Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 25

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Sore yuke bokuno muteki papa
[Let's go my invincible father]
Air Date
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.04.26
Hime-chan woke up to her alarm clock. It was very cold, so Pokota said that they should do the "ike ike". They started to do it together. But Hime-chan suddenly stopped. Hime-chan went to look at the palette on her desk. She said, "It wasn't a dream," and felt very happy. Hime-chan opened the palette and was going to try it. But Pokota told her to stop. He said that she might get in trouble, like the time she couldn't transform back with the ribbon. So Hime-chan closed it.

Hime-chan asked Pokota if he had some instructions. Pokota said that he didn't. Then Hime-chan said, "Ok. Let's just try it."
Pokota got upset at Hime-chan and told her, "No!".
Then the diary that Erika had given Hime-chan started moving around. It opened and some words began to appear on the paper.

Erika wrote, "When you want to make a copy of yourself, make sure you are wearing your ribbon. When you are transformed into someone else, you can't make a copy of yourself. The magic words to make a copy are, Tinker tink, tinkle tinkle, futari ni nare. Then to return to yourself, Thinker think, thinkle thinkle, hitori ni nare. There is no time limit on this transformation. To make a difference between the real one and the copy, the copy will only have one half the strength, knowledge, and character of the original. So be careful!"

Hime-chan didn't understand what Erika meant about "half". So she wrote a question in the diary. But Erika just answered, "You'll find out when you try it."

So Hime-chan tried it and made a copy of herself. Hime-chan talked to the copy. The copy answered in a very feminine way. [very funny!] Hime-chan was surprised. She talked more to her copy, but the copy kept acting like a girl. So Hime-chan said, "The face and body is just like me, but she's nothing like me!"
Then Pokota thought about it and said, "She must have only half of your boyish character. What about strength?" Pokota suggested that Hime-copy try the "ike ike" with him. They did it, but Hime-copy said (very lightly), "ju--mp." [VERY funny!] Hime-chan was very disappointed. Hime-chan said that her copy was no good. Hime-copy just kept apologizing.

Then Hime-chan's mother called out and asked her to go shopping. Hime-chan asked her to send Aiko. But mother said that Aiko was on a date with Hasekura. Yumeko added that since Hime-chan didn't have anyone to go out with, she should go shopping. Then Hime-copy said that she would go. Hime-chan thought it was a good idea. But she told her copy not to use the polite words too much. Then Hime-copy went downstairs.

Hime-chan was still a little worried. So Pokota said that he would go with Hime-copy. Then Hime-chan found out that she could use her palette to see what the copy was doing. So Hime-chan and Pokota watched.

After shopping Hime-copy walked out of the store. But Daichi came on his bike and almost ran her over. Hime-copy went back into the store. When Hime-copy came out and noticed Daichi, she said, "Oh, it's Daichi-kun," in a very nice, feminine way. Daichi was surprised. Daichi felt Hime-copy's forehead to see if she had a temperature. But Hime-copy was fine. Then Hime-copy shyed away and said, "Oh, Daichi's hand. I'm so embarrassed." Daichi was shocked. Hime-chan was watching on her palette and became mad. She said it was the same as Hibino Hikaru. Pokota was enjoying it and told Hime-chan to calm down.

Hime-copy kept talking and said that she was surprised because Daichi had touched her so suddenly. Hime-chan said that it looked like Hime-copy liked Daichi. Pokota said that it was because Hime-copy had only one half of Hime-chan's bad characteristic where she couldn't be honest with her feelings. Hime-chan said that she didn't like it and rushed out to return to normal.

Daichi went to a vending machine to buy a can of coffee. While Daichi was buying the coffee, Hime-chan said the magic words to return to one. After Daichi bought the coffee, he said that he had something to discuss with Hime-chan. Then Hime-chan asked (in her normal genki voice), "What?"
Daichi noticed that Hime-chan's personality had returned to normal, and he also noticed Pokota on Hime-chan's shoulder. Then Daichi said, "Actually, it's Shintaro."
Hime-chan and Pokota immediately cut him off and asked if he got kidnapped again. Then Daichi yelled at them and told them to listen to his story. Daichi also said that he was happy that Hime-chan had returned to normal.

After drinking the coffee, Daichi told Hime-chan and Pokota that Shintaro began telling lies about one week ago. Hime-chan couldn't believe it. Daichi said that it was their father's fault. In nursery school, Shintaro told his friends that his father was a policeman. Everyone wanted to see him. Shintaro said that his father would come to the parent's day. But instead of his father, Daichi came. Daichi told Shintaro that father was busy with his work. Shintaro was very disappointed. The other kids started calling Shintaro a liar. Shintaro wanted to fight, but Daichi stopped him. Shintaro was very sad because his father had broken the promise. Since then Shintaro started telling lies.

