Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 23

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Hatsukoi ni sayonara
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  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.31
Aiko went to Hime-chan's room. Aiko had tried on some new clothes and wanted Hime-chan to look at it. But Hime-chan wasn't there, and Aiko discovered that Hime-chan's room was a messed. So Aiko started cleaning up the room. Aiko picked up everything from the floor and then started to clean up Hime-chan's desk.

When Aiko put the books together neatly, a good luck charm fell out. Aiko opened the notebook from which it had fallen out, and found out that it was Hime-chan's diary, the Hasekura-senpai notebook. Aiko started reading it. It had lots of stories of Hime-chan's experiences with Hasekura. Aiko said that she didn't know that Hime-chan loved Hasekura so much.

Hime-chan came back from ice skating. Hime-chan was complaining that Daichi wasn't nice to her when he was teaching her skating. Hime-chan said that Pokota made fun of her too, as Hime-chan kept falling. Then Hime-chan saw Aiko, who had just come out of Hime-chan's room. Aiko was feeling very dejected. Hime-chan asked Aiko if she was looking for her. Aiko said that she wanted Hime-chan to see if her new dress fit her. Hime-chan said that Aiko looked good in anything. Then Aiko hurried away.

When Hime-chan went into her room, she was shocked. Aiko had cleaned up the room so neatly. Pokota said that he noticed something was wrong with Aiko. But Hime-chan said that there couldn't be anything bothering her.

Aiko was in her own room thinking. "Why didn't I notice. Hime-chan was always talking about Hasekura-kun. I was only thinking about myself."

Aiko got a call from Hasekura. Hime-chan answered the phone. Hime-chan called out for Aiko, but Aiko didn't answer. Hime-chan hung up and went upstairs. Aiko was there. Hime-chan said, "Aiko, you were here. Why didn't you come to the phone?"
"I'm sorry. I was thinking about something."
Then Hime-chan told Aiko that Hasekura had his high school entrance exam that day. Hasekura was applying for the very famous and hard to get in Shouyou High School. Hime-chan told Aiko to call Hasekura. Aiko said that she would call later. Hime-chan knew that something was wrong because Aiko would usually call right away.

One day on the way to school, Daichi said that he hated this period. Hime-chan said that she liked spring. Then Daichi pointed to some students walking around with their heads down. He said that he can tell right away how they did on the high school entrance exams. Then Hime-chan remembered that it was the day that they announced the results of the Shouyou High School entrance exam. Daichi asked who Hime-chan knew that was going to try for such a good school. Hime-chan said that it was Hasekura. Then Daichi remembered that Hasekura was the one that Hime-chan couldn't give the good luck charm to. Daichi joked and said that he might not make it because of that. Then Hime-chan got mad and kicked Daichi in the face. "There are things that you shouldn't say!"

During class Hime-chan was worried about Hasekura.

After school, Hime-chan went to the drama club. Everyone was feeling very dejected. Hime-chan wondered what was going on. Then she spotted Hasekura. Hime-chan thought that Hasekura had been rejected by Shouyou. But it wasn't that. It was just that the drama club had only four students left.

Just as they were going to leave after the meeting, Hasekura stopped Hime-chan so he could ask her about Aiko. He asked if Hime-chan knew something about Aiko. Hasekura said that things were not going well from about one month ago. But Hime-chan didn't know anything.

Hime-chan was walking home wondering what was going on with Aiko. Then Hime-chan spotted Aiko walking with a strange guy. She yelled out and asked what Aiko was doing. But the guy and Aiko went off. Hime-chan yelled and said that Hasekura had been accepted by Shouyou High School. "Don't you have to congratulate him? He was worried about you."
But Aiko said, "I don't care any more. About Hasekura-kun."
Hime-chan was shocked and yelled out, "Aiko!" But Aiko and the guy just kept walking away.

Hime-chan got home and quickly changed. She got ready to leave and called Hasekura. She told him to go to the park right away. Hime-chan then grabbed Pokota and ran out. Pokota had no idea what was going on.

Hime-chan was running down the street. Daichi was skateboarding. Hime-chan jumped at Daichi. "Daichi, move!" Hime-chan then jumped on Daichi's skateboard and skated away. Daichi said that Hime-chan was better than him. Then Daichi went after Hime-chan.

Daichi found Hime-chan hiding in the bushes. Daichi got mad at Hime-chan. Hime-chan quickly pulled Daichi down. Hime-chan was spying on Aiko and the strange guy, who were sitting on a park bench. Hime-chan was very upset. Pokota asked if Hime-chan had asked Aiko what was going on. But Hime-chan wasn't listening to Pokota or Daichi. Then Hime-chan saw an older woman walk by. Hime-chan took out her mirror and said, "Parallel parallel, change into the woman who just walked by!"

Hime-chan got out of the bushes and walked up to Aiko and the guy. Hime-chan tried to pretend that she was the guy's fiancee. The guy quickly got up and argued with her.

Then Hasekura came and said, "What's is this? Please explain."
The guy said, "There's nothing to explain."
Aiko said, "Please leave Hasekura-kun. I can't go out with you any more. I've decided to go out with Oka-san."
Hasekura said, "Aiko, are you saying the truth? Look at my eyes and say that." Aiko looked at Hasekura and quickly turned away. Hasekura said, "As I thought.. There must be some reason."
Aiko then said, "Leave me alone. I don't care what happens to me any more!" Then Hasekura slapped Aiko in the face. Aiko started crying and said, "I don't have confidence in myself. One month ago, I accidently read Hime-chan's diary. I found out that Hime-chan liked you. If I had known it.. Also you always talked about the cheerful and cute Hime-chan. That's why I thought you liked Hime-chan. I didn't know what to do. I lost confidence in myself. I'm sorry."
Hasekura said, "Why didn't you talk to me earlier? I like Hime-chan. But that's in the same way you like Hime-chan. The only one I love from my heart is you."
Hime-chan (still as the older woman) said, "Big sister.." But quickly stopped herself. Then she tried to explain that she was Hime-chan's friend's older sister. She also said that Hime-chan has someone else that she likes now, so they didn't have to worry about her. Then Hime-chan left.

Hasekura and Aiko held each other.

Hime-chan returned to her normal self and went back to Pokota and Daichi, who were still watching Aiko and Hasekura. Hime-chan said, "That's enough for kids," and covered Pokota and Daichi's eyes.

On the way home, Pokota asked, "Hime-chan, back there you said that there was a boy you liked. Who is it?"
Hime-chan said, "I just made it up."
Daichi said, "Oh, that's no fun."
Hime-chan yelled, "Did you think it was you!" Then Daichi went off.

Later, it was the graduation day for Hime-chan's junior high. Hime-chan, Manami, and Icchan were watching the graduating students come out. Manami was disappointed that Hasekura was going to graduate. Then Hime-chan yelled out, "Congratulations on your graduation, big brother!"

That night Hime-chan ripped up her old diary. Hime-chan went to the window and threw it out. Hime-chan said, "Good-bye my first love. Thanks for the memories."

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