Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 24

Episode Title
Mahouno kuni he youkoso
[Welcome to the land of magic]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.31
"Good-bye my first love. Thanks for the memories," Hime-chan said as she tore up her diary and threw the shreds out the window. Then Hime-chan saw Erika on her broom.

Erika told Hime-chan that she was going to have a birthday party. She had gotten the approval to allow Hime-chan to come. Hime-chan was very happy. Then Hime-chan said that her parents would get worried. But Erika took out a magic pallet. She said that by looking at the mirror inside and saying the magic words, Hime-chan can make a copy of herself. Then Hime-chan tried it out by saying, "Tinker tink, tinkle tinkle, futari ni nare!" It split Hime-chan into two people. Pokota was shocked as he saw two Hime-chan's. Erika said that they can let the copy stay home while the real Hime-chan went with her.

Erika and Hime-chan rode Erika's broom and flew up into the air. While they were flying, Hime-chan was looking around and saw Daichi's house. Hime-chan kept moving around a lot and fell off of the broom. Erika hurried and caught Hime-chan.

They flew higher and higher. Erika said that the "door" to the land of magic was very bright, and told Hime-chan to close her eyes. Then they flew through the door into the land of magic.

Erika took Hime-chan to see her father. The king said, "Thank you for coming such a long distance." Hime-chan tried to speak very politely, but she totally screwed it up. Hime-chan thought that the king was upset. But Erika said that her father's face was always like that. The king thanked Hime-chan for saving Erika the other day. He said that it was the first time ever that a human came to the land of magic. There was much opposition, but Erika pleaded to everyone and made it happen.

Erika's mother said that it was almost time for the party. She used her magic to give Hime-chan a party dress. Hime-chan was very happy to get the beautiful dress, and Pokota told Hime-chan not to stand with her legs spread apart so much. Then the queen gave Pokota a bow tie too.

The birthday party began. There was a lot of good food. Hime-chan was by the table and became surprised when she saw her mother. But it actually wasn't her mother. Pokota reminded her that in the land of magic, there were people with faces similar to those on earth. Then Hime-chan looked around and saw the faces of her father, Manami, Icchan, and Gori-sensei. She was having fun and started looking around for more. Then Pokota spotted a little pink cat and became red. When the cat ran away, Hime-chan told Pokota to go after her.

Then Sei came up to Hime-chan. Sei said that Hime-chan was beautiful in the party dress. Sei said that he wanted to introduce his cousin Camille, the one with whom he had made the bet the originally send him to earth. Hime-chan was shocked to find out that Camille had Daichi's face. She noticed that the voice was also the same. Camille kept trying to pick up Hime-chan by using his magic and popping up flowers. But Sei said that Hime-chan was hers, and called out the name Robelia. Then Robelia appeared. She had Hikaru's face. When Camille went up to Robelia and started flirting with her, Hime-chan got upset and kicked him. Camille got knocked down and complained. Then Hime-chan ran away.

Hime-chan wondered where Pokota was.

Pokota was chasing the pink cat in the garden. Pokota finally found her and discovered that her name was Pink.

Sei and Camille went out to the garden. Camille was still complaining about Hime-chan, saying that she was too wild. Then Camille spotted Pokota with Pink. Camille then used his magic on Pokota as a joke. Pokota was talking to Pink. Then Pokota said, "You're so ugly. I have never seen anyone as ugly as you." Pink was shocked. Pokota was shocked too. He couldn't figure out what was going on. The words just came out of his mouth. Pokota continued and said, "I don't want to talk to you. Go away." Pink started crying and ran away.

Hime-chan found Pokota crying. Then Camille and Sei tried to run away. But Hime-chan caught them. They told her that Camille had used his magic ball to make Pokota say the opposite of what he was thinking. Then Sei's magic bird came and told them that Pink was headed toward the evil forest. Pokota immediately ran after Pink.

Hime-chan, Camille, and Sei followed Pokota and they call saw Pink running into the evil forest. The plants came alive and attacked everyone. Pokota and Hime-chan made it inside the cave as the door closed behind them. Pokota and Hime-chan went inside deeper. Then Pokota found Pink's red ribbon. He said, "I'm going in. I have to save Pink. Hime-chan, wait here." Then Pokota started climbing inside. Hime-chan said that she was going to go too.

Camille and Sei ran back to the king. They told him the story. The king said that there was a war long time ago and the enemy was trapped inside the evil forest.

Pokota and Hime-chan came to a room which was a very hot tower. There was a set of stairs going around the tower. Pokota spotted Pink way above them. Pokota called out and went after Pink. But Pink just kept running away. Pokota yelled out and told her about the magic that made him say the opposite of what he was thinking. But Pink said that she didn't want to listen to Pokota. Then Pink fell and got caught by a bubble. The bubble carried her higher and higher up the tower.

The king said that the enemy that they had fought against was themselves. It was the untrusting feelings that they had in their hearts.

Pokota called out that he would save Pink. Then the ground began to shake. Pokota was about to fall. Pink saw and said that she would believe in Pokota. Then the bubble around her broke and Pink started falling. Pokota jumped off of the ledge and caught Pink. They were both falling toward the hot water below. Then there was a flash of light.

When Hime-chan, Pokota, and Pink woke up, they were all on the ground. They were saved.

The king said that since Pink had lost her trust in Pokota, that created the tower in the evil forest. But since Pink finally regained her trust in Pokota, everything turned out well.

Erika's mother said that Hime-chan had a very good mascot. But Hime-chan said that Pokota was more than a mascot. He was a friend.

Erika said that the party was going to last one week. But Hime-chan said that she couldn't stay that long. Then the king brought a treasure chest full of gifts. But Hime-chan said that she didn't want any of it. She said that she wanted the magic pallet that Erika had. Erika asked why. Hime-chan said that it was so her copy can be at home when she transformed. This way her parents wouldn't worry about her.

Erika also gave Hime-chan a magic diary and pen. She said that it would show the words that Erika wrote. Also the words that Hime-chan wrote would show up in Erika's diary. So they would be able to communicate. Hime-chan was very happy.

Then Hime-chan and Pokota rode the magic broom back.

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