Then Hime-chan and Daichi heard some kids' voices. It was Shintaro and his friends. The other kids called Shintaro a liar. Shintaro got mad and said that "Fire Cop" will come and get them. Then Shintaro said that his father was actually Fire Cop. Then the kids started arguing. Hime-chan and Daichi were shocked at Shintaro's lie. Daichi was going to Shintaro, but Hime-chan asked Daichi to leave it up to her.

Hime-chan went to the kids and told them to stop picking on Shintaro. Shintaro didn't know who Hime-chan was. Hime-chan realized that she had never met Shintaro in her normal form. [Hime-chan met Shintaro before when she was in the form of Yumeko.] Hime-chan said that she was Yumeko's sister and also Daichi's friend. Shintaro asked if she was Daichi's girl friend, and Hime-chan said, "Something like that."

Then Hime-chan told the kids that Shintaro's father was really Fire Cop. They didn't believe her. But Hime-chan told them to come the next day at 3 PM to the park near Shintaro's house. She said that if Fire Cop didn't appear, she would walk around the neighborhood on her hands. One kid said that since Hime-chan wore a skirt, her panties would be visible. Hime-chan then got angry and said that she wouldn't have to because Fire Cop would really appear.

After the kids ran off, Shintaro asked Hime-chan why she said what she said. Hime-chan said that she would do something about Fire Cop, so she asked Shintaro to promise never to lie again. Shintaro agreed.

After Shintaro ran home, Daichi appeared. Daichi and Pokota were worried about Hime-chan's promise. Daichi asked how she was going to do it. Hime-chan said that she had her magic ribbon.

Hime-chan and Daichi went to Daichi's secret hideout (house). Hime-chan opened up her palette and made Daichi hold it for her. Hime-chan used the mirror in the palette to transform. "Parallel, parallel, police robot Fire Cop ni nare!" But Hime-chan didn't transform. She wondered why.
Then Pokota yelled at Hime-chan. "Of course you can't transform! Did you forget the rule? You can only transform into someone who exists. Fire Cop is a character in a TV drama, so you can't transform into him."

Hime-chan laughed it off. When Daichi asked if Hime-chan had another plan, Hime-chan said that she didn't have any. Hime-chan began to worry about going around the neighborhood on her hands wearing a skirt.

Then Daichi said that there was a way. Hime-chan and Daichi went to the TV studio (where Hime-chan's father worked), and borrowed the Fire Cop costume. Hime-chan and Daichi then went to Daichi's father and tried to talk hime into doing it. Hime-chan said that it was for Shintaro. Daichi's father didn't want to do it, but he saw Shintaro peeking into the room and finally agreed.

The next day Daichi rushed to Hime-chan's house on his bike. His father had called at the last minute and said that he couldn't make it because something suddenly came up.

At Hime-chan's house, Hime-chan's mother got into the taxi and left. She told Hime-chan to take care of Yumeko. Then Daichi arrived. Hime-chan told Yumeko to go into the house. Daichi needed Hime-chan's help but he saw that Hime-chan had to stay home. Then Hime-chan said that it was ok, and told Daichi to go ahead. Hime-chan made a copy of herself and made the copy stay home and take care of Yumeko. Then Hime-chan transformed into Daichi's father.

At 3 PM, the kids gathered at the park. Hime-chan (as Daichi's father) dressed up in the Fire Cop costume and appeared. The kids were very happy. But one kid was suspicious. So Fire Cop flipped up the mask. They all recognized Shintaro's father. Then the boy asked Fire Cop to do his disappearing trick. Shintaro was getting worried about his father. "Because I said such a lie, my father is in this much trouble."

At Hime-chan's house the phone rang. Yumeko answered it. It was for Hime-chan, and Yumeko called out for her. Hime-copy answered Yumeko. Then something started to happen.

Hime-chan started to vanish (from the park). She flew back to her home and merged together with the copy.

The kids thought that Fire Cop did the disappearing trick and were very happy. Then Shintaro's father appeared in regular clothes. All of the kids were very happy. Daichi didn't know what had happened. Pokota didn't know either, but thought that Erika might have helped out.

In her room, Hime-chan saw the diary flapping around. Hime-chan opened it and read the note from Erika. "I forgot the most important thing. when you are split up and one of you answers to someone calling you, you will merge back into one."
Hime-chan was upset that Erika had forgotten something so important. But Erika asked her to forgive her because everything worked out well.

Later Shintaro told Daichi and his father that he would never lie again.

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