spoiling what she just did. But Hime-chan doesn't give up.

When another horseman tries to ride on Dream-gou, he gets kicked away. People say it's useless, and that they'd better give up. But Hime-chan/Sayuri says she will try. Daichi begs her not to go that far, but Hime-chan replies that when she transforms into somebody, she also gets the person's skills, so it should not be a problem to her.

Soon she tries to mount Dream-gou, but he kicks her away. She doesn't want anybody to help her, and keeps trying and trying, for hours. But at the end, while she's lying on the ground, all worn out, the horse comes and licks her face gently. Hime-chan has won! She can mount him, do the fence course, and even passes the university test later.

When Hime-chan and Daichi go to the hospital to tell Sayuri the good news, she sheds tears of joy.

On their way back home, Daichi thanks Hime-chan. It's because she did it with all her might that she eventually succeeded. In turn, Hime-chan thanks him for having introduced her to the world of the horses and to nice people.

In the Land of Magic, Erika, smiling, adds, "I understand how you feel, Hime-chan. You've now come to like Daichi even more".

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