Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 22

Episode Title
Go Go obaachan
[Go Go grandma]
Air Date
Egao no Genki (SMAP)
Burabura Sasete (SMAP)
gate ball, Hime-chan's father's new movie
Main Characters
Hime-chan, Daichi, grandpa, grandma, Hoshino Mayuri
  • Summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.08.31
    Another fill-up episode. My summary will be even shorter than before.
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.07
Hime-chan had plenty of free tickets for Hoshino Mayuri's new movie, directed by Hime-chan's father, so she was going to treat Manami and Icchan to the movies on Sunday [Hoshino Mayuri and the making of the movie can be found in episode 20]. Daichi, skating in the corridor, dashes and steals one of the tickets from Hime-chan, and as he reads it, says he'd like to see the movie too. So Hime-chan, although still mad at him for his bad manners, invites him on Sunday too. But then Daichi must run away, as Gori-sensei came after him.

At home, Hime-chan's father is striding along in his own living room, being worried about his new movie. Aiko and Yumeko look at him, wondering what's going on. Mother says he always behaves like that when another of his movies is being run.

In her room Hime-chan gets ready to go, but Pokota says that he'd like to see the movie too. He says that it won't be a problem with Manami and Icchan being around, as he will stay still until he gets into the theater. So Hime-chan takes him with her.

In front of the theater, Manami and Icchan greet Hime-chan, but Daichi wasn't there yet.

At home, Daichi puts his shoes on, shuts the door behind, and goes downstairs, when he runs into his grandfather. He tells Daichi that there is a gate ball game (croquet) today (Daichi thought it was next Sunday), and he wants Daichi to bring a large case to the field. Daichi isn't happy but cannot refuse to help them.

At the theater, it's already 2:30 PM (they were supposed to meet at 2 PM). Hime-chan is very mad at Daichi for not coming, but they must go in as the movie is about to start. [The movie's title is "Hoshi no romance", and that might be a pun, as the heroine is HOSHINO Mayuri.]

Daichi rides on his bike as fast as he can, and gets to the Kazetachi park as Grandpa and Grandma arrive. They took a taxi, so Daichi is a bit mad at them for not having brought the packet with them. Then Daichi intends to leave, but other players show up, saying they can't play on such waterlogged field. They couldn't find anyone to help clean it, so all four of then turn towards Daichi..

Hime-chan and Pokota are watching the movie, but Hime-chan can't calm down, so she leaves to go and get Daichi.

Daichi is actually busy cleaning the field, and when he's finished, a very angry Hime-chan shows up. Shintaro has told her where Daichi is, and she yells at him for having forgotten his promise.

As they start to argue, Grandpa asks Daichi to draw the line straight on the playground for them. The other old ladies on the playground all say that Daichi is very helpful to them, unlike their own grandchildren who aren't that obliging.

Then one of them, Rie, sadly tells her teammates that her back is too painful and that she can't play. Rie leaves to go back home. Her friends say that without her they can't play gate ball at all. So Hime-chan makes up her mind and turns herself into Rie. Her friends are happily surprised to see her back, and in very good shape after all. Hime-chan/Rie cheers them up and even makes them do the "ike ike".

[CM break]

Before the game starts, Grandpa tells the players that they'll have a snack break first. Grandma asks a very worried Daichi to help serve canned iced uuron-cha [Chinese tea] and tai-yaki cakes to everyone. But one of the ladies says she doesn't like such tea, and prefers nihon-cha [Japanese tea]. Daichi being busy talking to her, Hime-chan/Rie picks up two tai-yaki and brings one to a very happy Pokota.

Then the last old lady complains that there's no tai-yaki left for her [of course, Hime-chan took 2 of them]. She accuses Grandpa of singling her out, and is about to leave, so Daichi confesses and says that he had eaten two of them. Daichi also proposes to get some more, along with some nihon-cha, juice etc..

In the Land of Magic, Erika and Chappy complain that Hime-chan is sometimes so careless, but luckily Daichi is always here to help her.

Then the old people have a bit of training. Daichi brings the items he has just bought for the players, and then wants to leave. But Grandpa and the other players beg him to be their referee.

Hime-chan/Rie hits the ball too hard, surprising everyone. She thinks to herself that it's the very first time she had ever played gate ball. So Daichi comes to her and teaches her how to grip the stick. Then she tries once more, and makes a perfect hit. So the other players want Daichi to help them too.

Then the game starts for real, with the men wearing odd numbers and the women even numbers. The first male player goes through the first gate, but not the second. So now it's Hime-chan/Rie's turn to play. Her first hit is nice, but she misses the second gate. The third player, Grandpa, misses the first gate, so he's "out" and tries to "bribe" Daichi to stay in play.

In the meantime, the movie ends, and Manami and Icchan leave the theater, wondering where Hime-chan might have gone.

On the playground, the score is at stake, and Hime-chan/Rie is the only female player left. With all her might, she hits it well and hits the goal pole. Her team wins, but Grandpa says that to him the ball didn't hit the pole. As the two teams start to argue, Daichi yells out that HE is the referee, and since he saw the ball hit the pole, the women's team has won the game.

Soon after all the players have left, Hime-chan shows up and congratulates Daichi. She hands him a canned drink. Daichi apologizes to her for not having gone to the movies with her, but she says that it's fine. Then Pokota tells them to hurry so that they can make it in time for the last showing.

[very nice 'lively' BGM until the end of this episode]

At home, Hime-chan's father receives a happy call, about his movie's great success.

Meanwhile Hime-chan and Daichi are enjoying the movie, with Hime-chan very happy to be with him.

In the Land of Magic, Erika thinks to herself that Hime-chan has found a new way to help people by using her ribbon.

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