Hime-chan no Ribbon episode 26

Episode Title
Kininaru kanojoha tenkousei
[That girl is a transfer student]
Air Date
Hijiri Yuka (Touma Yumi)
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.14
It was the start of the new school year. Yumeko was in her new kindergarten outfit. Hime-chan and Aiko said that Yumeko was very cute. Then Hime-chan noticed that it was going to be Aiko's first day in high school. She said that Aiko looked cool. Aiko commented that Hime-chan was up very early. Hime-chan said that since it was the new year, she would wake up early and try hard in school. But mother knew that it would only last a few days.

On the way to school (Hime-chan was going to be a second year junior high school student), Hime-chan saw a policeman and said "Hi" to him.

Later Hime-chan heard a girl scream out. Some guys in sunglasses were trying to grab a girl. Hime-chan thought that the girl was getting kidnapped. So she transformed into the policeman that she had met. Hime-chan ran toward the scene and threw her Himeko kick into the guys. Then Hime-chan and the girl ran away. When the girl was safe and walked away, Hime-chan thought that she was a very cute girl.

When Hime-chan got to school Manami and Icchan were waiting for her. Manami said that they were in different classes again. Manami and Icchan were in class D and Hime-chan was in class C. Manami also said that Hime-chan's class was very "amazing". Hime-chan asked Manami about it, but Icchan told her to go look at the board herself.

Hime-chan went inside the school and looked at the class list. She saw that she was in the same class as Daichi. Then Hikaru happily shouted out that she was in the same class as Daichi. They overheard each other. Hikaru got mad and accused Hime-chan of asking the teacher to be in the same class so she can get in the way of Daichi and herself. Hime-chan couldn't believe that Hikaru could think of something so stupid. Then Hikaru noticed that Sei was also in the same class. Hikaru became happy and said that there were two good couples in the class.

Meanwhile Daichi was running to school because he had overslept. Daichi saw Sei running in front of him (pretty slowly). Daichi ran next to Sei and started teasing him. Sei got angry at Daichi. Sei always sat out gym class because of a weak body. But Daichi guessed that Sei wasn't really sick, just very bad a sports. Sei got red and Daichi ran off.

Daichi ran into the class late. Gori threw an eraser at Daichi, but Daichi caught it. Tetsu whistled. Daichi was happy that he was in the same class as his friend. Then Daichi looked around and noticed that Hime-chan and Hikaru were also in the same class. Gori told Daichi that he would be very strict toward Daichi this year. Then Sei arrived. Gori just let Sei in and told him to take care of himself. Daichi was upset at the unfair treatment.

Then Gori introduced a transfer student, Hijiri Yuka. It was the cute girl that Hime-chan had saved earlier. Yuka had lived in that neighborhood until she was 6 years old, and just moved back. Then Gori heard Daichi snoring. Gori got mad, yelled at Daichi, and threw an eraser at him. But Daichi got up and caught the eraser. The other students all clapped. Then Yuka recognized Daichi and called him "Dai-chan". Yuka said that she had lived next door to Daichi. Then Daichi finally recognized Yuka and called her Yuka.

Since Yuka knew Daichi, Gori let her sit next to him. Hime-chan was surprised that Daichi called Yuka by her first name. Hikaru got upset. Daichi told Yuka to quit calling him Dai-chan. Yuka said that she always wanted to meet Daichi again.

Erika was watching and said that Yuka was very cute. But Chappy pointed out that she might become Hime-chan's rival.

After school Sei went up to Hime-chan and tried to ask her out. But Daichi came and teased Sei (about that morning). So Sei ran out after Daichi. Then Manami and Icchan came to Hime-chan's class.

Manami spotted Yuka and went to introduce herself. Yuka was surrounded by a lot of classmates. They all found out that Yuka had been scouted and was going to appear on TV later. When Manami asked Yuka if she can go visit the studios, Yuka said that she would talk to her manager. Manami was very happy that Yuka was such a nice person.

Then Hikaru came and told Yuka that she was the president of the Daichi fan club. She also showed all of the Daichi "goods" that she had. But Yuka said, "So what?" and showed everyone a picture of Daichi and herself sleeping together when they were 3 years old. The other students gathered around to look at the picture. Hikaru got totally ignored.

One of the drama club members came calling for Hime-chan. Hime-chan had totally forgotten that there was a drama club meeting that day. So Hime-chan told Manami and Icchan that she couldn't go home together. Hime-chan ran off after the girl to go to the meeting.

When Hime-chan was going down the stairs, Hime-chan thought, "But I'm still a little worried about Hijiri-san." So Hime-chan went to the bathroom and made a copy of herself. Hime-chan told the copy to go to the classroom, while she went to the meeting herself.

When Hime-copy went back to the classroom, Yuka was talking about Daichi. She said that when she was moving away, Daichi told her that he would marry Yuka. The other girls said that it was very nice. But a couple of the guys said that Daichi was already going out with Hime-chan. They pointed to Hime-chan. Then they made up stories like Daichi and Hime-chan vanishing together, kissing, etc.

Manami got very mad. "Hime-chan, they're saying those things about you. Aren't you going to get mad? You're very calm today. Do your kick! Hime-chan kick!"
But Hime-copy was just very embarrassed. She said (in a very soft feminine voice), "I can't do that."

Hime-chan ran to the drama club meeting. When she opened the door, she saw everyone clapping for her. The captain of the drama club said that Hime-chan had been chosen for the lead role in the next play. Hime-chan was worried because she had no experience in major roles. But the captain said that she had confidence in Hime-chan, especially since the play was going to be Peter Pan. Hime-chan was very happy. Then the captain called out her name and Hime-chan answered. Then Hime-copy and Hime-chan merged back into one, but luckily nobody noticed.

Hime-chan ran home. She was feeling very happy.

At home Hime-chan told Pokota about what happened that day. Hime-chan said that she was looking forward to the new school year. "Ike ike go go jump!"

Hime-chan wrote to Erika in the diary. Hime-chan said that she would try very hard. Erika wrote, "Himeko, congratulations on the lead role of Peter Pan. But I'm a little worried about the new transfer student Hijiri Yuka."

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